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  • Last two days at Lahore

    A protest against Session Judge Lahore.

    Only one reason.

    The session Judge is an honest one.

    Yesterday the lawyers attacked the CJ's room.

    They broke the glass of the door and tried to break the door.

    Today a war between police and lawyers was seen all day.

    According to TV CJ Iftekhar is reaching Lahore today to settle the issue.

    Lawyers, police scuffle over Lahore Bar arrests

    Lawyers-police scuffle continues, LHC turned into battle ground‎.

  • Ghundagardi and badmashi of lawyers is at its peak; last week over a road rage case, 2 lawyers killed another motorist in Lahore and during the lawyers politically motivated (backed up by PMl-N) movement 3 years ago to remove Gen Musharraf, I had predicted one day these layers will behave like a petty ghunda of a suburb. This is exactly what they are doing; there are several dozens of examples of their ghundagardi throughout the country.

    Shame on them

  • CJ lahore granted bail to all lawyers.

    Session Judge applied for leave/ transfer

    Shame on .........

  • Lawyers are behaving as hooligans. These louts should be reined in and prevented from acting as tools in the hands of the ruling elite.

  • Does these riots by the LIARS (sorry Lawyers) have any connection to the WIDE SPREAD money by Honourable Federal Minister Of Law???

  • I wouldn't be surprised!

  • yeah these were the same lawyers Pakistan was supporting when they were doing the same Wukla-giri when the CJ was removed. Now all of a sudden Pakistan's opinion has changed as the same lawyers are attacking judges, media and even policemen.

    What a joke.

  • However, a daangal between the two corrupt elements was interesting. Dow moozi aapas mein lar paray.

  • What other lawyers in the world burn effigy of a judge? There is no caliber or intellectual depth any where in Pakistan it seems, certainly not with the lawyers who plunged all their weight behind Iffy Choudary, but are no different in ordinary flamboyant but tasteless public displays out on the streets. Obviously they know the courts are useless in this part of the world, but ostentatious displays are worthwhile to get the point across.

  • Today 2nd October 2010 Punjab Bar Council denies entry to the following demanding suspension of their licenses;

    Chief Justice Lahore Khawaja Mohamed Sharif,

    President Supreme Court Bar Association Qazi Anwar

    Former President Bar Council Eitzaz Hassan,

    Khawaja Sharif's sons and son-in-law,

    Law Minister Rana Sanaullah,

    Justice Retired Nasira Javaid Iqbal

    Athar Minallah

    This speaks volume about where this mess is being orchestrated and directed from.. Like some one said,Millions that Baber Awan doled out are being used to instigate and stir up this mayhem

  • They are out of control since long.