New Conspiracies or imminent dangers?

  • The Americans have issued warning for terror attacks within Europe; the alert levels are being raised in all major cities. It’s getting more and more natural for us to assume that the Europeans have stopped using their own heads and that they follow Americans in each and every little matter. The question arises how credible are these warnings, is there a real danger of Europe getting hit by the extremists or are our allies in war against terror involved in some new sinister plans to discredit Muslims of the world by arranging some insane terrorist attacks?

  • Which terrorist attack was 'arranged' earlier? And im talking about the West.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    USA runs the biggest 'security' 'products' related industry in the entire world.

    Ring any bells ?

  • @Natasha,

    I thought you were aware that there are many unanswered questions regarding 9/11. There hasn't been any credible and independent query about that terrorist attack.

  • Truthlover,

    Yes there are. But there are confessions to support the argument that it was 'not arranged' too. How did you reach the conclusion that it WAS an inside job? Is there any denial from the alleged terrorists?

  • @Natasha,

    I don't need any denials of any so called organisation or its head, who were created by someone. How can we be sure that the family friend and business partner of the so called terrorist is not protecting the perpetrator himself?

  • Natasha,

    We live in a complicated world, so don't take these confessions at their face value. I'm sure you are capable of looking beyond the surface.

  • Truthlover,

    Are you saying Al-Qaeda was created by America?

    Did you hear Hikmatyar's opinion on the 9/11 being Alqaeda's job. He's not an American.

    Yes we live in a complicated world Truthlover. Please don't think Muslims are the most sinless innocent qaum on this planet. There are plenty amongst us with secrewed up views.

  • Natasha,

    You see that's what I intended to convey that there is a controversy regarding this attack and isn't a proven fact as yet. One action and the whole world is shaken, peace, liberties and human rights are all taken away, the Muslim countries are declared as enemies and are being attacked and occuppied. Hundreds of thousands foreign troops come to tame the wild.....

    Come on, I never say that Muslims are angels, they have good elements among them as they have bad ones but so it is with all religions and nations. Show me one religion that lives that what it preaches. If there are screwed up among us so are there among the conscience of the world.

  • Truthlover,

    Since you are yourself admitting that there is a controversy and nothing has been proven you should not make up your mind of it being an 'arranged' attack just like you've not made up your mind on it being an al-qaeda one.

    I recommend you read Moazzam Begg's ' Enemy Combatant' - he has described his conversation with a 'self-declared' Al-qaeda spokesman, Usman something who had actually tried to 'justify' 9/11 as a REACTION to Begg during their detention in Guantanamo.

  • Natasha,

    This controversy I mentioned, exists among Americans, as for as I'm concerned I see the things quite differently and seriously doubt the intentions of Americans, I am convinced that they believe in "Ends justify the means." and therefore are capable of doing anything weird. Don't you think it had been better for Obama administration to set an non political and independent commission to probe the issue, if the truth was that simple as the Americans pretend?

    Yes, I'll read the recommended book, though I don't believe that confessions made in a prison can be counted upon, it could be just a boasting, to impress your fellow prisoners.

  • Truthlover,

    It was not a 'confession'. It was a conversation between two Muslim detaineess abducted and imprisoned in Guantanamo. One a falsely accused Alqaeda member (the author) and the other a 'self-declared' AL-Qaeda member justifying 9/11 to his fellow Muslim detainee.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    (1) To-date 9/11 is un-investigated incident. Why ?

    9 years have passed. We'v entered the 10th year.

    (2) 9/11 is un-investigated, yet USA and their allies, under command of Zionists/Unjust Jews have;

    (a) mercilessly, indiscriminately murdered, mass murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslims, if not millions. Why ?

    • Who is going to ensure those Muslims justice ? And when ?

    • Who is going to compensate those Muslims ? And when ?

    (b) destroyed a lot of infrastructure

    • Who is going to compensate Muslims of Iraq for it ? And when ?

    • Who is going to provide basic necessities of life for those Muslims of Iraq ? And when ?

    The latest news vis-a-vi Iraq, is, after all that US and its allies have done, now US is 'propagating' 'debt' 'slavery' in Iraq.

    (3) Why doesn't FBI note Mr. Osama Bin Ladin as perpetrator of 9/11 on their website, on their 'most wanted' pages ?

    (4) Why did the 9/11 Commission spokesman himself say in a press conference (there is video footage of it) that they were stopped from doing their job ? That the report that was published did not reflect the truth ? Why did he apologize to the American people in that press conference for it ? Why ?

    (5) Why are all human beings who get 'labeled' as 'terrorists' on a global scale, why are they only Muslims ?

    (6) The truth about Iraq, is finally out. Yet has USA compensated Muslims of Iraq to-date ? Have they stopped indiscriminate murder of Muslims in Iraq ?

    The most recent news is, USA embezzled/stole $10 billion of Iraq's money, which is just the tip of the ice-berg.