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  • The US today apologised for "outrageous and abhorrent" medical experiments in Guatemala in which American doctors deliberately infected hundreds of prisoners, soldiers and patients in mental hospitals with syphilis in the 1940s.

    The experiments, conducted between 1946 and 1948, were intended to test the effects of penicillin on the sexually transmitted disease. Medical researchers arranged for prostitutes infected with syphilis to have sex with prison inmates to deliberately pass on the disease. Other men were injected with it.

    The experiments were led by Dr John Cutler, a US health service physician who would later be part of a controversial syphilis study in Alabama in the 1960s. According to Susan Reverby, a Wellesley College professor who uncovered the experiment and prompted today's apology, Cutler chose Guatemala because he would not have been permitted to do the experiments in the US.

    The researchers were interested in whether penicillin could be used to prevent, not just cure, early syphilis infection.

    "Cutler and the other physicians chose men in the Guatemala national penitentiary, then in an army barracks, and men and women in the national mental health hospital for a total of 696 subjects. Permissions were gained from the authorities but not individuals, not an uncommon practice at the time, and supplies were offered to the institutions in exchange for access," Reverby wrote in a research paper. "The doctors used prostitutes with the disease to pass it to the prisoners (since sexual visits were allowed by law in Guatemalan prisons) and then did direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured onto the men's penises or on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded when the 'normal exposure' produced little disease, or in a few cases through spinal punctures."

    Reverby said that the men were given penicillin after they contracted the disease but it is not clear whether they were cured, and "not everyone received what was even then considered adequate treatment".

    The US apologised in a joint statement by the secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, and the health secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, in which they described the experiments as "clearly unethical".

    "Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologise to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices," they said.

    "The conduct exhibited during the study does not represent the values of the United States, or our commitment to human dignity and great respect for the people of Guatemala. The study is a sad reminder that adequate human subject safeguards did not exist a half-century ago."

    The two cabinet secretaries said they were launching a "thorough investigation" into the experiments and asking a presidential commission "to ensure that all human medical research conducted around the globe today meets rigorous ethical standards".

    The revelations have echoes of the Tuskegee study over four decades from the 1930s in which hundreds of African American men were deliberately left untreated for syphilis.

    Also please Read- Tuskegee Syphilis Study.htm

  • Shimatoree

    Something similar happened (and might be happening now) in Pakistan during Zia era. I know from some personal contacts that the medical aid provided at that time was meant to use Pakistani women as guinea pigs.

    Are you also aware of the race-specific or more precisely an ethnic specific weapon research?

  • ST,

    Western Nations are known for their atrocities and Genocide for last six hundred years.

    Historians and many others have asked, “Why weren't the Indians vaccinated against smallpox?” In 1832, Congress appropriated twelve hundred dollars to begin the fight against smallpox in Indian country. One year later, actual expenditures were down to seven hundred and twenty-one dollars. Based on this, there are those that believe the Government deliberately withheld smallpox vaccine from Native Americans, and thus committed Indian Genocide. If this is what you believe, consider this....why is there a controversy raging today over the safety of vaccinating large numbers of Americans with the smallpox virus (see, Smallpox Vaccination). With a perceived danger from vaccination based on today's medical technology (, what would have been the danger in the early eighteen hundreds to vaccinating American Indians that had no immunity to European diseases?

  • Now this is after my own heart, this topic. Shimatoree, you limited your questioning to unethical medical practices alone. I go further and say west declarations of human rights is not worth the paper they are written on. And if anyone has no business to speak of human dignity, it's really them, they who have the bloodiest hands in the course of human history. Some would even say this goes back 2000 years with the advent and spread of Christianity which should have been the most pacific religion of all. Well, the Christians betrayed their Christ almost from the world go. But back to the specific thread topic.

    The West has been indulging in dastardly health weapons for centuries now. Pak47 wonders why Congress didn't fight smallpox in Red Indian country? The answer to that is that they deliberated gave the Indians the smallpox in the first place through contaminated blankets, etc. Everything else was cosmetic PR. They deliberately brought various diseases to islands throughout the Pacific. Similar tactics were used on the aborigines in Australia, the Maoris in New Zealand, and, and, and. They held down the Chinese through forced opium consumption, also in my eyes a health experiment. What they tried out on the Subcontinent, apart from extensive brainwashing, I don't know. Physically, in any case, we survived as a people.

    And now to today, NWO and Zionist supremacy times: Apart from the wars, a very important part of their agenda is genociding the population worldwide. The recent large-scale flu vaccine operations should have been part of it. It was one of the world bloggers' biggest victories that thanks to their condemnation as well, it never seriously got off the ground. And now the World Bank has also entered the picture, offering Third World govts financial incentives to cut down on their populations through "medical" means. The easy death, what. May as well go all out for euthanasia.

    N.B. The spread of AIDS and Ebola has also been put down by many, Africans and otherwise, to the irrepresible desire by West "scientists" for experimentation. Long live "Human Rights" and the sanctity of human life.

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  • My puyrpose in placing this issue before everyone is 2 fold-

    1. The very fact of the problem and exposing it to the larger group of readers.

    2. To come face to face with the problem of otherwise very well educated people condoning and indulging in such activities under the sanction of the officials.

    What makes a physician , an ambassador, an official commit such crimes against powerless and un educated human beings who have no way to defend themslves.

    On this blog ( and others) a majority of people claim to have a perfect solution for Pakistan- namely education.

    Another group says that Islamic education is the solution.

    Really ?

    Here we have well educated professionals who commit crimes against helpless people.

    The Islamists convince poor helpless young men to go and explode themselves as human bombs.

    The western pharmaceutical companies use the people of the third world countries as well as the poor of the First world countries as human guinea pigs for establishing the safety of their drugs before they can sell them in the West.

    And mind you they do it with the collusion of the third world Govts.

    So the question arises if it only the education that will solve all our problems or we have to deal with a far more profound problem that must deal with the fundamental of economic deprivation , education, ethics and a value system.

    I can just imagine this topic getting high jacked again by some who will come out with the usual panacea of-

    quote " if only you would put in place REAL Islam every thing would be like it was in the Golden Period of Islamic Empire" end of quote.

  • Agreed Shimatoree. This thread is for discussion on West's Human Rights. There should be no attempts to detrack or derail thread topic.

  • Shimatoree, of course you're right, education is only one element in deprivation. The others, as you have stated, are a bad, poverty-furthering economy, a nil ethics attitude to the most sacred things (medicine comes to mind here and food), a value system which is so shattered, we no longer know whether we're coming or going.

    An Islamic society could be an answer to our woes, but then once more: what Islam and who will run it? Again that urgent question which haunts us day and night. Where are the leaders we might eventually learn to trust and who will prove worthy of said trust?

  • We can not blame a particular group or segment for the crimes of few people among them.

    Education is good thing but it does not mean it can transform the very personality of every person who is educated. There are numerous factors which may affect the behaviour, moral and ethics of a person.

    According to Psychologists first five to ten years of a persons life are crucial in shaping the personality of that person. Education or religion may bring some change but it again depends on the degree of impact on the personality of the person.

    AS ST said:

    Here we have well educated professionals who commit crimes against helpless people.

    The Islamists convince poor helpless young men to go and explode themselves as human bombs.

    Both the above example represent negative extremes. Why should we only consider negative extremes. There are lot of positive examples as well.

    I would suggest that we should look at the brighter side and ignore the darker aspects. We can not correct or cure everything. As ST belongs to medical profession so an idiom related to that profession.

    What can't be cured must be endured.

  • Hmm do you think that something of that could or would happen at Shaukat Khanum or even at AKU ?

  • West must be separated out here from the US. This is not typical of the general West, but for US it is norm. In the mid 30's they experimented on their own soil at Tuskegee, Alabama but on then called the negroes.

    The US navy has been testing bombs in Puerto Rico, own soil, for more than 60 years. The whole of Central America has been an experimental ground for the US after WWII, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, you name it. The CIA has been busy toppling govts, puncturing tires on trucks so that the meat rots and does not make to the public, mixing caustics in the milk, all in the attempt to make public sick of the domestic govt so a puppet govt can be installed.

  • Quote-

    " This is not typical of the general West, but for US it is norm. "

    Have we forgotten the Spanish Inquisition and what the Spanish and Potugese did in South America ?

    Or have we also forgotten what the British did in India before during and after the 1857 revolt ?

    After all most of the settlers in US and Canada were from Great Britain and it were the same who used wool blankets-( from Small Pox patients)- given to American Native Indians during severe winter.

    I not even mentioned the Russians in Central Asia, The Dutch in East Indies( Indoensia) , the Spanish followed by the Americans in the Philipines.

    And of course the Germans during the 30's and 40's.

  • pakistani47

    quote ' we should look at the brighter side and ignore the darker aspects. "

    With the large majority of the people anywhere( Pakistan, India etc) beiing abjectly poor, destitute and living as slaves in misery- who are they going to look at this brighter side which does not exist for them.

    Oh I get it - by watching the scantly dressed women in Indian movies and Pakistani talk and fashion shows !

  • Okay Shimatoree, you got me wrong here. I meant the present West, post WWII West, the economic West, which includes a lot of Europe and industrialized east such as Japan.

  • AoA All

    A very good article by Orya Maqbool Jan on the similar sounding theme related to West's human rights.

    ST: Sorry its in Urdu



  • BO,

    I respectfully disagree here. It is the present West which did not take any action when Muslims were killed tortured, women were raped and made slave in Bosnia and Kosovo. It was US that took action not because of justice but for defeating a pro-Russian leader. It is the Europe which did not take any action for stopping the atrocities committed against Muslims in Israel, Kashmir and now in Iraq.

    Events of Cambodia and Veitnam also took place after WWII. If they were so just and lovers of humanity, at least they could have discontinued diplomatic ties with agressors in all above events.

  • ST,

    You did not respond to my point accordingly. I was not talking about Wealth or poorness. I was responding to your point that Education or religion can not supress evil stincts of human beings.

    As far as poverty is concerned, I agree with you. There is an unjust system in world at the moment.

    But if you do not get irritated I would quote era of Hazrat Umar when Zakat was given honestly and state was fully fuctional as Welfare state. Hazrat Umar even fixed some money for the new borns of the state. At that time there was not so much poverty. So system is there we need a leader like Hazrat Umar to fully implement it with full vigour and according to its true spirit.

    Hazaroon saal nargis apni bay noori pay roti hay

    Bari Mushkil say hota hay chaman main deeda war paida.

    We just need a visionary, honest, powerfull and sincere leader.

    Qahari O Ghafari O Kudoosi O Jabroot

    Yeh Char Annasir hoon to Banta hay Musalaman.

    Not these Mullas whom we both dislike.

    Jis say Jigr-e- Lala (Sister) main Thandak ho woh Shabnam

    Daryaaoon kay dil jis say dahal Jain wo toofan.

    Now unfortunately our menfolk are very strong and forceful for their womenfolk but very coward for true enemies.

  • Just two comments to above: When it is a question of Pak-bashing, we are all willing to take part. As soon as the West is attacked, defenders seem to be found at every corner.

    I also want to address what FJ above posted. That Babari Masjid could be pulled down without a word of protest from any Western power, whereas when the Baniyan Buddhas were blasted, such a great hue and cry was carried out by the same powers is a perfect example of the double standards they follow in everything they do.

  • @pakistani47

    We are talking about Western attitude toward clinical trials on human subjects without their knowledge or approval.

  • pakistani47

    Hazrat Umar is an exception to any rule of anytime. He was a super man by any yardstick.

    The problem with your wish for a leader like Hazrat Umar is that they are very few people like him in any century or even 1000 years.

    Plus if you had a leader like him- the people of today will say he is too strict as they said when he was alive.

    If You look at the matter in an objective manner then you must wonder why everything fell apart after Hazrat Umar was assasinated.

    The greedy people who were kept in check by the great intelligence and forceful and just personality of Hazrat Umar

    were able to do everything which they could not have done during his time.

    Actually I have a theory about Hazrat Umar's assasination- and I know a lot of people will get mad at me for say this but here it goes-

    Hazrat Umar's murder was a conspiracy of those greedy people who were upset with Umar's tough rule. They conspired with disaffected people amongst whom were 2 Persians and, a converted Christian, a converted Jewish Rabbi. One must keep in mind that the Christian was a foster brother of Saad Bin Abi Waqas.

    Firuz who carried out the killing was a salve of Mughira the governar of Basra.

    Now what I am saying is that the influential godfathers of this Hit remained unnamed as after the death of Umar- Firuz was killed/ or killed himself.

    Of course you know the rest.