Veena Malik vs Mufti

  • This is the same moulvi sahab who was doing personal attacks on Ali Saleem. I dont understand why our moulvi sahiban need to be part of such discussions. This program is clearly a murghay laranay kee exercise. Veena Malik and the likes do not deserve a response from any sensible person. She did what she on Indian TV and she is an adult, what will you achieve by telling her on TV she did wrong. Does she herself not know that?

    Moulvi sahib is making a fool of himself. He probably just likes to be on TV.

  • Frontline is "Jerry Springer show of Pakistan". This idiot Kamran Shahid is not in his senses, he picked this "Kukker" (rooster) Mullah from some gulli and know he brings him along to his show and unleashes them on his equally pathetic guests.

  • It's funny.

  • Mufti gets owned by an idiot tramp Veena Malik..

  • All the guys please do not use vulgur language,as you are not politicians. As far as concern about Veena case,This was not unexpected,by watching her past,her activities as well as her romance affairs including recent one with Asif. Last but not least two wrongs does not make one right. If some one has reservations about Imam Sb,that is something else,but morally and ethically the part or act she played in India,that should be totally unacceptable.

  • crocodile tears from dramey baz veena malik

  • lol

    the so called "Mufti" got OWNED!!!!

    Veena please get a lot of bodyguards, any idiot can kill you. your just a mere entertainer, and everything you did was as an entertainer. while this host Kamran was an idiot,,,, really stupid host with weak moderation capabilities!

  • @dell

    "Frontline is "Jerry Springer show of Pakistan. This idiot Kamran Shahid is not in his senses, he picked this "Kukker" (rooster) Mullah from some gulli and know he brings him along to his show and unleashes them on his equally pathetic guests."

    So true...I was thinking he did this to "ward off evil" that might come his way for doing that Taseer's last interview. Was certainly the stupidest show from him yet.

  • yeah very poor show... weak hosting capability from kamran shahid.

  • it was a very third class show and i was just amazed to see the "Drama Queen" Veeena Malik defending her stupidity and indecency in this way but just look at the manner Mulana Sahab presented his views in defence!!

    somebody should also teach the religious scholars how to be a part of a debate or argument on electronic media....because often i see them losing in the discussion even if they are right!

  • She did what anyone one can expect from other girls like her.

  • ^^^^^

    This is the height of ignorance.

  • ^^^^

    Can you please give some knowledge?

  • I was referring to the article

  • Actually I like to ask what Veena also alluded to, has a Moulvi ever been executed or even given time behind bars for sodomizing boys?

  • In a God-forsaken country, where president breaks all the records of corruption, where a prime minister molests a woman in public, where a minister says on TV that corruption is our right, where a minister is caught red-handed from a brothel, where all men in power have sold their souls to devil, where all sorts of ‘fuhashi’ is available on TV, …….

    IN THAT VERY COUNTRY the son of an alcoholic actor sets his own court; ask another m0r0n like him to testify an actress that how she behaved in reality show where she had to compete Pamela Anderson……

    Well guys, here is your chance, stone her as much as you can because nothing like what she did happens in Pakistan………

  • what a pity.what a nonsense u pakistanies are doing with such a lovely lady.let her live her own life.mufti...molavi...etc etc..oh god.i fell so sorry for modern pakistani women like veena.

  • Just take a good look on our Public Hospitals that are runned by Govt. and also one close look at our Fashion Industry what Veena did was nothing compare to what happened in those two areas in Pakistan but it all happens very secretly but in case of Veena I think she went to far as it all came out on Public in front of whole World....She should have the understanding of some limits of Pakistan before participating in the program.....Pakistan do have tolerance as almost all cities of Pakistan majority have TV Cable due to which they have access to 100+ channels and outside influence in our society through media is a lot as well but what Veena did was beyond that level of tolerance that exist in Pakistani society.....

    These kind of stuff gives these Mullahs chance to surface in front of Public in order to score their points in order to gain some credibility.....