Punjab Governor Sulman Taaseer Killed in Islamabad

  • Musharraf's statement;

    This is possibly the most appropriate statement ever made by any leader on the issue of Blasphemy law.

  • Aay khokhar,

    Aap jaisy log kuch sada loh Pakistaniyon e.g Taseer,Musharraf ko dhaka dy daity hain aur goliyon k aagy ker k marwa daity hain.

    Khud aap bus aram se bait k phir tamasha daikty hain.Phir koi naya HERO samny la k phir us ko brain wash ker k TAYYAR ker daity hain..

    I think that Pakistan me STUPIDS ki Kami nahi hy.AAp bhi dawo lagaty rehty hain....Dekho kb aap ka mAQSAD poora hota hy.

    LAIKIN BOHUT MUSHKIL HY...BALKY NAMUMKIN HY....You have the only way to come back to ISLAM.....

  • Sufi Soul,

    Haji sahb; so you also say that TTP is a bunch of hirelings...

    Has CIA seized paying them?

    What about going to Afghanistan and raiding the Bagram air base and exploding the scores of drones so openly stationed there?

    Daily dozen of people become casualty by their savage bombings.

    Let them do some service to this nation also.


    Are these brave 'chicken hearted'; rather than making Bagram air base like places as their targets; they go for only vulnerable soft targets in Pakistan to kill innocents--- like in Qisa khawani bazaar-Peshawar and others?

  • meri baat aap gol ker gaye hain.....lol

    kb tak sada loh Pakistaniyon ko marwaty rahain gy aap.Another thing is that you always play upon HAARY HUY JOWARI..

    So how they can be beneficial to your CAUSE.But these proves very damaging to your cause.OR i think you people are left with limited choices..

    OR following some westren Studies to overcome social crises.

    West itself is FAILED in applying their social studies develpment upon MUSLIM MASSES.So you are following CHALY HUY KARTOOS and of no benefit....

    Waisy Iqbal said it already that,


    Muslims cannot be dominated through any PHILOSIPHY but philosiphy of ISLAM itself.....

    kia samjhy aap????

  • Another legal+faith gotcha of the blasphemy law is that anyone could comfortably insult Prophet Isa AS or any prophet other than Muhammad SAW in Pakistan and that would not constitute toheen-e-risalat. So does the penal code consider risalat specific to Muhammad SAW only???

    295-C. Use of derogatory remarks, etc., in respect of the Holy Prophet:

    Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine.


    The whole country is working on flawed framework, i.e. patched constitution, penal code, no proper thought went into the either, and therefore we stumble every now and then.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sufi Soul,

    I hope you know that articles like--- ‘Pervez Musharraf; He is a spent cartridge’ and ‘For Musharraf this Bridge seems too far’ were written by me and these have widely been published; even by ‘Spiegel International’.

    It was also made a subject of ‘Intelligence Squared’ of London where Pervez Musharraf came to address and was interviewed. Being the author of the article; I was also invited at this convention.

    But Haji sahib have a heart.

    Musharraf is our former president and if the man is speaking sense; we all must appreciate that.

  • BarackOsama,

    In the broader scheme of God Almighty; Religion Islam is not specific to Muslims only. Islam is the flag bearer of its universality and is every body’s religion. It looks after the interests of the peoples of older religions living under this flag also but have yet to come forward and join the ranks of Islam.

    I do agree with your resolve and can’t deny that this perilous situation as you described is not there which requires a due attention so that this law is made farer for all.

    One finds it most outrageous that after all why this law granting the protection to Divine prophet hood of Hazrat Muhammad (saw) is required by the Muslims in a country when they themselves are in total majority?

    Absurd it may be that present government probably may not gather enough courage in the face of ferocious religious forces to bring about some amendments. In the wake of expected turmoil in the society; they have abandoned the idea of any amendment all together.

    But this issue may not go away so easily. This is the requirement of the day that this law be debated in the parliament as well as by the special formulated committees of the peoples from all walks of life including the religious scholars to discuss and come out with a solution agreed by all in the light the Holy book of Quran.

    The fairness of the business demands that subject protection sought for the prophet Muhammad (saw) should also be extended to all the other Divine prophets;;; that God says; ‘all his prophets are equal in status and he makes no distinction among them’.

  • Musharraf is our former president and if the man is speaking sense; we all must appreciate that. ..

    Janablaikin i never heard from you,adopting any sayings of any MOLVI..

    Why you think only musharraf OR Salman Taseer is speaking sense and no other is capable of such senses..

    I am talking abt this choosy approach from you.That you like people always going against the wishes of 97% of people of Pakistan..

    If any one thinks that by helping these 3%[govt included] any considerable change is possible in Pakistan specially religion related than salaman murder is one proof that it will never be possible.So why one should waiste energies.

    In Pakistan millions of people are day n night busy with others to learn them Islam and its concepts so its not possible to overcome such Islamists by using the above said Stooges..

    How you can analyse it..???

  • Kokar sahib!


    Are these brave 'chicken hearted'; rather than making Bagram air base like places as their targets; they go for only vulnerable soft targets in Pakistan to kill innocents--- like in Qisa khawani bazaar-Peshawar and others?

    How do u know it was work of talibaan and not CIA-ISI duo with the help of puppet Karzai!

  • Sufi Soul,

    I am Pakistani and I believe that whatever the law is there in my country is formulated and devised in the light of Quran and Sunnah that our constitution says so.

    In the presence of our laws; any group which advocates taking law in own hands or incites others to decide the issues on the roads... they are in contravention of the constitution and are the transgressors.

    Our religious scholars are supposed to be the most respected creed; fountains of knowledge and wisdom and an assets for the nation--- I do believe that as per the knowledge and wisdom that they must possess; they are the one who must be striving hard that an atmosphere of peace and serenity is maintained in the society at all costs and must have a say in upper echelons that justice is seen being done in the Courts.

    But we see that they are provoking---the peoples to take the law in their own hands. They are declaring the perpetrators as heroes who are in fact the criminals and also baring the courts that justice not be done to the criminals.

    Whatever the pretext that they come up with, they are seen in contravention of the law of land and the constitution.... and this cannot be ignored.

    And if the religious scholars they feel that their government is not trekking the right tracks or they are not being heard....but then; they themselves are the one who must be blamed. They abstained when it was voting time--- rather they boycotted the previous elections altogether.

    It was their decisions then. They missed the train... they opted out to sit out side on the fences---so they ought to wait for the next train which may or may not come.

    Regretfully; as a true Pakistani citizen I will not be standing with the criminals as--- their abettor.

  • KHAN_Sahib,

    After every act of terrorism or subversion; there has always been either Al Qaeda, Afghani Taliban or TTP that they are seen claiming that they carried out the attacks....I have never seen CIA or ISI owning the perpetration.

    Whereas Al- Qaeda and Afghani Taliban they operate mainly in Afghanistan but we are concerned about TTP that they boast around that they are doing all this for the sake of our religion and our country--- Pakistan.

    In my above post; I only pointed out that--- if they are true Pakistanis then what should be their targets?

    Failing which; I must say that they are devil trying to befool others in disguise as patriot---Pakistani Islamists.

    And please---note that my name is; Khokar and not Kokar)

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