Please spend sometime with the kids

  • yesterday i went to see off ghulam mustafa and his family at the allama iqbal govt school. he had called me to tell that his family was leaving at night and wanted to meet my family before leaving. during my frequent visit to the relief camp, i had become like a friend to him and his sisters had befriended my sister... his ill mother who wasnt speaking when she was brought to the camp said that because of my mother's politeness, she had started feeling alive again...

    all the families and their kids were inside their rooms (class rooms) but we spotted imran, and he came to meet us... he was the only kid who was roaming here and there..

    w started talking to him about his haircut (he had a haircut) and told him that he was looking like a hero..

    my sister asked him about a bracelet kind of thing that he was wearing.. and he told us that it was his young sister's (the only nishani she left) who was asleep when water came rushing in his house and his parents cudnt wake her up... and he started to cry..

    just then i learnt why he always had that grim expression during fun activites when all the other kids used to laugh... i never saw him smile or laugh openly... and he told us that he missed his sister... all the kids had their siblings but he dint.. and he started calling this girl "addi" becaue she shared the name of his sister 'pari'

    my sister was so moved and she cudnt hold her tears infront of him... and he said that he'd leave cuz she was crying cuz of him!

    i have decided to do something special for him personally.. i'll buy him some books, and take him to a person i know who is a psychiatric by profession so that he can make him move on... and come out of this big, unexpressed grief... it looks as if he hadnt cried openly yet.. and he is such a lovely kid.....

    i would request you all to please go to such camps, dont just give money to charities.. spend some time with these people

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