Here we go "Ali Ahmed Kurd on fire again"

  • Here we go "Ali Ahmed Kurd on fire again"

    He said this what the reward of law's movement and nobody prophet to us

  • Now he really needs to get wacked on his head by one of those batons.

  • Siddiqi bhai aisa kiya!!!! he like Samso, all his power in his hair, so not so easy.Must be rock hard for Takht-e-Lahore :):)

  • Shia community thinks that Asif Ali Zardari govt should remain their in order to get some benefits for the shia community.Earlier news were came out that Zardari had an unannounced meeting with Tahrik Fiqa Jafirya.

    Ali ahmad kurd as a Shia would always try to find LOGICS in favour of Ali Zardari and will be happened such events like today Ali Kurd was Leading A Rally of the Advocates whome are in favour of this Govt..

    I can see another attempt of A NEW ADVOCATE'S MOVEMENT against the present judiciary......

    Shia community among Advocates are active to Turn the Table AGainst current Judiciary.....

  • black sheep available in all community

  • A. A Kurd is a stupied paid puppet playing dirty game of zerdari and Gober Haiwan. He is a greedy dancing with devils remotted by zeradri, and his cronies, who are using him for their own political interest.Kurd has lost his all crediblities, and respect which he earned during lawers movement. He should be ashamed for being a part of such dirty game of Gober Haiwan.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I can betcha that if and when Musharraf decides to come back to Pakistan; Kurd the hairdo boy would represent him in courts against all the litigations which will be thrown at General Marasi.

  • Kurd should be 'treated' by police worst than criminals for breaking the law and because he was a leader the nation looked up as role model for his struggle during dictators rule.....he should be made an example

    he has proved he is not a leader but an ordinary low life street an MQM gunda in black coat

    Shame shame kurd

  • Kurd is another siyasi kameena wearing a black suit.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    We have got to clean up our! ranks from 'sell outs' (i.e., those who sell their loyalties), who choose to benefit personally at the expense of well-being of our collective.

    Mr. Kurd is proving to be one such man.

  • I was a bit skeptical of Kurd but I still had some respect for him during the whole "restoring Judiciary" movement. Now he managed to loose all my respect for him by his efforts to "pukki" his PPP seat for next election.

    I can't believe he is sell out too, all thanks to that dung beetle Babar Haiwan.

  • looking at these pictures all these wukalas including kurd and babar hewan should be given 'police treatment extra judicial way'

    these scumbags dont deserve to be called legal advisors, they are scavangers creating havoc unnecessarily while the nation is suffering with (post)flood issues amongst many other natural and non-natural calamaties.

    it seems like street fighting is a full time hobby of these most wukalas

  • Aren't they become professional street fighter now, more experienced then before ? they r in-cashing their talent now.

    In Pakistan everything sale-able and these lairs are not exception.

  • ہر شاخ پہ الو بیٹھا ہے انجام گلستان کیا ہو گا

  • fully agreed with SufiSoul.

    kurd is another mir JAFFAR of pakistan.

    p.s count aitazaz bikao as well

  • So this was the REALITY of Azad Adlia.....All I can say is that Pakistani people were made the fool out of themselves by supporting those Lawyers like Ali Ahmad Kurd and others.....Now we should enjoy this show instead of blaming any person like Kurd or whomever cause they are byproduct of WORSE fraud in the history of Pakistan which happened on the emotions of people of Pakistan....Only known beneficiaries of this movement was Nawaz Sharif who got all his cases windup as a First Priority of CJ Iftikhar Choudery and as for people who supported this movement in hopes of getting something called INSAF they are left HOPELESS by them.....

  • I think that a part of Chief Justice’s defence team did not get those extraordinary favours what they were expecting from him, so they have changed sides for personal gains. There are very few upright professional lawyers, the rest would sell their dignity for money. They do not even realise what is purpose of pocket at the back of their gowns.

    All that up and down jumping of Kurd like a monkey had been too artificial, and even the poetry by A A was mere show off to attract the masses. Today, they need to recite, ‘HUM MULK GHWANEY NIKLAY HAIN, AAO HUMARA SATH CHALOW.’

    AA appears to be a dodgy man; it had become abundantly clear on that night when he had called off the first long-march without darna. Later, during the NRO mess-up , he enticed his comrades by showing them some lucrative ventures or adventures. From last few moths, this was all very clear by their attitudes during the TV Talk shows.

    No doubt, Kurd seems to be convinced that he is a real Samson, now it is up to judiciary to find any Delilah who can shorn his mysterious hair. To set an example for other he should be charged with contempt of court.

    I would conclude on a note that Kurd and his mates are all shameless sold out souls, and we must condemn their dirty designs and reckless tactics.

  • All people can do is Cursing these lawyers instead of realizing their mistakes for siding with these kind of people who mislead everyone to end up like that....Only if one of them could have come between clashes that took place in 12may 2007 all this wont have happened today but what can I say Pakistan is going through the most worse bad luck these days and this Azad Adlia movement was one of it.....