Rauf Klasra: Army is the biggest culprit as compare to politicians: New Column

  • http://www.jang.com.pk/jang/oct2010-daily/07-10-2010/col3.htm

    Army generals are the biggest chor in Pakistan. He admit that there is a list in making process to replace the current political setup and these so called technocrats (fouji and civilians) are bigger chors than these politicians.

  • Bohat par purzay nikal rahe hain iske - agli dafa iski durgat na ban jaye Umar Cheema ki tarah.

    Anyways good to see someone speaking against the 'holy' army and it's 'disciplined corruption'.

  • Is this the same Mr. Klasra about whose integrity there was an essay here on PK politics?

    And is the same guy who was going to sue this web site ?

  • @shimatoree

    He is same guy but this is not about him this is about 6 Generals who were involved in Rs. 30 billion corruption in 2001 during military rule.


    You are right he is probably next Omer Cheema.

  • Yes he is right that Army corruption is never been exposed and remains behind the curtain. However, it is very clear that his contacts lies in PPP and he is being used to divert attention from the mega corruptions being done and exposed now a days.... Steel mills more than 23 billion in just 2 years... leave rental power plants, PIA, Haj operations, flood relief money etc etc etc........