Seizure of Pakistan Atomic Energy and its dilapidation

  • With reference to the news item which says “The National Assembly on October 07, 2010 Wednesday passed "The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (Amendment) Bill 2007" to place the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) under the National Command Authority and for various administrative and functional changes in the PAEC organization.”

    Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission conducted its first nuclear test successfully in 1998 through consistent hard work by Scientists and Engineers of many years when existence of NCA was not there. Scientists and engineers in PAEC therefore were performing their duties independently and with full peace of mind. The entire budget allocated was utilized for technological up gradation and development in various strategic fields as Financial and Administrative was absolutely with PAEC. At that time The Chairman PAEC was responsible to directly report to Prime Minister of Pakistan as had been mentioned in 1965 PAEC AC T. As there was no existence and therefore no hurdle of security and administrative issues. Thus the institution was progressing day and night with no bounds.

    Unfortunately when it was put under the influence of NCA, though some nominal incentives like increase in pay somewhat were given but at the same time the independence of Scientists and Engineers was slashed along with Financial and Administrative control transferred to NCA. As a result no national level project was carried out. This is due to the fact that now the scientists and engineers are being diverted away from their major goal and instead they are kept busy in security related and administrative issues. Also due to the too tighten security caused by placement of PAEC under NCA since 2001 no engineer/scientist from any reputed institute of Pakistan like QAU,UET, NUST, FAST etc resorted to PAEC for service.

    In view of above facts it is suggested and highly advisable that status of all the strategic organization like PAEC be restored as has been stipulated in 1965 ACT. Otherwise these prestigious organizations will render useless with the passage of time.

  • now paec also falls under general khalid kidwai, a stooge appointed by mushy to oversee all strategic resources, he has been receiving extension after extension... he is a planted mole-

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    They are at it again!.

    They are 'repeatedly' thinking up new 'ideas', new ways on how to destroy Pakistan's nuclear program, Pakistan's nuclear capability.

  • @Salam bhai ,

    humara neuclear program Mush samiat saray mulk dushmano ko khattak ta hay .

    fikar na karein . india kay agent Mush kay liye Goli aur revolver khareda ja chuka hay .

  • choosy bhai aap to iltaaf bhai kay jaisee baat kar rahay ho :)

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    salam bhai,

    khuda na karay mein kabhi Iltaf bhai ki tarhah baat karon.

    mujhay nahi pata tha ;ap mujh ko itna bura samjhtay ho...

    waisay ghunday ko ghundi zuban hi samjah aati hay .

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