Another IJI coming soon....

  • SMQ +

    N-League Baqiaat (Javed Hashmi etc) +

    PPP Baqiaat (Naheed Khan etc) +

    Imran Khan +


    This is the new IJI, establishment kaa taaza tareen shahkaar.

    Establishment pre-planned Raymond case fall out and they have a plan in place to gain the most out of it. They will get rid of both Zardari and NS and get new ghulaams so they are good for next 5-8 years.

  • Why would they need to do this, they have a perfect pithu in the form of Zardari in President's house!

    Now that PPP and PMLN will be thrashed, all of sudden all opposition is GHQ's pithu, wah ji wah, chit bhi tumari pat bhi tumhari?!

  • you both are right. All politicians are on GHQ's commands or at least they have to follow their instructions. You think any politician in pakistan can survive without GHQ's approval?

    If IK need to succeed, he have to make good relationship with GHQ, he may betrayed them later.

  • Obaid bhai .. it will be unfair if you don't give weight to dell's comments :) I really enjoyed his last line ...

    Well whatever the scenario appears in coming days you must not forget Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

    Protests have started in different cities and clash is going on in Lahore where people are trying to enter US Council office.

  • What ya think IK is without GHQ contact? He already made a tunnel with GHQ in the form of Haroon Rasheed.

  • @zingaro, if you look at my original post, SMQ is at the top of my list.

  • For dell and other PTI supporters, please dont get offended. Please read the following post to get some context.

  • یار عبید بھائی

    زرداری کو جب ساری کی ساری طاقت حاصل ہو گئی تو اس نے ایک سے بڑھ کر ایک حرامی کو کرسی پر بٹھایا

    اس کے ہاتھ کس نے روکے ہیں کہ عوام کی خدمت کرے؟

    کیوں ایک سے بڑھ کر ایک خبیث کو لایا؟

    اب جب عوام کی زندگی عذاب بن گئی ہے تو سارا ملبہ اسٹبلشمنٹ پر ڈالا جا رہا ہے

    یہ جاگیر دار اور وڈیرے سوچ والے لوگ عوام کی خدمت کرنا تو دور کی بات ان کے بارے میں سوچتے بھی نہیں

  • salam, I agree, I have no big expectations from PPP.

    Problem is feudal system and election rigging.

    Only inquilaab I believe in is the one that is against jageerdarana nizam rather than against Zardari and Shareefs because the ones who are brining inquilaab against zardaris and Shareefs are fooling us and no better than zardaris. So we are better off continue along the democratic process as it will cleanse the system on its own, slowly but surely.

  • Had no idea I will be proven right so quickly.

    Look at the the PTI invitation card for protest. Saari garmi PPP and N-League pay aur baqi sab kay liyay intehai adab-o-ehtaraam. wah bhai wah.

  • Is mein itni hairani ki kya baat hai,

    Yeh tou wohi baat ho gyi k kullay aam qatal ker k qatil kehta hai daikho ab saray mujay hi ilzaam daingay?!!??

    Yani k is sub mein Gunjay aur Zardari ka koi role nahi hai?

  • yar dell, obaid ka kehna hai ke GHQ is the biggest stake holder in this drama. Why not PTI openly accuses ISI.

  • ISI used media, politicians and bloggers alike. Now all those who raised their expectations are abusing again on this drop scene. When I said earlier establishment is playing games and we should not become establishment's mouth piece all fellow bloggers jumped on me. ISI used this public pressure on negotiating table so not all the sentiments are wasted.

    It took Imran Khan good over a year to distance PTI from JI but I am afraid this RD saga will again tie the knot. PMLN, PPP, PMLQ, MQM, ANP, JUI won't come on street as per GHQ's wishes. Dell will be forced to redact Munawar Hassan pictures before posting pictures here :)

    I hope some body will tell Imran RD can't win elections for him. The issue is decided by court as per Islamic laws. If he doesn't have balls to name Kiyani, Pasha and Iftikhar Chaudhry he won't gain any traction.

  • Court has ordered the release of Killer RD based on diyat law. Champion of inpendent judiciary Imran's so called agitation on March 18 is against independent court's release order????? Or may be opportunist politician want to take advantage of people's sentiments just like Islamic parties played their dirty politics on Salman Taseer blasphemy’s issue.

  • dell, protest hee kratay jaoo ga y yaaa phir biryani bhi khilaoo ga

    At this moment I should indulge in shameless self-promotion and inform everyone that I predicted this outcome more than a month go when no TV or news journalist had predicted it.

    maan loo maan loo, mein bohot pohchaa hoaa buzurg hoon.

    Also, here is "ANOTHER PREDICTION".

    The masoom 18 yeard old widow shumaila, as I predicted earlier, was probably a victim of diatt by her own in-laws...

    Similarly the murder attempt on shumail's mamoo was probably also due to diatt by shumail's in laws

  • establishment kay ghulaams aka ansar abbasis ,irfan siddiquis and hamid mirs kaa moo aik dafa phirr se kaala hogaya.

  • @bsobaid...

    Quote "because the ones who are brining inquilaab against zardaris and Shareefs are fooling us and no better than zardaris. So we are better off continue along the democratic process"

    Ha Ha Ha

    I can only laugh at your statement... You are trying to compare the king of corruption Zardari and the Queen of corruption and deceit nawaz with other politicians who are against them? R u for real?

    Choreeye jannab..... aab itni bhee shah say wafadari acchi nahee...

  • Humble request, please do not criticize independent judiciary and sharia. Let's use the same yard stick that we used when Swiss cases were opened and Taseer was murdered in the name of religion.

  • khan bhai, poori post read karr laytay..

    "Only inquilaab I believe in is the one that is against jageerdarana nizam rather than against Zardari and Shareefs"

    as long as this jagreedaarana nizam is there, they hold all power. No one can challenge them because they hold all kepy positions every where.

    Only 3 things can break the feudal system:

    1. inquilaab against jageerdaar by hari and kisaan. and yes I mean jageerdaar, not just zardari and shareefs.

    2. continuation of democratic process

    3)so-called moulvi hazraat wala islami inquilaab (allah naa karay)

    I am comfortable with 1 and 2.