Controversy at Commonwealth Games:Badmash MQM mpa threatened to send squad back

  • It is as if Pakistan was not already embarrassed enough in the international sports arena that MQM's Dr. Muhammad Ali Shah pulls an act worthy of his party's shenanigans. According to news reports and live footage of the opening ceremony of the commonwealth games in Delhi, Pakistan's chief de mission, an MQM minister in Sindh government, snatched the national flag from the athlete and started leading the contingent. I guess Rabita Committee would have instructed him to lead the contingent and he was hell bent upon fulfilling the commands.

    It is funny that Jang online earlier reported that the issue was amicably "khush asloobi say" resolved. obviously their was no issue apart from the fact that the moron wanted to lead the contingent depriving a real athlete from the honour. somebody in the jang newroom tried to portray it as a resolution. what a shame!

    MQM has been promoting this guy as some kind of cricket guru in the recent past. Geo super Karachi reporters always turn to him for comments and analysis and the guys is known to make some of the most mind-boggling statements second only to the statements made by Sarfraz Nawaz.

    this was just plain display of MQM's fascism.