I have met Imam Mahdi

  • I am one of the rare people who have actually met Imam Mahdi. Imam Mahdi is The true Heir of Prophet Muhammad. He is not a messenger of ALLAH. His Mission is to deliver the second teaching of The Holy Quran, reestablish The Khilafa, put an end to this System of Injustice and corruption and open a new Era of Justice.Imam Mahdi was being prepared to his Mission all these years. The Mahdi is above all Invincible bacuse he is supported by ALLAH.He is ready now and will proclaim himself this year 1432. The Mahdi is visited every day by ancient Prophets who refer to him as The Heart of the Universe.


    Friend of Imam Mahdi

  • ??



  • la la

    you must have met his arch enemy the Dajjal

    He is alive right now and is in hiding.

    he is the one who the jews, christians, shia, agakhanis, ismailis have been waiting for.

    Dajjal is alive. but the Mahdi will not be known until Allah Azza Wa Jal tells him who he is.

  • NNL

    did u lose a bit of brain meanwhile

    Ismailis and agakhanis are one and the same thing

    they are also shia

    even sunnis are waiting for Imam Mehdhi and belive that he will be from Rasool Allah(SAW) family

    except they dont believe he has been born yet

  • Exactly

    They believe that there Imam is alive and hiding

    Well Dajjal was alive at the time of Rasool Allah Sallaho Alayhi Wa Ala Alayhi Wa Sallam

    So who are the shites waiting for to come out of hiding The Mahdi or Dajjal ?

  • no firstly it is not exactly

    becuase Ismailis and Aga Khanis are the same and they are shia

    from what I know the Aga khanis do not belive in Imam Mehdhi

    as their Imam is the living Prince Karim Aga Khan

    also shias do not believe that Hazrat Essa, Hazrat Khizar and Imam Mehdhi are hiding, shias believe they have been hidden by Allah (SWT)

  • Ismailis and regular shias are same up till the 5th Imam (Jafar As Sadiq), then they split big time. Ismaelis are upto 49th imam now. The imamat is booming there.

  • Imam Jafar As Sadiq is 6th Isna Ashri Imam 5th was Imam Muhammad Baqar

  • Ismaeli's first imam is Hasan ibn Ali.

    As Sadiq comes 5th per Ismaeli enumeration.

  • so obviously its not the same

  • "so obviously its not the same"

    But you called Ismaelis shias.

    "they are also shia"

    Are you retarded or what? A sect does not take Ali as first imam and has 48-49 imams and still shia. Smoking weed?

  • you are retarded as proven many times over and as is proven here again

    the word Shia means group or followers of

    http://www.najah.info/Origin of Shia/Meaning of Shia.htm

    and those called shia are genrally classfied as Shiyan-e-Ali

    Aga Khanis do believe in Hazrat Ali and follow Hazrat Ali

  • Sunnis also believe in Hazart Ali RA and follow Hazrat Ali, are they Shiatul Ali?

    Shias believe and follow Aslaf, are Shias Salafis?

  • the Mahdi is also coming to settle once for all the arguments, fights, divergences that have weakened Muslims and I can see already these through your posts the state of the Umma. The Mahdi is neither sunni nor Shia. He belongs to no group or sect. He is A Redeemer and He will unite all the muslims in one Faith, one interpretation of The Holy quran.


  • and again the point is what?

    you know very well how shias are distinguished from sunnis

    Aga Khanis are shia


    and besides there are many such titles, Fiqah-e-Jafria and Isna Ashri which further distinguish

  • Sweetheart, Agha Khanis are as much shias as Qadiyanis are Muslims.

    Prince Karim Aga Khan can't be a divinely guided imam/off-spring from Prophet SAW.

  • they believe him to be so

    we dont

    thats why they are Aga Khanis and we are Isna Ashri

  • But both shias nonetheless. Sounds like you don't mind to be polluted.

  • thats what we I have been saying both are shias

    and what is this nonsense about pollution??

    if you mean fitna then

    the only pollution I consider amongst Muslims are

    the Tafkiri/Nasibi/Salaf

  • So anyone could come and have some common imams and other freaky concepts such as about imam ghaib and you would still take them as shia. Bohris/Ismaelis/Aga Khanis/13ner/Khoja/Zaidiyya etc. but Alawis are a no no. Interesting!