Transparency Within Political Parties:Tehrek Insaf Publishes2009-10 Audit Report

  • Pti once again leading from the front and showing other political parties how to run their parties transparently. There was something that I didn't like in this report. A temporary loan was given out to Miami Development Trust(Namal University). To me this is unacceptable to give party funds to non-party projects.

    Kudos to Tehrek Insaf for at least trying to become transparent. I urge all Tehrek Insaf supporters to keep the pressure on PTI leadership so they use party funds only for party projects.

    Here is a link to the report.

  • Earning / share from flood relief.

    When it will be account for?

  • @ Anwer Kamal,

    PTI has collected all the flood relief because overseas pakistanis have faith in imran khan. You really think your sarcastic remarks will affect those ppl's motivations? your so shameless that even a catastrophe like the recent floods wont stop u from excreting poop from your mouth.

    Very soon pakistan will be left with just poopfilled garbage bags and the very little talent left shall also leave pakistan. Enjoy the company then ;)

  • دل تو پتہ نہیں تھا یا نہیں - ایک جسم تھا جو جوانی میں بکتا رہا اب وہ بھی بوڑھا ہو گیا - اب صرف ایمان بچا ہے وہ ہی بک رہا ہے

  • This post is deleted!