Musharraf also blames Chaudhry brothers for NRO

  • LONDON: Former president Pervez Musharraf Wednesday blamed Chaudhry brothers for promulgation of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

    In an exclusive interview with Geo News’ senior correspondent Sohail Warraich in London, Pervez Musharraf said: “We remained associated for five years and I had no differences whatsoever with Pervez Elahi.”

    He said all his meetings with former prime minister Benazir Bhutto were held on the request of Chaudhry brothers. “There is always a quid pro quo when two parties get down to hold talks,” he said.

    Pervez Musharraf said that it was his intention that neither Benazir Bhutto nor Nawaz Sharif be present in the country at the time of elections.

    He said Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain had objected to Benazir Bhutto’s becoming prime minister for the third term. He said both of them were on same page on scrapping of the cases because no court verdicts were coming.

    The former president further said that Benazir Bhutto could have become prime minister if she had participated in the elections.

    “I apologized people for NRO because it was a wrong decision; it led to a chaos in the country,” he said, adding, however that it was Chaudhry brothers who had misguided him.

  • he is mentally sick. He dont know what he is saying.

  • A Liar who is dying for power.. He is a sadist, liar and ghaddar who sold own ppl for dollars (refer to his own book)

  • everyone knows that Ch brothers and the q league were against NRO. it is for sure that bhagora wont come back again.

  • All those would be opportunist and hypocrites contemplating to join this psycho dictator should keep one thing in mind that sadistically he stabs from the back as is the apparent from all these idiotic and nonsensical statements. While he was dictator wearing all caps and had concentrated all powers in his person,he personally took all kinds of idiotic,disastrous & imprudent decisions and now in hind sight he is conveniently blaming all those lotas that wagged their tails behind him for all the blunders committed by him during his era.

  • "A Liar who is dying for power.. He is a sadist, liar and ghaddar who sold own ppl for dollars (refer to his own book)"

    He is a liar, sure. But is he telling all lies? Is he telling ALL lies about Nawaz? About BB? About Chaudhries? Consider for example these few bits that the other parties are screaming about the loudest about which I believe Mushy IS telling the truth:

    Nawaz: Nawaz begged to be freed and King Abdullah asked for his release under a deal (Which IS A FACT and has been proven so)

    BB: She DID have a deal with Mushy not to return to Pakistan before the elections (in return for the NRO) which she broke. I have maintained that it is that very act of hers that led to her elimination (Who exactly did it? I don't know, with guarantors of the deal being US, UK, SA, UAE, Kiyani)

    Chaudhries: They pushed for NRO instead of 'third-time Prime Minister-ship'

    I personally have not the slightest doubt about these three...

  • alarm for the new collaborators of Mush .

    how he treats his collaborators at the end of the show ?

  • there is no doubt that chaudries were with mush (and hence PPP) on NRO....but being shrewed politicians they are trying to come out of this

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