Americans, Arabs, Imran Khan & 3000 Relief Trucks: A Conspiracy Theory.

  • First of All, I want to remind everyone that I am a proud supporter of Pakistan-Tehrek-Insaf because of its left wing economic policy along with its strong opposition to the war on terror and Pakistan’s ruling Junta’s (Pak-fauj/Gov’t) inability to protect Pakistani citizen and their properties from Foreign aggression. You could read their manifesto here

    I am also a strong opponent of arabs and American intervention in pakistan’s affairs and I Posted about this on 12th October 2009 in “Down with Arabs and Americans: Proponents of foreign Intervention must burn in hell” thread on

    Looking back at that thread today, IT didn’t have the substance and was more or less a rant about arab and American involvement in Pakistan affairs. The Classic Examples of Arab and American involvement in Pakistani affairs are Nawaz Sharif getting a deal with Saudis and NRO backed by the Americans. Even today I believe that American and arabs are interfering in our affairs.

    So Why am I Bringing this topic up again. Lets look at some event/news that have happened over last month or so.

    1)Gov’t on verge of Collapse is saved by General Kiyani;s involvement and gets an extension to come up with a proper strategy to face the courts on October 13.

    2)American Pressure builds up on Pakistan Fauj to Start a military operation in North Waziristan where most of militants led by Malvi Nazir, Hafiz Gul Bahdur and Haqqani Network support Pakistani Fauj and have peace deals with Pak Fauj. You could read about the peace deal with these militants here

    In my view, Here Pakistan Fauj declined to start another military adventure in North Waziristan.

    3)The Videos of Army Torturing People/executing Kids come out and are covered by The Papers in America and England to put pressure on Pakistan to start a military operation in North Waziristan or Else America will Stop aid to Pakistani Army. “American law requires that the United States cut off financing to units of foreign militaries that are found to have committed gross violations of human rights.” You could read the rest of the story here.

    4)Nato’s Attack Helicopters violate Pakistani territory and kill 50 people with Pakistan demanding an explanation from Nato and hoping this would not happen again. But it happens again and this time Nato’s attack helicopters kill three soldiers and injures three soldiers. Pakistan’s reaction this time is a lot more stronger than before when it decides to shut down one supply route to Afghanistan to send a message to Nato. Although I would have liked Pakistan to shut down both routes I’m somewhat satisfied with Pakistani authorities doing something about it.

    The Nato hasn’t apologized yet for their action and Pakistan hasn’t opened the supply route for fourth day.

    5)On October 1st, New America Foundation releases survey conducted in FATA which shows 28.30% of People supporting Pakistan Tehrek Insaf and 70% opposing the drone attacks. You could read more about this survey here

    6)On October 5th, Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan announces that Saudi Gov’t will provide 3000 relief truks (about 9million dollars) to Imran Khan Foundation in a meeting with chief coordinator colonel Younis Ali Raza of Imran Khan Foundation. You could read more about it here This would be the first time any international country is offering that kind of aid to one organization and that to by a country which is suspected of its ties to some militants and to a party which is against war on terror.

    My Question to you all is that has Pakistani Army along with other foreign powers (arabs)have finally decided to throw this gov’t and replace it by supporting an opponent of war on terror and pakistan’s inability to stand up to America/Nato Or am I reading too much into it?

  • i think you missed the news that america insisted on giving extension to kiyani

    and i think you do not realize that it is, and has always been, the army leadership that gets to call the shots on security, as well as foreign policy issues.

    and that mullen spoke of kiyani being an asset for the U.S.

    so brother, the U.S. has mostly kept the control over Pakistan via army leadership, which has been a slave to the U.S. for decades now.

  • You are reading too much into it...and not reading enough, as c-in-c pointed out above...


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    Americans also want to get out of Afghanistan and with anti-war activists/voters might not come out to vote for obama for his second term if there isn't a clear plan to move the troops out of Afghanistan. Imran Khan a strong opponent of war on terror could be used as a credible person (who is not seen as puppet of americans) to convince militants on both sides of the border into peace negotiations. I am keeping my eyes open and will keep updating this as this "story develops"