All the good mercenary gate minders and the Escorts

  • We Pakistanis are the off springs of the people who have lived their lives on the gate ways to India (the land which now is called Pakistan). Centuries have gone by; many invaders passed by these gate ways and availed the services of our local tribes to pass through the hazardous Hindukush Mountains for their cavalcades. Our ancestors acted as their Escorts, conveyers and were rewarded for their services. Sometimes they got enrollment in invading military forces as informants. The peoples of even today still bear all the same characteristics of old --- ‘good mercenary gate minders and the escorts.

    When it is said---good gate minders means that;

    A gate minder is known by his job that he under takes; that he puts his best efforts to make all the bosses passing by his gate way--- happy and earns the reward.

    He poses to look alert, smart and well mannered; like a total sold out specie displaying his complete loyalty to leave a lasting impression on his hirers ----which may help stay in their good books.

    This gate minder is usually lean, mean and keen……with a hardy outlook! In his personal life he is known to be very secretive… and may not deter even to indulge in any sort of under hand deals-- if he finds that while working as mercenary gate minder he is also benefitted.

    Musharraf proved to be a good mercenary, a soul mate of US who is duly praised by his hirers even today for his (paid for) loyalties.

    Zardari too bears the same imprints and the characteristics of a good soul mate bringing services to the US. Zardari a rare gemstone is found, in the hands of US adventurists. No wonder; if he in order to make US bosses happy

    may do anything and everything---to the extent that national sovereignty is lost or country is over run by NATO forces

    no matter what; --- it must bring the results to turn US defeat in Af-Pak into victory…. and be paid.

    Sure: ‘Zardari may turn US Defeat into Victory’.

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  • pfft!

    No need to to harken back to some mythical and untrue atavistic GUILT as an excuse.

    The only important question as always in the end is: where do YOU stand? Have you been able to come to a conclusion of right and wrong? And if so what'e you doing about it?

    And more importantly, the present day gate keepers to the Land Of The Forsaken aren't fappin to the foreign overlords. They fight with less than nothing. And they're kickin ass--mostly of these turd mofos of pak army-- so where are the mass protests, upheaval, mad outrage in support of them?

    If it didn't happen when they were murdered and wronged 4/5 years ago, back when it all started, it ain't happening now. Things have gone so wrong, there is no redeeming point. P

    Pakistan has given up on every single moral high ground she ever held. And the damned public stood by while she was raped over and over again.

  • VOX,

    This is matter of a profession that somehow we have adopted to bring about the services for others--- to become an ally and act as proxy. In present day and time; the adaptation of this degraded profession for paltry money---which puts our honour and sovereignty at stake is most despicable.

    The way our armed forces are employed and engaged in killing our own people is a most unbecoming conduct of a nation.

    TTP is another example that for money; certain people in disguise, they love to sleep with enemy and these hypocrites are committing acts of treason.

    But as said above --- this bad habit of treason or betrayal of our own nation--- sadly flows in our blood.

    I agree with your view point…. Morally this nation is doomed.

    You may not see any gate minder or the escort---- ever seen protesting for their rights ----or leading the rallies or be part of a nationalist movement.


  • @Aaykhokar: I see what you're saying buddy.

    But about the TTP, it's an umbrella for MANY groups. Some more decent than others, some less brutal thanothers, some more principled than others. Many are out right gangs and criminal mafias who take advantage of the TTP cover.

    IN any event if any of them kill these dogs of pak army it is virtuous. They have done much good.

    If they kill others just out of spite, it is wrong, and shall always remain wrong just like when Palestinians do it. In either case though, they've been driven to do it and what the general population has had to bear is nothing compared to what they have borne.

    They are still right. And many groups of TTP have fought a good fight. Unfortunately IF the engine of mass murder, which what the paki slave govt. and military is, derives its support from the people...they have absolutely no right to complain when the quite predictable blow back comes.

    Pakistan is on the wrong side. It's militants are on the right.