I have met Imam Mahdi

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  • Ibrahima if in previous posts I have said anything to show that I am different than myself then let us let it pass as misinterpretation or a compromise in my self-expression. Perhaps this was the reason I was meant to delete my posts.

    Or perhaps I was trying to warn you. I said in one post that I was perhaps the only one who understood the purpose of your posts. If this statement was to be true then I was also intending to stop you from discussing the topic any further. The post has served its purpose and now it is time to sit and wait. It will not be a long wait insha2Allah.

    I was quite interested in the 'who' about the imam al mahdi and his relation to Moses, and to Yusuf, peace be upon them. I was also interested in finding out why you said he was 40 and why, if I recall correctly, you said he was a professor.

    @ Everyone

    On January 28, 2011 a mysterious 'UFO' was filmed from 3 different angles. The UFO was hovering above the dome of the rock in Jerusalem, and then blasted off into the sky very fast. When it reached the sky, mysterious red stars appeared. Some reports in the media admitted that no expert could find any flaw in any of these videos, but other media stations reported on a 4th video which was proven to be a hoax/fraud. The 4th video was in deed a fraud but it was likely created by the 'big wigs' in order to discredit the first 3 real videos. Watch the videos on Youtube "dome of the rock ufo"

    Sometime around Christmas, December 25th, 2010 (about a month before the UFO), a muslim had a dream and posted it on esheikh.com. He saw that the imam al mahdi had arrived and that red stars appeared in the sky. You can google "imam al mahdi dream red stars" and you will find the article.

    Dreams are impossible to use as evidence to prove something to others. But to prove something to yourself and to those who trust/believe you they are valid in deed. Yusuf, who was a muslim, told his father (Jacob? Also a muslim) that he saw a dream where there were 11 stars and the sun and moon were prostrating themselves to him. His father believed him and knew his destiny - just from a dream. Abraham also saw in a dream that he was killing his son Ischmail, and he told him. Ischmail believed him and said InshAllah you will find me patient (in fulfilling your dream). It was only AFTER Abraham believed his dream and followed its order that God revealed to him his destiny as a prophet and an imam. Prior to this, Abraham was already a muslim and had already seen proofs from his lord. Some of these proofs were perhaps from the world around him, and others may have been from dreams.

    Dreams are a very important part of our religion. If we don't admit to this then we risk saying that Abraham and Yusuf and Jacob and Ischmael were following a religion other than islam. Even some hadiths of the prophet Mohammed indicated the significance of dreams as a part of prophethood. Does this mean that dreams only show to prophets? Of course not, because Yusuf himself interpreted the dreams of two prisoners as well as the King's dream.

    Pardon me if I don't use quotes in my claims, I hope to be speaking in terms and metaphors that everyone can understand and has proof thereof already. I also like to encourage people to seek the proofs themselves and inshAllah it will be more convincing when they find their own answers.

    So let's not neglect dreams and let's acknowledge them as important. Is it any mystery that western science can't figure out substantial about why and how and why dreams occur? How often does western science say "We don't know!". I assure you, they only admit this when they know for sure that it has something to do with religion. Another example of this is the pineal gland in the brain and why does it appear harderened and unused in brain images?

    ثم قست قلوبكم من بعد ذلك فهي كالحجارة او اشد قسوة و ان من الحجارة لما يتفجر منه الانهار و ان منها لما يشقق فيخرج منه الماء و ان منها لما يهبط من خشية الله و ما الله بغافل عما تعملون 2:74

    We don't pray to God because he needs us to pray to him. we pray to God for the benefit of ourselves. When God asks us to do something it surely has limitless benefit to us, because every bounty from God is beyond amazing. Notice when you prostrate what happens inside your head. Do the tasbeeh in your 'heart' so that moving your mouth doesn't distract you, and just notice the bounty God has given you through prayer. Breathe and be relaxed, this isn't magic, it is your blood flowing into your head with gravity and energizing your most vital organ.

  • "@ alladin 212 I don't believe in Al Sufyani!

    So i ama a jewish spy! I thought you were wiser than that. Now when did I ask for people's personal information?

    There are many Hadiths out there that you believe in and that are not true and if you follow them you will be among those who fight against The Mahdi when He comes.


    @ ibrahima, you just have proved yourself a jew spy. i asked you not to argue with me about any authentic hadeeth unless you prove the authenticity of your claim meeting imam mahdi (pbuh). so far you havent provided any proof plus you insult the prophet(pbuh) on a regular basis and only a jew like you can do this with a pleasure.

    i ask the admin/mod whoever in charge of this forum please dont let this lie spread any further. if you over look and let this jew imposter deceive others then it becomes your responsibility and you will share the same fate in the judgement day inshaAllah. may allah(swt) forgive us all and protect from shaytan and dajjal's evil plot ameen.

    brothers and sister! please do not encourage this jew imposter by contributing on this thread anymore. do not become part of this evil plot and lie and and set your fate towards the same direction with him/her. zajak allah kahir.


    PLEASE EVERYONE READ THIS AMAZING ARTICLE BY IMRAN NAZAR HOSSEIN "TITLE" -> WILL AN ISRAELI ATTACK ON IRAN PROVOKE THE EMERGENCE OF ANOTHER FALSE MAHDI?" http://www.imranhosein.org/articles/signs-of-the-last-day/250-will-an-israeli-attack-on-iran-provoke-the-emergence-of-another-false-mahdi.html

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    You seem to know as much as I do and I think that if I let you, you could keep writing the thread. You seem to have understood something many have not. Do you remember brother Al-Yusuf? He is a member of this forum and he wrote exactly the same words. Of course there are more and more signs saying The Mahdi is coming and Muslims are also being told in dreams; so everywhere The Umma is moving, at last!


  • I agree with member above that this guy is a big fraud, he is behaving as some holy guy, but he seems like some imposter posting from some african country-

    Now he is ignoring the people who have exposed him after learning the truth!

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    you can click on "report" and send message to moderator to request to block this guy, he is abusing this forum to further his evil agenda

  • ibrahima has been much cause of concern among members therefore he has been blocked. This thread is closed.