Pakistan deploys anti-aircraft missiles on Afghan border


    Published: Oct 5, 2010 00:46 Updated: Oct 5, 2010 00:46

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strengthened its air defense with a view to preventing NATO forces from intruding into its territory from Afghanistan.

    The strong US ally has installed anti-aircraft missiles in its tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, well-placed sources told Arab News here on Monday.

    “Now no helicopter will be able to escape after entering into Pakistani territory,” the official sources said.

    Meanwhile, NATO’s chief expressed regret on Monday for the deaths of Pakistani soldiers last week and said he hoped Pakistan’s border would reopen for NATO supplies to Afghanistan as soon as possible.

    Angered by repeated attacks by NATO helicopters on militant targets within its borders, Pakistan blocked one of the supply routes for NATO troops in Afghanistan after a strike killed three Pakistani soldiers in the western Kurram region.

    Analysts and Western officials said Pakistan’s closure of the border for a few days would not seriously impact the war effort in Afghanistan, but it would create political tension that Pakistan could exploit.

    “I expressed my regret for the incident last week in which Pakistani soldiers lost their lives,” Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after meeting Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Brussels.

    “I expressed my hope the border will be open for supplies as soon as possible.”

    The apology came after gunmen attacked a convoy of trucks taking goods to Western forces in Afghanistan on the outskirts of the Pakistani capital, killing three guards.

    Pakistani Taleban militants claimed responsibility.

    Hours later, suspected militants attacked trawlers carrying supplies for NATO through the southwestern province of Baluchistan, killing one man, police said.

    Late on Monday, two missiles from a suspected CIA drone struck a mosque in Mirali in North Waziristan, about 20 km east of the main town of Miranshah, intelligence officials said. Three people were killed.

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  • As regards the Mirali drone attack, here is a further news item paving the way for the latest false flag, involving this time not only Pakistan but also Europe:

    Eight Germans Reported Killed in US Drone Strike

    Attack on North Waziristan Tied to 'Plot' According to Officials

    by Jason Ditz, October 04, 2010

    Eight German citizens were reported killed today in a US drone strike against the North Waziristan Agency, in an attack officials tried to link to a plot which led the US State Department yesterday to warn against travel to Europe.

    The eight were killed when a US drone fired a pair of missiles against a mosque in the town of Mir Ali. Pakistani officials initially reported that some Pakistanis may have been killed in the attack as well, but this has yet to be confirmed.

    Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency has warned that a number of European citizens have been flocking to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in recent months to seek terrorist training. The groups are keen to recruit people with citizenship in EU nations, as it will allow them to travel freely within the EU.

    Reports have claimed that non-specific information had emerged about a Mumbai-style terror plot potentially being planned somewhere and involving a possible attack either in Europe or North America, though US officials have since downplayed the possibility of an attack in the US, British officials have downplayed the attack being against Britain, and German officials downplayed the possibility of the attack being in Germany. Pakistan has downplayed the plot entirely, but it is being used as a justification for massive escalations of the drone strikes against Pakistan.

  • martay civilians hain aur ilzaam apni siyasat kai mutabik lagatay hain.

  • Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency has warned that a number of European citizens have been flocking to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in recent months to seek terrorist training.

    How come they(GERMAN) creep in FATA?

  • Ohhhh... our military leadership deployed missiles to hunt down their masters??? that's total BS, man! it is the job of ISPR to spread these rumors to pacify the public opinion and the opinion inside the army.

    yaar, we've had hundreds of drone attacks on our soil, and our civil/military leadership conveniently supports the americans by providing them with air bases to fly these drones from. so if they were serious in stopping these attacks, shouldn't they first kick the attackers out of pakistan??? this missile deployment stuff is TOTAL BS!

  • "“Now no helicopter will be able to escape after entering into Pakistani territory,” the official sources said."

    Interesting how the "official source" did not mention drones. But anyways, they ain't shooting a sparrow. This is all drama. No helicopters are going to get shot down. I have full confidence in these slaves...


    "...the latest false flag..."

    Indeed. And funny to see that while Europe rejected it, ISI is giving lip-service to Masa as @Ahmad informs us above...("There were Germans, HONEST! They even gave a 'Hail Hitler!'")

  • the germans and other foreign drama is such a hilarious thing. is that a new clarification to continue the massacre

  • The deployment of anti aircraft missiles won't change a thing as long as we go on selling the national pride and sovereignty for foreign aid.It's not the scarcity of tools that had hindered us before but national will and honour.

  • Reportedly 8 German and two British national were killed by drone attack in North Waziristan. Media reports that when they were attacked; they were present in a mosque where supposedly they had arrived for the pilgrimage of the ‘House of their TTP Doctrinarians’ and to attend their advance training lessons in the field of heavenly duty of carrying out the act of subversion in Europe that they believe is just.

    Strange enough this news is revealed by ISI at the time, when US has already issued a warning for their citizen as not to travel to Europe.

    Is this not rhetoric of a ‘Millibhagat’ with the aim that heat on terrorism be kept on?

    Presently US had a setback when its helicopters attacked Pak Army out posts….!

    Whereas US is bent upon to extend this war inside Pakistan….. US need a support of her European allies. Following is the most possible scenario which may develop:

    A made up terrorist attack orchestrated by CIA, this time in Germany is but eminent. This will provide enough ammo and a reason for the NATO forces, found waiting in their wings--- to carry out an attack inside Pakistan for elimination of terror camps.

  • @Truthlover

    bro, couldn't agree more!

  • Dear MG Sahib,

    Please don't believe in this BS released from Pak Govt Spokesman or the ISI. They have not the "Balls" to Stop NATO or American Drones because, the Super Master has our President in their pocket. Pakistan Army chief Kiyani is a coward hypocrite just like the PM and President of Pakistan. This Troika is harming Pakistan every day and unless there is a revolt in Army against this coward Army chief/Present regimen, you will have this blessing (killing of civilians as well as Army Personnel) each and every day.

  • for those who happy with this news pakistan block oil supply to nato

  • Pakistan army is doomed. It cannot come out of the US/NATO stranglehold no matter what they do to please the Kuffar.

    The report notes bluntly that despite having a presence of 140,000 military and paramilitary personnel, the Pakistani military has been "nonetheless constrained to disrupting and displacing extremist groups without making lasting gains against the insurgency."

    The White House assessment is particularly tough on Pakistan's inability to make gains in South Waziristan, where many analysts believe key al Qaeda leaders have gained a safe haven to use as a base to plot terror attacks against Western targets.

    "In South Waziristan, the Pakistan military continued to conduct small-scale operations against those militants who did not flee in late 2009," the report says. "But the military largely stayed close to the roads and did not engage against those TTP (Tehrik-e-Taliban) militants who returned after fleeing into North Waziristan."