Pakistan army says 'extra-judicial killing' video faked

  • Gen Talat Masood says it looks authentic..

    Maj Gen Abbas said. "At this stage I can't comment about what action might be taken" if the video is real

    So basically Gen Abbas the spokesman says he isn't sure if its real or not..

  • General Talat say that some things like the dress etc looks authentic but he is not sure.

    Could be real only if this act was carried out by Pakistan army who were looking forward to put it on WWW for the whole world to witness their crimes against humanity then the whole episode would have been recorded keep clarity in mind.

    Would they care for a low resolution out of focus video?

    One who took these shots kept subjects within the frame most of the time indicating this was an overt action.

    Another question if the blindfolded victims were really killed; because no closeup of bodies riddled with bullet wounds has been shown!

  • Gen Masood says the troops look trained & professional,they give an impression that they have experience of combat and they're not immatures. Uniform and G3 rifles also look authentic..

    Frankly speaking if i am committing crime against humanity by killing 6 blindfolded kid then obviously i wouldn't allow any one to film it and if i know that some one made a footage using his mobile then I'll make sure that it gets wiped out or the maker isn't dumb enough to divulge & share it with the whole world..

  • At the same time, Pakistani officials tried to contain the damage from a video that came to the attention of American officials in recent days showing the execution of six young men, bound and blindfolded, by Pakistani Army soldiers.

    Responding to questions from American officials, Pakistani officials acknowledged Thursday that the video had not been faked, as they had first contended, an American official said, and that they had identified the soldiers and would take appropriate measures.

    From NY Times.

  • Its apparent that army was allowing its men to make video footage and take snapshots of its brutalities. Guilty Conscience and remorse might have prompted army's own men to release these video footages.. I am sure those horrendous and savage scenes must have been constantly nagging them..

  • American law requires that the United States cut off financing to units of foreign militaries that are found to have committed gross violations of human rights.

    These videos have been uploaded on youtube in May,but all of them are now simultaneously being highlighted in October. Maybe they are using it as pressure tactic to pressurize army into accepting their demands of another operation or else be prepared to face the music(funding cut) because of gross violations of human rights

  • In past they used to scornfully highlight similar brutalities of Indian soldiers against Kashmiris.. Now its ironic and shameful that they're doing the same thing to their own people and its being highlighted and projected worldwide.