This Day In History: Terrorists Murder Seventy-Three People

  • On October 6, 1976, anti-Castro terrorists murdered seventy-three people on Cubana Flight 455 off Barbados.

    Declassified letters and reports (like below from FBI Director Clarence M. Kelley to Henry Kissenger) show that the United States Government knew of the plot beforehand and not only that: they knew exactly who was involved almost four months before the bombing.

    For over three decades the US government has protected the terrorists. This outrage continues under the Obama Administration and undermines whatever moral authority the United States retains in the persecution of its war in Iraq – a “part-time hobby” war with no end in sight...


  • There are many terrorist states in the world and ironically many of these are directly involved in W.O.T. It's all about a desperate attempt to have monopoly.

  • Terrorists have indeed hurt this world globally. Pakistan is also a badly hit country. Till 2003, almost 31000 lives have been lost in terror related activities.