Shame on Supreme Court For Not Listening To PTI's Petition Against Drone Attacks


    Imran Khan filed petition against drone attacks 8 months ago and has done various press conferences asking supreme court to listen to PTI's petition against drone attacks.

    Shame on Supreme court for Ignoring PTI's Petition while lives and property of people is being destroyed by foreign aggressors.

  • I agree, this chief justice is useless, General musharaf was right in what he did to chief justice.

  • Heartening to know that Imran Khan is also on the "Don't pay no mind" list of Supreme Court.

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  • @saladin89


    All I can say you guys at PTI will go to any extent to criticise anyone who disagrees or does not listen to your leader Imran Khan. Few years ago, you guys were raving about the same CJ and now same CJ is PTI's public enemy number 1.

    I wonder why Imran is always right!!!

    What a world we live in!!!!!!!

  • @Sweettruth,

    Don't know about the world we live in but PTI's world surely does exist inside a urinal only.

  • Shame on nation for accepting these thugs!

  • They should listen to this petition.

    The traitors like Nawas, Zardari should be exposed.

  • @siddiqi73

    Nawas Sharif ki backside mein se sar nikalo aur denya dekho.

  • @Just_One

    You are no different than dell:) The drama you put at your inception to blog was great: all uptight and logical and look at your language now. I am certain it is Dell's other ID. BTW Imran lover speaking the same lingo reminds me of 'Matrix' movie scene where one agent multiplies into many:)

  • @sweettruth

    first of all IK has not said much about CJ, this was my personal opinion on the matter.

    second of all most people in Pakistan were raving about CJ, as they felt he has been wronged and he did stand up Musharraf. So like others PTI joined in with the struggle to re-instate him.

    Thirdly ever since he has been re-instated haven't seen anything positive, in fact seen absolutely jack all.

    Concerning corruption, he hasn't done anything, even concerning these fake elections not a peep, and to end all matters the Raymond Davis Case hasn't said much about it(maybe he was involved).

    So it is not only IK, there are also others with an open mind that have doubts in his ability as CJ. And he is not public enemy No1, there are others on the list before him.

    fourthly who said IK is always right, but he is far far better than the ruling elite we have at the moment. And for u to doubt that u need help.


    Your life may span in urinal but not mine and definitely not


    U didn't complain when he won us the world cup, or when he opened a cancer hospital for poor. What about the work he did in sailaab. Does he really belong in a urinal?. having a go at people who do good and try to go against this corrupt establishment,what have u done for country?

    Act your age not your shoe size

  • @Rizwan Qaimkhani

    I am all logical when I need to be. And sometimes "candid".

    You can see my posts on

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  • @saladin,89,

    Don't know what kind of stories your parents told ya about the 92' World Cup (because you surely wasn't even born then). Aprt from Imran, there were 10 other fellas who were equally responsible for that great glory. In 2011, apart from Wasim Akram, every member of that team equates Imran Khan with an a$$.

    I've always maintained that he is an excellent social worker cause he opened a cancer hospital (whether the treatment there is free or not is highly debatable), but politics is surely not his cup of tea; never has and never will be.

    No need to comment on your last line because as usual it is a crap statement.

  • @siddiqi73

    I was old enough to remember the match (89 does not represent my birth year) jumping to conclusions siddiqi73.

    I agree there were 10 other players, but who was leading them?

    who introduced wasim and waqar to cricket?

    So even cricket analyst remember IK for his leadership qualities during that period, and they do acknowledege that there is no leader that pakistan has had ever since.

    So IK did take a lot of credit for world cup 92.

    He hasn't got any corruption scandals, or killed anyone, and doesn't kiss up to US. Yeah you are rite politics is not his cup of tea.

    Advice for IK put your head up US backside that's politics!

    It's pakis like you and nota who let our country down, by slandering good people such as IK.

    Finally I stick to my point act your age not your shoe size

  • @siddiqi73

    Of course, there were ten players, and the credit goes to all the team. However, Imran won the world cup not only as a player, but as a captain.

    And cricket experts are unanimous that his captaincy played a vital role in not only wining the world cup, but transforming Pakistan, from a mediocre team, to the no.1 team in the world.

    Remember that before Imran, Pakistan team was a less than average side even with some great individual talents.

    Secondly, you are spoiling your own good deed of praising Imran Khan's social work by questioning the free treatment for the poor in SKMH.

    It is an undisputed fact that over 60% of patients in SKMH are treated COMPLETELY free of charge, while 10% are given partial free treatment. Over 20 percent patients are charged, and this is NEEDED to run the hospital.

    Everything about SKMH is documented and accounted for. Its funds are audited by an independent British company. Its dept and annual cost are available to public.

    It is the best and most advanced hospital in Pakistan, and one the best and biggest charity hospitals in the world. It is not just a hospital but a research center as well.

    It is a testament to the great vision of Imran Khan.

    Now, one question arises, that even in their three terms as governor of Punjab, and two terms as prime minister, the "Shareef" brothers have failed to develop a single medical facility where "Shareef" family could be treated!

    This shows the truth about these fake leaders.

  • Siddiqi chuttiyan khatam nahi hui..

    In 92 10 donkeys were lead by a Lion.

    Why didn't the same team win in 1996 or 1999, because by then 10 lions were lead by a donkey.

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  • I surely aint looking forward to the day when a nation of 170 million souls will be led by a donkey.

  • @dell,

    Chuttian abhee bhee challo hain. Tumhari updates mil rahee hain mujhay Riawind say; dare I say that you are doing a stupendous job!!!