Israeli settlers attacks and burn mosque

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Yes, I saw this news last night on BBC. They did it.

    People within our own nation have rendered us powerless. Yes, I'm talking about the 'deen-daar' (in urdu) people. 'Deen-daar' (in urdu) people have been rendered powerless by people within our own nation. We can't do anything about it. We can only cry, we can only conduct worthless protests.

    'Protest' is not the way of 'Muslims'. But since today, Muslims don't adhere to Islam. Rather today's Muslim 'prefers' to live his/her life as per the word of non-Muslims, so protests is what our people do. We have become 'crying' 'babies'. We cry over most everything. Yet we achieve nothing by this consistent crying that the west has 'educated' us to do.

    The way of Islam, the way of 'Muslims' is to 'take' 'revenge'. Islam as well as Muslims believe in 'Qisas'. ALLAH ALMIGHTY says in the Quran in Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayah #179 (2:179);

    there is life for you in Qisas

    Yet in this era, it is the 'non-Muslims', as well as those who are 'criminals', who take revenge. Muslims are stopped from taking revenge by those within our ranks who subscribe to 'secularism'.

    Look in Iraq, in Fallujah. What did foreign Army do with citizens of Fallujah when some of their soldiers, contractors were killed in war there ? They committed a city wide massacre to 'avenge' it.

    This is reported in the book Blackwater, the rise of the most powerful mercenary Army

    THAT!! is why they! have 'power' over us!/Muslims. Because they! 'avenge' most every setback, every blow we give to them. Yet we/Muslims are stopped from 'retaliating' in the face of their blind, merciless, indiscriminate aggression/oppression.

    The Muslim of this era, through mass scale propaganda, has been 'forcefully' 'limited' to conducting 'protests' by 'whisperers' within our ranks who;

    (a) subscribe to 'secularism'

    (b) support foreign powers/entities/countries/nations

    (c) collude with the west

    (d) identify with the west

    (e) don't want to be Muslims, yet are forcibly living a lie in order to 'sabotage' most everything that Muslims do, in all walks of life, so that the west can 'prosper' (means: continue to do whatever they want) at the expense of well-being of our! collective, our! prosperity

    As a result, we have become slaves to non-Muslims who dwell in the west, who are in turn slaves to these same Zionists/Unjust Jews.

  • HK, we Muslims are the pits, quite agree. On the other hand, what to say about those who perpetrate the Beit Fajar desecration and similar acts? Who kill Palestinians with every dawn that rises? Their day of reckoning is coming too.

    As for us "whisperers" (well put, indeed!), slowly but surely we too our beginning to raise our voices. One small example of this passage to action (timid, but not devoid of courage):

    "Hundreds of activists from Muslim countries planning new Gaza-bound flotilla: The Turkish charity IHH, which sponsored a Gaza-bound flotilla that Israeli commandos boarded in a deadly raid last spring, say some 500 activists from Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Turkey aim to break blockade by December 27."

    Good, the source of this news is highly questionable, the Isaraeli paper Haaretz. But if there is anything at all in it, it would be a very good sign. And the best sign of all is that our Afghan Resistance, our Iraq Resistance, our Pak Resistance even are fighting not only for themselves, but in the name of Palestine and oppressed Muslims the world over.