Cost of Five Small Dams Goes up by 180pc IN A YEAR

  • For the Kalabagh Fan Club :-P

    ...a power generation capacity of just 9.5megawatt and storage capacity of 0.46 million acre feet (MAF) has increased by a whopping 180 per cent, from Rs35.6 billion to Rs100 billion in one year...

    So that's a cost of ~Rs 10 BILLION per MW of power and 0.04 MAF storage capacity.

    You know the same would happen with Kalabagh. If the costs go up by the same measure, well you can imagine...

    And hows that other electricity generation thingy called RPP is doing? Well....

    RPPs hired in 2007 produced NOTHING, got $216m

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    Who's responsible for;

    (1) managing;

    (-) 'money'

    (-) 'resources', 'assets'

    (-) 'state' 'affairs'

    (-) 'justice system'

    (-) 'commodity' prices

    (-) cost of living

    (-) 'production' 'cost'

    (-) 'price' of other stuff in Pakistan

    (-) 'cost' of labour

    of this nation ?

    (2) building dams when they should have been built ?

    (3) making things 'possible' in this nation ?

    Who's responsible right now ?

    Who's been 'responsible' for it for many years in the past ?

    Why aren't you questioning them ? Why are you wasting time in making fun of 'the Kalabagh dam' 'group' ?

    Is that what you KNOW, what you can do, what you can 'achieve' i.e., 'ego satisfaction' ?! Is that your best ?!

    If yes, you are worthless, my friend. You are no good. In-fact I'd call you give me the right to call you a 'POS'.

    Are you one of those id***s, who sit on the side-lines, don't struggle, yet make fun of others, who try and fail ? Is that you, huh ?

    If that is you, then GET LOST!!! from my/our face. No. That's not good enough. If that's you, then get ready to die the death of a coward in the coming world war against Pakistan.