Does Jang News paper lie about NATO apology

  • There is main head line that NATO apologizes for the strikes

    I didn't find any news about the said apology in any other news media (Pakistani or International).

    Is the said report true? or Jang working on behalf of NATO.

  • NATO apologizes for border violation

    BRUSSELS (1st October 2010)

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) apologized to Pakistan for violation of its territory and has ordered investigation of the incident.

    In an exclusive interview with AAJ News, Pakistan’s ambassador in Brussels Jalil Abbas said that NATO officials have apologized for the incident.

    Earlier, Pakistan criticized a pair of NATO air strikes on its territory that killed several people, saying that it was a violation of its sovereignty.

    Few days ago, NATO carried out air strikes in Pakistan’s territory and killed several militants.

  • An apology being offered is totally irrelevant, would we allow murderers to go scot-free once they have apologised.....

  • Why an apology. They should be shot down first and then told why they were shot.

  • slaves had to stage 'apology drama' to avoid fierce uprising from within army ranks, so here now we have it, little apology reported by local papers to calm down the people.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    News-paper business, mass media business, is private! business. Each private business has 'agenda' of the owner of that business, or agenda of the person who is running it.

    This is an established fact all over the world.

    So, why is it a surprise when we find businesses lying to general public (the masses) ?

    Many mass media companies do it. Some do it intentionally, some do it by mistake, by reporting on things that come out to be untrue.