BREAKING: Lahore: American Kills 3 in Mozang

  • @nota

    According to MQM, he has AIDS...

    (So of course the official PML-N line is he has brain kidding)

    So atleast PML-N has an official line on something lets see how many times it changes.

  • oneup and nota,

    Shareef brothers ko naa AIDS hai naa brain tumour. inn ko buzdilee ke beemari hai.

  • US court drama kicks-off...

    LAHORE: The Justice Department has opened an investigation into the killings of two Pakistani men by a CIA contractor in Pakistan, the US Embassy said Wednesday.

    The statement Wednesday came hours after the contractor, Raymond Allen Davis, was released from prison. A Pakistani lawyer for the families of the two victims in the Jan. 27 shooting says the United States paid $2.34 million in “blood money.”

    The U.S. statement thanked the families for their “generosity” but did not mention any money paid. (AP)

    The News

  • More jokes of the day:

    Ch. Nisar: Hakoomat ko haqaek awam kay samnay lana chahiyaN

    Munter: US Justice Dept has already begun investigating Raymond.

  • All parties, political and establishment, played their role but N-League was worse because as always their leaders chickened out.

    Shareef brothers should quit politics (period)

  • I can't believe the victim's family sold themselves for 21 just looks shady... they might have been forced to do this but even if they took money that doesn't negate the fact that our rulers are sc#mbags and they pressurized them to accept this deal to oblige their masters.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I have 1 video regarding this, that I haven't posted here yet.

    I am (akheer) "sust" (in urdu) in that I should have posted it by now.

    In that video, brother of one of the murdered Pakistani re-iterated the fact that they want justice, not money, not "dee-at" (in urdu, arabic).