Lahore Bar.Cheapest souls.No Shame.

  • Although almost all the Bars were offered and given money but Intellectually considered strong and More educated Lot among all the Bars,Lahore bar started all this mess according to the lines of Baber Awan and Khosa..

    Why Pakistanis educated lot is so greedy and currupt specially with the issue of judiciary which means very much to Pakistani Nation and society..

    So if we can sell such Intellectual campaighns than what abt the rest of petty Matters.

    This shows the behaviour of this war and their Intellectual understandings also..

  • if you go to any bar you would find that everyone is aligned with some political party.

    ppp has lawyers wing so do others, nothing new, they join parties for career opportunities

    i've seen babar awan back in mushy's days in islamabad bar, he along with few stooges shaking hands/greeting with fellow people, down to earth while in opposition... i used to visit bar to convince lawyers that constitution is unislamic... what lovely days were those :)