BREAKING: Lahore: American Kills 3 in Mozang

  • Story is just breaking. He shot two and ran over a third with his car. He was calm enough to then get out and take pictures of the victims. Some injured too...The guy IS a white American and he has been -- of course -- moved to American Consulate, Lahore. WHY????

    Let's see how this is spun....


    Now they are saying that two guys on a motorcycle tried to stop this guy who works security a the American Consulate (no identity revealed yet) and so he fired at them. One fella was shot 5 times, the other got 6 bullets. After that he ran over two guys on a motorcycle of which one died. One channel was reporting an old lady was injured too but no details yet...

    They are also claiming the guys on the bike had pistols (which of course they never fired)

    Also, on another channel it is is being reported he is still in Police custody.

  • @nota

    here's a brief piece in geo

    though they say he;s been taken to anarkali thana

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    Thanks gv. I heard that too and have updated above...

  • According to the Him the two men on bikes wanted to rob him and he fired in selfdenfence.He aslo took pictures of them showing that they were carrying gun.

    People are really angry and protesting againts this.

    Gods knows what's next but one thing for sure.

    Nothing gonna happen to Gora Sab.

  • too early to say anything.. but one thing is for sure.. anger against America will increase-

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    sara m.khan


    usa council person (david)killed 2 lahori and trempled one guy for his jeep but we should appreciate our law & inforcement agencies that the blap the investigation that trio lahories killing according to police 2 of them was a criminal record but what about the 3th one???? how active this time our agencies why they are incompetent when pakistani kill pakistani in the name of creed or rhetonic & why they able to arrested benazir culprit and several innocent people who lost their life ??????

  • i agree with salam and ajohns this guy is going to get teleported back to langley so fast we wont even know he's left...

    and i doubt our stalwart leadership is going to try and do anything about it..

  • this is the last thing ;we have to think about .

    killing of our own ppl , in our own land by Americans.

    is this the end of it ?

    or we need more of a disrespect ?

    hopefully , Govt will let these Americans go away like that.

    a slave Govt cant do anything about it .

    a formal very formal verbal protest can be done only.

  • just 3 lahories.. not a big deal, we are used to taking american strikes that kill dozens of pakistanis every week-

  • killing our own ppl on our own land ...

    is not a big deal?

  • @Beenai

    "this is the last thing ;we have to think about .

    killing of our own ppl , in our own land by Americans.

    is this the end of it ?

    or we need more of a disrespect ?"

    There is not need to surprise, we allow them to do this by allowing their Drone attack.Whatelse you've expected from them.

    Respect is the last word they will use for us,

  • but @beenai why don't we react in the same way when our own people on our land are killed via drone strikes? ??

  • @Ajhons ,

    very true .

    we ourselves allowed them to go to that level .

    @Salam ,

    its our Govt and its weakness , that they are allowing drone attacks on our land ...which has made them more brave to do anything and go to any length .

    and we can see them crossing their limits now, taking full advantage of the weakest Govt in Pakistan .

  • Let's see how this story unfolds. If it was a robbery case, all protests would pretty much be useless. But if it was a murder, I see a storm coming!

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I wish I was there. I wish I could have ran my car over him, "repeatedly", till I made sure he was dead, till I made sure there was nothing left of him.

    That is the tradition of Pushtoon!. I wish Islam would allow us to do that with foreigners who killed one of us, one of our collective.

    I wish I was trusted with power by this nation, the power to deliver justice to the common man.

    Where's the people made responsible for delivering justice to common man in this state ? What the!! heck!! are they doing ?!

    I sure hope they don't allow that American to go "unpunished", if he is found guilty of this crime. If they do, they'll find themselves overwhelmed by wrath of this nation's people.

    WHEN!!!! is this man going to be HANGED!!! in OPEN!!! PUBLIC!!! after he goes through proceedings in the court of law of this nation ?

    I want this guy to go through proceedings in the court of law tonight, and if he is found guilty, that he be convicted of the crime he committed, and subsequently sentenced to be HANGED!!! in OPEN!!! PUBLIC!!!.

  • haris khan

    what if those 2 guys were really trying to rob him??

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Salam: That is why I "agree" with, I "accept" he be granted a "fair trial" in the court of law of this nation, as per law of this land (i.e., Islam).

    I was hoping to be present at the scene of the crime, so I could do something about it, after I saw for myself what who had done.

  • then better you hold you "judgments" till things are clarified-

  • ahh HK and his anger management issues

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Faarigh Jazbati: I hope you approve, in this instance.