Do we even understand what a horrible scam was "Qarz utaro mulq sanwaro"

  • The biggest problem of Pakistan is the debt that this country is plagued with, then for someone to bring out a scheme in which the nation partcipates with sincerity and eagerness to free us of this burden and young and old alike, rich and poor alike put in money, but instead of any amount, even a small one being retired it is squandered and stolen away, and we think thats trivial???????

  • 'Qarz Utaro Aur Mulk Sanwaro' is one of the biggest frauds of the Pakistani history. Interestingly, the culprits of this fraud are still called Shariffs.

    Can Chaudhary Iftikhar dare opening this case of Pakistani history?

  • All Mian Gunja Shareef has is mindless rhetoric of "yeh corruption ko jo hall hai ajj kal, hum nay jumohooriat (Zardari) ka saath diya aur isay muzboot kiya".

    I personally have no respect for Nawaz Sharif, he is a complete moron. Zardari betrayed him so many times with his clever political tactics and Nawaz doesn't even realise it.

    Politicians need to be cunning as a fox and brave as lion, unfortunatly Nawaz is neither, atleast Zardari is cunning as a fox.

  • About 150 Million rials were collected perhaps a Saudi Arabian source told.They were never counted anywhere.

    I am surprised , Mush did not probe this money during all his rivalry with N$.

  • Qarz utaro mulq sanwaro,

    A K wrote,

    Mush did not probe this money during all his rivalry with N$.

    Maybe he was paid, share from this lootmaar.

  • @Ahmad

    Or may be Nawaz took whole money along with his bags to Saudi Arabia and spend the money there....

  • Look who has started this thread, NotPossible, who is a known NS hater and a lackey of a terror outfit which has hijacked Karachi. I'll define a horrible scam for ya buddy:

    Plating a Chicago Taxi driver into Pakistan's politics by our despised agencies (Double agent of RAW as well)and creation and continued patronage of an armed militia named MQM.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @siddiqi73

    Please jamatis...promoter of sectarinism terroism, talibna, lashkare jhangvi...stay quiet.

    May Allah crush your munafiq voices and faces, sectarianism supporters.

  • And Allah shower its curse and wrath on the infidels who commit treasonous acts, extort money from poor people, murder them and stuff their corpses in gunny bags.

  • Do we have any figures showings ‘Qarz utaro Mulk Sanwaro’, scheme was a success?