Hum TV Drama "PARSA" is destroying Islamic Values and Laugh at Islam

  • A Christian marries a Muslin woman , at the time of Niqa ( Marriage ) he recites Qalma and becomes Muslim and later on he continues with his religion . Even after the birth of Child wife who is Muslims calls Maulana to recite Azan in her baby ear and Later on her husband who is Christian takes his baby to Church to baptize her. Now tell me if a person accepts Islam and later on continues with his own religion he becomes Murtad ( Kafir ). Is the naqa of woman is valid or not valid . Although in play she lives with her husband which is according to Islam is harram because her husband converts to his previous religion .

    We as a Muslim boast to much about the foreigner about the religion but there are even the black sheep who are Muslim and destroying our values and religion in Pakistan and we can't do any about them . who will stop Hum TV from destroying the young generation of this country .


  • tahir090, it's merely a drama.

    In real life we do worst things like killing innocents in the name of blasphemy.

  • Tahir090

    Hum TV channel is owned by Qadinis

  • SS

    What an idiotic thing to say.. "owned by qadianis".. Exactly what do you base this on?? Not that it matters.. You consume plenty of things living in pakistan made by ahmedis.. so friggin what?

    Anyhow like yahya said.. It's a DRAMA.. get the heck over it.

    It's a drama that relates something that actually happens in this sopciety of ours. How does a dramatization of actual fact constitute "destruction of the youth"??

  • bajwa

    It's just not simple darama . What is brain behind Darama. What is darama behind Darama. Why they are spreading this flood of nakedness in society. I have reason why it is owned by Qadianis because i listen Qadianis there. Suppose even if it not owned by Qadianis than what u think who will learn from these daramas. Why the is there HUM TV Channel? Who support these TV Channels. From where they Get Money. What is conspiracy behind this.

  • @ SS

    Firstly, there are plenty of things in pakistan that you eat, drink, wear and otherwise consume that are made by ahmedis. Are they also part of a "global conspiracy"??

    Secondly, other than the fact that Hum TV is broadcasting content that you find objectionable, how do you substantiate this nonsense claim that it is owned by ahmedis??

    What the hell idiotic conspiracy is it you see here?? And how are you so eminently qualified to judge who is "behind" it?

  • hkjawa.

    what is happening in Pakistan since it creation. Qadianis had major role leading Pakistan to this situations. Qadianis are in government. SO what do think why they will not propgate their crumbling creeds. So why do u think they can't spend money to open new channels.

    Secondly, other than the fact that Hum TV is broadcasting content that you find objectionable, how do you substantiate this nonsense claim that it is owned by ahmedis??

    I have seen Qadianis there, that's why i think this channel is owned by Qadianis.

    What the hell idiotic conspiracy is it you see here?? And how are you so eminently qualified to judge who is "behind" it

    Bajwa what the fresh hell is this. The below article is old. But feel this in 2010 after 10 years.

    Another new development is the following statement by Mirza Tahir.

    Start an International Qadiani Operation from January Pakistan is an ideal state to promote Qadianism Time has come to dominate the world Attract people towards our jamaat by making them secular

    Statement of Mirza Tahir (Daily Ummat, Karachi. dated 1st December 2000, main front page)

    The central leader of Jamaat Ahmadiyya, Mirza Tahir Ahmad Qadiani has issued instructions to start international Qadiani operation from January. Addressing on thursday (30th November) on MTA, Qadiani satellite channel, he said that now time has come that Qadianism dominate all over the world, for this Qadiani operation is being started from January. He said: Get up and conquer the whole world. He said that I am very happy with the propagation of Qadianiyat in Pakistan and people are entering it in groups. He said that in Pakistan, people should be made to enter Qadianism by making them secular. Mirza Tahir said that the reports that have been sent to us by the preachers in Pakistan, it is clearly apparent that Pakistan is the most suitable country for propagating Qadianism. During his speech Tahir Qadiani lauded the efforts of Dr Anas Qadiani and Dr Mehmood Ahmad Qadiani who are engaged in actively propagating Qadianism in Pakistan and said that these persons have rapidly spread the Qadiani mission in Pakistan. Tahir Qadiani said that we are recieving some reports that Pakistani Government is planning to place hurdles in the propagation of Qadianism in Pakistan and wants to restrict Qadianis. (which means that until now there were no hurdles nor restrictions on Qadianis! – Rashid) but now it depends on you how you go ahead with the propagation of Qadianism. He said that our religion teaches us that whoever becomes a hurdle in the way of religion, demolish it. He said that as the followers of Shia, similarly I want to get Qadianism accepted in Pakistan and soon we will (who are we? IMF? US? – Rashid) force Pakistani Government to formally accept Qadianism as a religion and give them religious freedom. In the end he said that the pace of propagation of Qadianism in Pakistan should be increased further, he said that in January he will address those Muslims who have entered the fold of Qadianism in Pakistan.

    According to our sources, this speech continued for two hours, it was broadcasted at 8 am and continued until 10 am Pakistani time. This speech was broadcasted all over the world, whereas large number of Qadianis in Pakistan listened to this braodcasts in their places of worship. According to our sources, Dr Mehmood Ahmad Qadiani has announced in their centres that anyone who will convert one Muslim to Qadianism will be rewarded Rs 25,000 cash whereas if he converts an entire family, he will be rewarded from Rs. 200,000 to 500,000. According to our sources, dr Anas and Dr Mehmood Qadiani had called a meeting in Okara on 9th November which was attended by all the leaders of Qadiani NGOs in Pakistan. The NGOs have been instructed to visit rural backward areas in Pakistan and preach Qadianism in the poor people residing there, free them from the clutches of land lords and bring them close to Qadianism. According to sources, there are more than 100 Qadiani NGOs operating in Pakistan, which are controlled by the Qadiani center at 16-18 Gressenhall Road London SW18 5QL. All these NGOs have their control in London in the hands of Mubarak Ahmad Qadiani son of Mirza Tahir Qadiani, who is engaged in actively utilising these NGOs in Pakistan. Mirza Tahir’s son, Mubrak Ahmad visited Pakistan in 1997. He came to Pakistan from London under the false identity of Zair Ahmad and stayed for one month, where he stayed in Sindh for 14 days. Mirza Mubarak Ahmad remained in Karachi for 9 days, where his stay was organised in a house in the compound of a AlNoor hospital in AlNoor Society; another residence for Mubarak Ahmad was the Qadiani center in Gulshan-e-Iqbal block 4. According to sources, during his visit to Pakistan, all NGOs in the country met him.

    A full (intelligence) report about Mubarak Ahmad’s visit to Pakistan and his meeting with various NGOs and his activities related to continuation of propagation of Qadianism, was submitted to the then Government but for unknown reasons no action was taken. According to sources, a high ranking official of Indian Army met Mirza Tahir in London in 1996 and requested to establish a training camp of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in the Eastern Punjab town of Qadian, upon which Mirza Tahir had made a condtion that if RAW also give training to their youths as well, then they would give permission to open a training camp in Qadian. The officer agreed for that and in 1996 Indian Intelligence Agency RAW opened the training camp in Qadian. Immediately after the establishment of this camp, Mirza Tahir instructed Dr Afzal Ahmad, the then Qadiani leader in Pakistan, to send youths for training to Qadian. According to sources, Dr Afzal Ahmad sent 80 youths to Qadian, they belonged to Interior Sindh, KArachi, Okara, Sialkot, Lahore, Mirpurkhas, Multan, Quetta and Jhelum. These youths were first gathered in Jhelum, where Chaidhery Nazar Ahmad addressed these 80 youths that: you have to fight for the propagation of Qadianism, therefore now the time has come to take the training for fighting. Chaudhery Nazar Ahmad gave impression to these youths that this training camp in Qadian belongs to Jamia Ahmadiyya. According to source, these youths were sent through the border town of Shakergarh to the Eastern Punjab town of Qadian. Qadian is just 25-30 kilometer from Shakergarh and the illegal activities of Qadianis are controlled from this area. An intelligence agency had reported to the Federal government in 1998 in which it was mentioned that large number of Qadianis are entering Pakistan through Shakergarh but no action was taken by the government. According to sources, presently Shakergarh is mostly populated by Qadianis.

  • @ SS

    You have seen ahmedis there and therefore you assume that it is owned by ahmedis.. Yeah what a fabulous leap of logic.

    Hum TV has nothing to do with ahmedis. Sure some ahmedis might work there, just like they work in banking, in the army, in amnufacturing and pretty much in every single profession in Pakistan. So by that logic would it not mean that ahmedis are controlling the entire lot?

    Oh yeah.. i forget.. that is EXACTLY what you think. That it is ahmedis behind the current state of pakistan, that it is ahmedis that are responsible for the inequities of this nation and indeed the entire "muslim" ummah.

    Can you say "conspiracy nut" dear SS?

    As for the typical pasting of a virulently anti-ahmedi article to "prove" your point, you prove absolutely nothing. All you prove is that you lack the mental faculties and knowledge to develop an opinion of your own, and prefer to have propaganda spoon-fed to you so you can regurgitate it on this forum.

    The ahmedi community does indeed have a satellite channel which has been operative for many years. In fact i think it is a great indicator of the foresight that this community possesses when they are so good at seeing the potential of modern technology.

    So friggin what?

  • bajwa

    Ahemdis are not allowed to propagate their religion as per law of Pakistan. So if a channel breaks the law and propagate qadiniat what does it mean. You are quite intelligent as you believe in theory of evolution.

    There is old saying

    "You can fend off a danger which you can see, but you are more liable to be taken unawares and be bitten by a snake in the grass." - B A Masri

    The ahmedi community does indeed have a satellite channel which has been operative for many years. In fact i think it is a great indicator of the foresight that this community possesses when they are so good at seeing the potential of modern technology.

    So friggin what?

    Who provide resources to Ahemdies so they can hire so many satellite Chanel. Why Ahemdis are rich. Why poor convert easily to Ahmdidaiat. You know the money is operating behind all this.

  • @ SS

    MTA is an INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE CHANNEL, operated from places in the world that DO NOT have the unislamic laws silencing other religions (the ban on preaching is not restricted to ahmedis but extended to ALL religions that are not state-approved "islam).

    MTA does not utilize any terrestrial network in Pakistan and is no more illegal than the multitude of OTHER non-pakistani satellite channels that can be seen here. MTA is quite simply only available to those who wish to see it, and they can see it online too (another thing you cannot stop).

    There is ONLY 1 ahmedi satellite channel, not a multitude as you are so fond of implying. get your facts straight.

    the reason the ahmedi community is so successful is because they work honestly, pay zakaat and sacrifice their time and money for the benefit of the community. There is no conspiracy behind it.

    You are welcome to chase these ghosts all you want, but there is a reason none of these idiotic conspiracies have ever been exposed and prevented.. that's because they simply do not exist.

    in fact given the atmosphere of hatred and discrimination against ahmedis that exist in pakistan, ahmedis have to be EXTRA careful, EXTRA honest and EXTRA professional if they want to be successful.

    But it's typical for small-minded bigots to think that success cannot possibly be because of competence but only because of dishonesty.. you know what they say though... Thieves think everybody steals...

    Classic self-projection

    P.S. You snide remark about evolution belongs on the thread where i am tearing apart your argument on THAT particular topic. Let's keep it there.

  • bajwa

    Ok thanks for information. May be i am wrong but i already said it my thinking. I don't have any evidence?