Houses in Punjab

  • The Donors Conferences held two days back declared the final and firm resolve of the participant donors to fully construct 2,100 new houses in the flood affected areas of Punjab. The donors also expressed their determination to possibly increase this number. Earlier last week the Pakistan Club, Manama/Bahrain signed an agreement in Lahore by practically delivering huge donation through Bank Draft declaring it was going to construct 100 new houses near Muzaffargarh number of which may further increase. This was the unique example never seen before. The point is why the Donors are rushing their donations to Punjab only. Is this conspiracy against PPP or the donors bitten so often this time themselves have decided after nakedly seeing the practical work of all during the floods. Yesterday 1 Oct while apprising its viewers that Shaikh Zaid Hospital Lahore has stopped providing free dialysis threatening life of hundreds in imminent danger, the Dunya TV commented that it appeared the Federal Government felt that with the money provided by the Federal Government the credit of free treatment was going to the Punjab Government.

  • This is no conspiracy rather realization of and arriving at terms with the truth; truth is no one trusts PPP or any NGO affiliated with them.

    South Punjab and Sindh have been the most affected.

  • Regarding the trust deficit Nawaz had specifically asked Gillani to setup an independent relief commission but that crook Zardari vetoed the idea thinking that Nawaz might get credit if commission really delivered results.