NA 165 - PakPattan-II

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  • In this constituency which comprises of Pakpattan city and the town of qabola sharif, the main competition is between Mian Nasim Mehmood Hotiana of PPP and Mohsin Gilani of PMLN.(thus pk politicis did the right analysis !)The winner from this seat last time was Ahmed Raza Maneka who is again contesting from this seat from PMLQ but his position this time is not very strong.

    Mian Nasim Mehmood Hotiana contested last elections from here but lost it. At that time the PPP vote was divided as Rao Nasim Hashim of PPP contested elections as independent. This time he is facing some opposition from his own hotiana family which might affect his position.

    Mohsin Gilani belongs to the religious figure Dewan Sahib of Qabola sharif and benefits from the vast following in rural areas for his grand father. Pakpattan city itself has good PMLN votes too and Mian Mehmood Ahmed of PMLN has won this seat in previous elections but lost last time.

    Ahmed Raza Maneka won last time. His father Ghulam Muhammed Maneka has won this constituency on many occasions. He might still come strong in rural areas but would lose in the Pakpattan city.

    I m just giving a general overview as I don’t reside in the constituency but have some idea of the situation based on my sources.

    May be some one from Pakpattan give a better idea?