N-League ameer-ul-momineen tendencies

  • While Nawaz shareef has learnt the lesson and probably no more establishment kaa ghulaam, his party as a whole, specially Shabaz Shareef, still act like big time zia baaqiaat.

    N-League has adverse relationships with every single political party of Pakistan (MQM, ANP, PPP, Q-League, PTI) with a slight exception of MMA. Governance in Punjab is mostly a one man show where cabinet meetings are rarely held, and Shabaz holds all important portfolios.

    While NS curse lotas, Musharraf and his political supporters (Q-League) N-League has created a whole new party of lotas who were former Musharraf supporters in Punjab now known as Unification block.

    I have a feeling if N-League comes in power again, which is unlikely because no political party is expected to get majority and forming coalations in not N-League forte, Nawaz Shareef will very well try to become ameer-ul-momineen once again. While it is definitely an autocratic and therefore a dangerous tendency, I hope for once establishment will probably get a tough time.

    PPP (Zardari) is playing a long-term plan to trap establishnment but NS is likely to challenge head on i-e PPP halwa thandaa karr kay khana chahtee hai, laikin NS garam garam halwaa moo mein daal lay gaa.

    OR NS and N-League in his heart is still establishment kay ghulaam??

  • @bsobaid

    Well analysed

    Yar NS will do anything to come into power as he has a deep down desire of becoming Amir Al Momineen of Pakistan like his political father Gen Zia. Establishment is the biggest obstacle to stop him becoming Amir Al Momineen. Establishment is still unhappy with him because NS and his brother treat them badly and with disdain. In next couple of years Establishment will bring another party like PML-Q to keep NS away from power. NS's past overbearing attitude is the main reason for his non-approval from the all powerful Establishment.

  • I think NS is worse than Zardari as someone already said that a wolf in sheep clothing is worse than a wolf that does not try to pretend to be a sheep.

    He is both incompetent, corrupt and basically unfit to lead. He was made a leader by a military dictator, the whole PMLN was funded by ISI and wholesale corruption in politics was introduced by PMLN.

    The country cannot afford another NS term and if you don't believe this, then look at the present situation of Punjab. No systematic improvement or development in any sector, but few flowery projects here and there (like Danish schools).

    These brothers' dictatorial tendencies are clear to anyone and the most important thing is they are incompetent. They don't know the first thing about governance.

    My family has always voted for PMLN as lesser of the two evils. Good until now, when we have better choices.

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  • We have answer of atleast one question that came from shahbaz,s recent invitation to army that they are still establishment kay ghulaam.

  • coward nawaz is no different than coward zardari, both stand TOGETHER on interior policy, foreign policy, education policy, economic policy.

    What's the difference, both are ameer ul shayateen!

  • lol @ ameer ul shayateen!

    That's one punch line you come up with Salam sahib:)

  • No doubt our political parties are far from perfect but we have to make choices from what is available. Like it or not, PPP and PMLN are the only two parties with a national appeal.

    If democratic process is allowed to work for even a couple of consecutive elections, regional and religious parties like MQM, ANP, BNP, JI, JUIF etc will further shrink and only two or three major parties will emerge as real players. Although PTI has a national stance, it does not seem to get significant traction.

    In present circumstances, I am buying PMLN over PPP for the next elections.

  • lol ..... another of bsobaid's rant against PMLN .. payroll khapey :P

  • bsobaid

    We have to be prudent about the usage of the terminology of Ameer Ul Momineen. This terminology was negatively propagated by some deviant sects whose aim was to insult Khulfa-e-Rashideen. So brother, be careful, in the usage of this terminology. This terminology was used for the great caliphs of our history.

  • Farooqi, this is true but NS himself wanted to use this title when he was hoping to pass shariat bill.

  • Obaid bhai, aap ka NS obsession abhi tak khatam nahi hua?

  • haa haa sohail, yeh zaalim chot-tay chot-tay chut-tee hai.

    munafiqeen aur dramay bazoo se meri khulee jangg hai.

  • lagay raho.... 2013 mein usko wazir e azam bol rahay ho g ay :P

  • I dont mind him being PM specially when the alternative is mohibb,e,watan jurnail.

    I dont mind seeing Sharif and Zardari takng turns (unlikely to happen) until Ch. Iftikhar makes his political party.

  • @bsobaid

    "While Nawaz shareef has learnt the lesson and probably no more establishment kaa ghulaam,"

    Quite optimistic about NS. Believe me, he will never change. He will always be a thug.

  • You are right scandinavian, I made a mistake there.

  • @Gujjar Talwar

    So your argument is that we should be stuck between parties created by establishment, who sustain themselves on corruption, feudal and clan politics, electoral rigging and other such ills?

    These two parties, PPP and PMLN, has given nothing to the country. PPP had a genuine tradition once, however, it is no longer the party of the poor people, but a platform of corruption and provincialism.

    And PMLN is simply a creation of agencies under the patronage of Zia-ul-Haq.

    No longer should we compromise between the lessor of the two evils - both hurt equally, it's a matter of perception. I think people are waking up and realizing that their destiny do not lie with corruption, feudalism, nepotism, rigging, thuggery, provincialism, of these two parties.

    Democratic process cannot continue with these corrupts - just as we have seen in the current PPP's term. They will put the country on the brink of disaster and then there are bound to be problems.

    I am sure that if free and fair elections are held on NADRA cards and electronic voting system free of rigging, we will see a big change and PTI will, I hope, lead this change as it is the only feasible alternative (as others are regional parties).

  • I agree, IK should form some kind of coalition to run a campaign for fixing voters list. Now is the time if he is sincere. Complaining about it 1 month before elections will be a drama.

  • I agree that Nawaz Sh!t in fact is the worse than PPP. A wolf in sheep's hide is far more dangerous than a real wolf.

    Gunj has been presenting himself has a pious, righteous and ideological politician when in fact he is not even close to any of those qualities. Just look at his MNAs and MPA, they all have the worst cases of corruption and looting against them.

    Nazir Jatt, Shumaila Rana etc to name a few!!