Now Wukla Gardi After Gonda Gardi & Dhasat Gardi

  • The Pakistani nation has been suffering from Gonda Gardi of feudal lords right from the inception of the history. Later, Zia's regime gave a gift of Dhasat Gardi to the nation. This gift series continued in all the regimes after Zia Ul Haq. Now a new Gardi by the name of Wukla Gardi has started in full swing.

    Shame to all the political parties who some way or the other way always supported these Gardis for their political interests. The nation is so tired of these Gardis.

    How will the nation be rescued from all the Gardis including newly established Wukla Gardi?

  • With or without a black suit, lawyers are in fact the scum of this earth all by themselves by being a prime support in safeguarding criminals and crime.

  • Kalmago

    In case of Pakistan, wolves have come out of lambs' hides. In the modern countries, they are still hidden in lambs' hides.

  • correct indeed. Pending cases, innocents prosecuted while criminals roam free is only because of them.

  • those responsible for upholding law are taking it in their own hands.

    shame on lawyers....they have lost all the credibilty they (or some/most of them) built by standing against the dictator.

    police should 'treat' them at least 20 times worst than criminals as these were the role models for nation in justice movement

  • LHCin order to diffuse the standoff, appointed Sohail Nasir to replace Zawwar Ahmed Sheikh as the session judge........however they continue to protest......meaning they are hell bent (and paid well!) to create other objective?

    They are also demanding action against police for torture..........what about torture by lawyers on police and media???

  • Most of the lawyers have gone so cheap that one can find lawyers quarreling with each in the court areas over petty amounts of money. They are often found hurling abuses over petty disputes. They are just bribing agents for judges.