Zardari may bring a ‘Sure Victory for US’ in FATA

  • By A Khokar October 5th, 2010

    Musharraf was marked to be taken off the list as proxy; the day it was said that —-‘although Musharraf is our man in Pakistan but sadly, he is playing double game’……..He was blamed for cutting some special underhand deals with US declared enemy—-Taliban. Accordingly, Benazir Bhutto-BB was chosen, nurtured ——and fully moulded into a ‘US Robot’ to replace Musharraf.

    Musharraf knew it very well; as what could be his fate…. but was able to strike a deal to hand over to ‘US Robot—BB’ on the terms that he be given a safe passage for his exit. This was agreed.

    He arranged a red carpet reception for BB and also arranged general elections to mark a legal entry for her—- but ‘bubbly and triggered happy- BB’; spoiled the whole ’broth’ and went on a defiance mode—against US given plan.

    Musharraf was already on his way to his exit and consequently, BB; now the defiant, malfunctioning Robot was eliminated right before the time that she could take over from Musharraf.

    The sad demise of BB had generated a sympathy vote for his party; and —–sadly Pakistan could get the pilferer and looter like her husband Zardari sitting atop.

    What a cunning move of US; they killed two birds with one stone; BB as well as Musharraf; both pushed off the scene…. and leaving Zardari, a known manipulator imposed on our heads.

    It was a pleasant surprise for US that they could finally find — a person in Zardari; a notch above the rest— excelling all his previous predecessors to prove that US found a best man in him.

    Whereas Musharraf is now on his borrowed life; and whatever he is doing for his comeback, it may not be possible because he has lived his sell by date as proxy. His every effort is bound to turn as failure and a futile effort. His out spoken stance in his ‘lecture-bazi’ now termed as his profession may well serve him to earn few bucks for his survival while in London but surely; it may not turn the tide in his favour in Pakistan.

    US is eagerly looking forward to make a sure US Victory in well set grounds of FATA—of Pakistan, where Al Qaeda and TTP are already marked as decoy targets to be overrun by US mega forces as their lost ditch. The increased bombing by drones and helicopters attack on Pak military outposts is sure a sign of escalation of war and so is the intriguing rhetoric coming from Osama Bin Laden Camps; heat of the battle has started building up.

    On the other hand US has also found a ‘gem of a person’, in Zardari that his government has shown no retaliations and is continuously keeping mum on provocative escalations by US in FATA area by drones and helicopters attacks, killing civilian and Pak military forces. This has brought lots of good hopes for US to term this a US Victory in the —’war against Terror’.

    All praises be to Zardari for his services— in turning the battle field table for US that— where previously US was seeing it a defeat in Afghanistan— it is now being termed as a big victory. In this selloff business of the honour of his own country; he is unique and (it may look very funny to say but) it is likely that he be also awarded a ‘Noble Peace Prize’ for this. After all Obama was handed a Noble peace prize before hand for his would be efforts to put toward peace in the world. Zardari is seen making that dream come true for Obama and make this peace possible.

    There is sure an invasion of FATA on the table, where a well wished victory for US in the field of ‘War against Terror’ may be in reach. No doubt; many working hands seem busy in the gloves to make it possible.


    Ghairoun ko kub fursat hey Dukh denay ki

    Jab hotta hey; koie Apna hum dum hota hey

  • AK, one of your best pieces so far, written with a great deal of controlled irony and not very far from the truth either. Maybe this time the Nobel Peace Prize was promised our Great Leader in return for capitulation rather than the same old boring monetary gain.

  • MG.

    We are the off springs of people who have lived their lives on the gate ways to India (the land which is now called Pakistan). Centuries have gone by, but people still bear all the characteristics of a same old ---‘good mercenary gate keepers’.

    When I say a good gate keeper means that;

    A gate keeper is known by his assigned task; who puts his best efforts to makes all the bosses passing by his gate happy.

    He poses to look alert, smart and well mannered; with an endeavor to leave a lasting impression on the bosses----in order to stay in their good books.

    He is lean, mean and keen………and in his personal life he is known to be very secretive… and may not deter to indulge in any sort of deal-- if he finds a chance that while working as gate keeper he is benefitted.

    Musharraf proved to be a good gate keeper and being duly praised for his (paid for) loyalties.

    Zardari too bears the imprints and carry same habits of bringing good services. No wonder; if he in order to make US happy

    may do anything and everything---to turn US defeat into victory…. and he in turn is benefitted.

    I think that title of this post should have been;

    ‘Zardari may turn US Defeat into Victory’.


  • some problems created by all pakistani leaders (us dogs) to helping us and allied forces by several ways but histroy past present bring in mind no one win war in thease area from after islamabad to chechnya thease all land are unbeatable for foriegners, us and allied forces who have lot of money technology mind and other lot of facilities weapons but no capture this land since last 10 years and since last 30 years by ussr then what will do musharraf zardari rehman malik altaf hussain and other us dogs

  • Excellent and sensible article, it puts together all the pieces of a puzzle very successfully.

    Now only if our sleeping public can get and realise this truth, we can make a difference. Unfortunatly, Zardari AKA Madari has a long line up snakes working for him i.e. Gobar Awan, Fauzia Azab, Kaira, Abidi etc.

    These snakes are constantly and maticulously biting our nation and spreading their venom amongst ordinary folks, Their venom already seems to be acting in the whole Lawyers vs Judicary incidents that took place recently.

    Media has a very important role to play in the current situation and we need seasoned and highly intellegent reporters to tackle this issue.