The Arab Turmoil

  • A lot is happening in Egypt today, internet is blocked all over in a nation of 77 million people, protesters took streets after Friday prayers. Aljazeera is leading this movement very much like Geo lead ours.

    You can watch live coverage here:

    CNN is also covering it Live.

  • This is a list of Arab countries by population sourced from list of countries by population as of November 2009.

    Rank Country Population

    1 Egypt 77,500,000

    2 Sudan 39,154,490

    3 Algeria 34,895,000

    4 Morocco 31,649,000

    5 Iraq 30,747,000

    6 Saudi Arabia 25,721,000

    7 Yemen 23,580,000

    8 Syria 21,906,000

    9 Tunisia 10,327,800

    10 Somalia 9,133,000

    11 Libya 6,420,000

    12 Jordan 6,316,000

    13 Eritrea 5,073,000

    14 Lebanon 4,275,000

    15 Palestine 4,136,000

    16 UAE 3,440,000

    17 Mauritania 3,291,000

    18 Kuwait 2,985,000

    19 Oman 2,845,000

    20 Qatar 1,409,000

    21 Djibouti 864,000

    22 Bahrain 791,000

    23 Comoros 676,000

    24 Western Sahara 513,000

    Total Arab League 348,755,830

    Also list of Arab countries as per capita income:

  • when we as a pakistani nation awake

  • So far protests that started in Tunisia, a nation of 10M people, spread to Egypt (largest nation in Arab league, 77 M) and Yemen, little under 24 M. It's important that this movement of regime change not only sustain in these countries but more importantly should spread to richer countries in Arab leagues like Saudi Arabia and UAE for any meaningful change.

    I hope focus remains on political and economic issues. The last thing we want mullahs hijack this genuine economic and political upheaval to religious movement. And then try to address people's needs through empty slogans.

  • Just need to watch what happens next... from an islamic point of view "revolt" against the rules is not permissible so you may see a lot of backlash from religious parties.. but i know that Muslim Brotherhood is supporting this revolt (but not leading it).

    I think in Pakistan, we are still not at that verge where we need a revolution like this because then we need to get rid of all the politicians from Nawaz shareef to Asfand Wali Khan (and everyone in between Zardar/Altaf Hussain etc etc)

    What could go wrong in Pakistan is that instead of revolting against these politician we will revolt against each other..and that will turn ugly. Punjab vs Sind vs Baloch vs Pathan....

    What works for the arab natiosn are that they are one nation, egyptians (muslims and christians)..or tunisians unlike in Pakistan where we are PPP/PML/MQM/ANP etc...

    Unfortunately we are not Pakistanis.

  • @ kulla: "from an Islamic point of view "revolt" against the rules is not permissible"

    Is this the reason Pakistani religious parties always side with the rulers? ;)

  • I think Pakistan is well ahead of Arabs on this journey. The average life of dictator in Pakistan is 10 years as oppose to 30 years in Arab countries. If you look what protesters are demanding in Cario complete ouster of Mubarik regime and free and fair elections that can bring up true leadership in Egypt from their broad political spectrum that consists of right, left, liberal, religious, moderates.

    We already have that mechanism in place though it's far from perfect.

  • o bhaiyoo, I keep explaining this. What these arabs are fighting for today, we achieved this long time ago. We have a vibrant political system with lots of alternate leadership and freedom of political expression. All these freedoms are unheard of in those countries.

    REally, come out of this inferiority complex.

  • I dont think there is any complex here... they key is the "bedaari" which Allama Iqbal talked about in his poetry...We as muslims in south asia are not a bedaar nation. We did show some bedaari when we forced Musharraf to reinstate CJP but thats it.

    The corrupt politicians are feeding us a bone to keep quiet. No difference from Mubarak who has ran Egypt the same way. We dont need to throwout the goverment but we need to demonstrate and protest against their corruption and our foreign policy and evevrtything that is hurting the common man. We need to force them to accept the common mans demand... and do it across teh board not under an umbrella

    of a political party.

    we also have a v vibrant corrupt political system ;)

  • Shirazi, thanks for links. I was watching just before with baited breath. God, when the people reach the end of their tether, they do lose all fear.

    Also, I agree with both you and bsobaid as to our own situation in Pakistan being several degress above the one to be found among our Arab brethren.

    Nonetheless, it does the heart no end of good to see them finally throw off their chains and stream into the streets, a battlecry on their lips.

  • Whatever is happening on the streets of Egypt is great and very exciting but it won't lead to any big change until rich Arab countries especially Saudi Arabia 'd join them.

    I am trying to find a list of Arab countries rulers by number of years, so far no success. May be nota can come up with one quickly or else I will build one manually to back up my claim that average length of dictator in Arab league is 30 years :)

  • If I am not wrong, Libyan joker is 30+ years.

  • Saudi will be most significant but most dangerous also as it will be most likely not lead by democratic forces but extremist forces.

  • After cracking down internet and the authorities are on the verge of media especially live streaming black out. State security entered the building in down town Cairo that Aljazera and other media organizations are using. So these are probably last few minutes of exciting live images coming out of the streets of Cairo.

  • I read somewhere 80,000+ protestors showed up. They probably wont be able to control but on the other hand, Iran had ever more protestors after previous elections but that did'nt change much. Arab rulers are good at controlling protests and uprisings. That is pretty much the only thing they know.

  • aapas kee baat hai, yeh protests dekh kay shamma-e-risalat kay parwanay aur Tanga party leader Imran Khan kay moo mein paani aaraha hogaa.

  • Not just Saudi Arabia if Islamic extremists lead this uproar anywhere in ME it will just limit the much needed spread out in Arab peninsula. I am sure protesters would be aware of that. If you give it religious color you won't be able to spread out beyond 3-4 countries.

    So far it's spreading in poor economies of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen for purely economic reasons. But rich Arab countries do not share same economic miseries. The inspiration their ought to be more political than economic.

  • and only unfullfilled aspirations in Saudia and neighbouring emirates are islamic and not democratic. So mostly North African Arab countries will pick the momentum.

  • @bsobaid

    I don't know how much Imran or our religious parties 'd be excited but certainly people like Osama and AlZehwari 'd be excited with this in their parent countries.

    So far the protests in Egypt are not lead by any specific leader or group but one name that is getting some media attention Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.

    Dr. ElBaradei and the IAEA were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts "to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes and to ensure that nuclear energy for peaceful purposes is used in the safest possible way."

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @kulla: Right now, I have nothing in my knowledge with which I can "visualize" how the masses in Pakistan will be "represented" in the case, we the people of Pakistan choose to "abolish" political parties or "render" them "obsolete".

    I need further knowledge, education of Islam in order to get an answer to this question.

    @bsobaid: other words "fascism" is the only thing they know ?