Bhatta Collectors of Karachi

  • Bhatta collection has become a part of Karachi culture now. The tragic incident of Shershah Market is an outcome of the tensions among the Bhatta collecting organizations. Bhatta collection has become a business of political parties, police, law enforcing agencies, administrative govt. organizations, religious parties,journalists, media people,,etc. However, methods are highly variable from uncivilized to civilized looking forms.

    The latest method is telephoning with the reference of some top level political leader of interior Sindh and then demanding donations. Callers of this method telephone businessmen with grumbling and threatening voice and demand donations. If the staff members of an office refuse to connect the callers with their bosses, then they are hurled call names and threats.

    Can our media dare exposing these bhatta mafias?

  • Karachi needs a Proper Operation Clean up..... These Bhatta Khoars are mainly from MQM, ANP, PPP and JA-Sindh... I don't think any other party is involved at karachi level...

    Karachi should be handed over to Army for a year... All Gates/routes Sealed.... Give one week to surrender all weapons in your local Police Station or Edhi centers and then door to door search should be carried out. Businesses should be encourage to provide the names of people who are asking for Bhatta. People involved in Ransom, abduction should have capital punishment in speedy army kindda trials and all chalking, party flags should be banned completely.

    It's do able but you need sincere admin to do this...

  • Police is the biggest bhatta khor. They stop doodhwala to get 1/4 L of milk early in morning after finishing their night shift. Of course free of cost.

    They pull over a mobile at new quetta chai hotel and all personnel need to served doodh patti, not to mention free of cost.

    Police stops couples, asks their marriage certificates, and therefore need to be paid for relief.

    They made me pay right after taraweeh prayer when I had to obtain a police certificate. The SHO was reading Quran in the office and the man who wrote me the certificate confirmed he himself came from taraweeh. The SHO stopped reading and began giving reasons for 'chat pani.' Then to appease me further, gave me few bananas which I could guess were obtained from some poor hawker without pay.

    Unless the instrument of corruption is fixed at the fundamental level, the whole nation is to remain an ostrich.

  • KS

    I agree with your views about an indispensable operation in Karachi. The biggest hurdle in carrying out such an operation is our politics. All the political parties whether in opposition or govt. have their interests in this present status quo. They will never allow any such operation. A revolutionary govt. can do this job only.


    Yes, Police is the mother of most of the evils in the city.

  • Liyari Gangs are also involved in Bhatta Khori.I don't know if this Bhatta thing is also in other big cities like Lahore Faisalabad Pindi Peshawer etc.but here in Karachi its very much In thing

  • ajhons

    Bhatta Khori is existent in other cities also, but not of such a high degree as that of Karachi. The tragic incident of Shershah is the evidence of that degree.

  • HF yes as for killing I haven't heard or read these incidents in oher cities.Karachi, I think, is the only city which such high ratio of killing.And sad thing is most of times its innocent poor people no matter its urdu, punjabi, pukhtoon , its always a poor man.

    I wonder if there was any thing about these poor people in Charter of Democracy.

  • I don't know if this Bhatta thing is also in other big cities like Lahore Faisalabad Pindi Peshawer

    Call it ransom, bhatta khori, blackmailing or jagga tax it is alhumdulillah a national disease.

  • Police is the biggest bhatta khor in Karachi. Full stop.

  • Incompetency, KHABASAT, greed, corruption of police is one of the major cause in deteriorating conditions in Karachi. I have not heard this bhatta thing in Lahore.

  • Geez, you need to get out of your enclave a little more.

  • Police, ranger and army is the biggest bhatta khor in Karachi.

  • Police, ranger and army is the biggest bhatta khor in Karkachi.

    MQM are crowned bhatta khors of Karachi not police, ranger and army who are known rishwatkhor every where...lolz

  • SK:

    I know about Police and may be to an extent rangers could be also involved in bribery though not bhattakhoree but I refuse to accept that army jawaans are involved in bhattakhoree or Bribery. It's a ridiculous attempt to malign Pakistan army in bribery or bhattakhoree and no one but MQM lovers can do this. I have no reservation about the top brass Generals to be involved in corruption (not every one though) but to blame/involve any lower cadre officers or Jawaans is condemnable.

    In Karachi, the people who are involved in Bhattakhoree are MQM, ANP, PPP, JA Sindh in that order. As regards to Police ... they have been historically taking bribes (not Bhattakhoree which is a totally different concept) and currently all police officers working in karachi have been posted according to the will of these 3 political parties. There are Police officers who have been recruited/posted by PPP and MQM high command and obviously the will continue to work for their masters! Surprised? Don't be ... cuz even for this ailment, our govt and these political parties are responsible. Did it ever occurred to your mind that why the motor-way police don't take bribes? Think again!

  • I am sorry Sir for not removing army as rishwatkhors from my post.

  • all Karachties knows very well ,who are the Bhatta Collectors and they does not wanna vote them any more.

  • Brother S.K

    You don't have to be sorry to me cuz we all are brothers and there are no sorry' or thanks between brothers but do take notice of the motives before following any one's lead (including me or any Aalim, Mulla or Politician) as one may simply have an sinister agenda.


  • {Beenai


    all Karachties knows very well ,who are the Bhatta Collectors and they does not wanna vote them any more. }

    Well As for the vote, unfourtunatly people forget everything about anyone when it comes to vote.All they beleive is baradri,language, etc.

    In the next elections, write it down, same people will be selected once again the same voters.Minor ups and downs are obvious

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