COAS demands removal of corrupt ministers: British Newspaper

  • Is this the reality behind that photo session?

    A British newspaper has claimed that Army Chief, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has handed a list of corrupt or allegedly incompetent ministers to President Asif Ali Zardari, demanding their removal.

    According to “The Guardian - UK”, Gen. Kayani, in the last meeting held between the troika, has handed President Zardari a list of his loyalists from cabinet demanding their removal. The newspaper has also claimed that Gen. Kayani has shown dissatisfaction on the performance of the government over flood situation.

    The newspaper claims that a senior western official has confirmed the reports that Army Chief had asked the president to remove named loyalists from his 60-member cabinet as part of an internal reform process. The official did not give the requested names.

  • Army trying to put pressure on civilians to show them in bad light, If Kiyani did say this then shame on home him, what right does he have to tell the civilians on how to run the government and especially one that he put in place through the NRO.

    If we can live with corrupt Military dictators for 9 years then we can live through 5 years of corrupt civilians also.

  • Fully agreed. Army should first bring to the books all of their brethren from the past who trampled on and flouted the constitution. They should posthomously court martial Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan and Zia-ul-Haq and initiate proceedings for treason against Mushie forthwith.

  • Why General Kiyani had to compile a list of 60 corrupt members?

    Why SC decisions are not been implemented?

    Who is rendering Police inactive?

  • Kiyani feels that the effort the army has been putting in would go waste after the operations are halted, if the civil mucking around, power play tug of war does not end. Obviously he knows the army will be called upon, again, if things start juggling way out of bound, which he doesn't want. I think it is wise that army keeps a watering freeze look at the civilian govt, that the army still is not at all that clean, they could move in should the times demand. This would keep the civilian screws tight.

  • Baber Awan gets powers of NAB chairman..

    SC too would have eventually asked army to get its decision implemented,more then 10 months have passed and govt is simply ignoring,mocking and openly ridiculing each and every judgment of SC. So under those circumstances there is no option left but for Army chief to intervene and settle the issue(Although under ideal democratic setup army meddling in govt's affiars would not be seen positively but this govt of crooks unfortunately have left no other option).

  • Did parliament really give power to Gober Heaven? How is this possible?

    doctor i agreed. The army can only do so much, eventually you have to have some sort of system that the gov't is supposed to give. The army operation in Swat was a success but where is the crook gov't? Have they setup any system so these people can get jobs, go to school....? Same thing will happen with floods.

    The person who should be giving ultimatum to Zardari should be Chaudary Nisar or MQM or ANP....but it is apparent that Zardari thinks Pakistan is his property and 180million slaves of him whose destiny it is to pay for Bilawals history education, finance Zardari properties and his father properties. Feed the pockets of Zardari cronies and no one can stop them.

    Wha else do you want Kiyani and other to do?