Peersahab returning on 9th Oct?

  • can anyone confirm?

  • That coward absconder Altaf?

    I guess he currently won't be allowed to leave UK.Plus i personally doubt that he'll ever come back to Pakistan again

    btw where did you get that date from?

  • Returning where???

  • Karachi

  • i think its another rumour.

    like last time,

    some report came that he is going to Dubai.

  • Altaf Bhai wouldn't be looking forward to go for " Rafa-e-hajat" without Bodygurd after Dr IF's are talking about Karachi.... I dammm serious this guy love his life.....

    May be if you find link between Saleem Shahzad and Murder of DrIF ...Altaf Bhai will leave London but where he gona go?

    Karachi, Dubai, Johannesburg... NO WAY, wahan kuch haqiqi waley hotey hain

  • expakistani sir,

    how are you asserting that Saleem Shahzad is murderer of DrIf? aapke paas koi proof hai?

    anyways, Altaf Bhai is so scared to even make trips on the streets of London, forget about Karachi :)

  • @quaidkamazaar

    Bhai kion bhool jatey ho ke aap ney serif MQM ka naam suna hey, or hum ney MQM ko naam dia tha....

    maan jao guardian se pehley Dr IF or AML ke story hum ney pkpolitics per dali thi.

    Dada hum to karachi ke urti chorion ke paar gin letey hain


  • @expakistani

    Do you think Altaf Hussain would be suspicious on Saleem Shehzad on his Activities????I think he have TRUST on Saleem Shahzad at this time cause if their is some kind of mistrust then most probably Altaf Hussain would be looking for his Replacement or must have made him out of the Picture by now but nothing like that has happened so far so I think its unlikely that he is feeling any danger from him......

  • @Gazi Bhai

    did i say Altaf Hussain doesnt trust saleem shahzad?

    Saleem shahzad or es jse logo ney Altaf bhai ke ankhon per pati bandhi hoi hey.

    Abhi mamla kuch or hey... teel dekho teel ke dhar dekho. The day Birt police will find " teez dhar Ala" leadership will be looking for another place for asylum...

  • @expakistani

    Yeh Saleem Shahzad jaisay Logoon say apka matlab kahin Unit aur Sector Incharge tu nahi????waisay mai under ka haal nahi janta lakin aik baat hai k MQM ajj kal kafi had tak Units aur Sectors pay bohat ziada rely kar rahi hai Rabita Committee k bajai jab k Musharraf daur mai Rabita Committee pay MQM ziada rely kar rahi thi.....

    The news has already came that they Scotland Yard has found Knife and a stone which was used in that crime.....abagay kia ho raha hai mujhay nahi pata magar yeh baat mainay dekhi hai Geo pay k woh loog ab 2 Asians ki Talash mai hain.....

  • aap ko MQM (H) ke split honey ka time yaad hey? that was around 1989, tab bhi pora structure change ho gia tha... bhai trust nhi hota na ke kon apna hey kon paraya, soon you will see changes in rabita committee and even at sector and unit in charge level.....

    wesey i didnt know about Geo news... i was just trying to make point... kheen kal ko aap mujhe peer sahib bolna shoro ker do.