Everything other than politics is broken in Pakistan!

  • Have you noticed that, the only working thing in Pakistan is POLITICS....everything else is broken.....

    Is this what we want ?

    Stupid people and stupid leadership and stupid democracy type systems.....


  • :)

  • Reason is it is politicians themselves who are breakers.

    One can have a one long list of those functioning things existed or started by Musharaff, been spoiled or broken by so called democratically elected leaders.

    Democracy is humanity's BIGGEST FRAUD.


  • Then let us know, what is not a Fraud?

    Unfortunately, in Pakistan everything turns out to be a FRAUD.

    Even if Allah Almighty decides to land in Pakistan in a personified form, Pakistanis would declare Him a FRAUD.

    These are not good signs of a healthy nation.

  • JS

    Sir what is your chemistry? Though i do not participate in much discussion but i am a silent observer of this forum for quite a long time. I have seen your discussions with mulla type people.(sorry mulla its not you but i am pointing those who think they ONLY are real muslims).

    In all those discussions they sometimes call you westrinzed, sometimes even non-muslim, sometimes with even bad names. I personally dont think that right and i am against that but with all that i really feel that you are also not normal and you kinda enjoy that. So you VERY INTENTIONALY provoke them, i mean its not by chance, i am 100% sure its intentional. That is the reason why you always initiate conflicting matters.

    Please tell me the example of Allah swt in your post, wasnt that intentional. I am sure you very much know, almost 100% sure that you are very knowledgeable about the concept of incarnation in islam and to provoke those SADA MOLVIES you intentional come up with this example in your message.

  • JS! Quite a STUPID response, but it is expected from you. You have in fact No reply but a counter question, Cannot come such things from a wise person, for me you are NOT Wise, but OTHERWISE.


  • Let me lower the potency of the message.

    What I want to convey is as under.

    Unfortunately Pakistani Nation as a whole has reached to a level of desperation. dejection, depression, lack of faith and frustration that even Imam Mahdi or any God given Reformer emerges at the horizon of Pakistan, he will be rejected, killed or kicked out.

    The nation has lost the capacity to recognize, acknowledge and differentiate the right and wrong.

  • you are lowering the potency because you are injected with some dose..good to see it works. ;)

    BTW your message was even clear before.

  • One of the most important reason of whole this is person like you JS spred such emotions. Let me put your words for reply,

    "desperation. dejection, depression, lack of faith and frustration"

    Correct and........?

    "even Imam Mahdi or any God given Reformer emerges at the horizon of Pakistan, he will be rejected, killed or kicked out."

    A Speculation, rejection, frustration, depression.... so you are part of it, as you send such messages. You cannot isolate yourself from it. First of all you are feeling such dejected emotions which you put on nation and seeing your emotions back yourself... Understand? No I don't think so.


  • @Mulla,

    everything is broken......

    even the hearts of 1.6 million Pakistanis .

    who voted for a change in policies in Feb18,2008.

    they have broken them.

    we have to put everything back in order ...

    lets start from today....

  • then 1.6 millions are lacking vision, as art is to see and understand what yet not happened, and there are not many which own that art. Most are AFTER CLEVERS, or not Beenai?


  • @Raheb,

    Its not an art for 1.6 millions to forsee what yet to haPpen as 1.6 million cooks will spoil the broth. You just need couple of people who can forsee and take the lead towards that bright future. For rest to follow, you need Education!

    This lack of education has caused a havoc in pakistan and generally in muslim world.

    We need Tariq Bin Zayad who can burn his ships and make this nation move forward and fight the evil within them before thinking of others evil!