NA 148 - Multan-I

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  • ppp wins. because shah mehmood qureshi wins with lead.

  • Though I m not supporter of Javed Hashmi but belongs to this constituency and have watched previous elections closely.

    Position of Shah Mehmood Quereshi was very strong before death of BB but right now he is facing difficulties to make his victory sure due to:

    • absence of BB in PPP, people see its future blurry

    • Hashmi is having very good response due to his and his party 's assurances for restoration of judiciary.

    There are three candidates:

    • Rai Mansib (Q league). he is contesting on provincial seats of NA-148 too

    • Javed Hashmi (N league)

    • Shah Mehmood Qureshi

    During 2002 election, Shah Mehmood Qureshi got 7K+ votes and Javed Hashmi (was in jail) 40K+. Most of Q league supporters are from Shah Mehmood Qureshi 's 70K+ vote bank.

    Provincial candidate (Khizar Hayat) under Javed Hashmi is quite weak and there are rumors that Hashmi may announce secretly to support to Rai Mansib for his provincial bid and in return Rai Mansib 's supporters will vote for Javed Hashmi for Naitional assembly seat.

    Therefore it is highly likely that Hashmi may win on this seat too due his party 's stance on judiciary and little seat adjustment with Rai Mansib (of Q league) who may later join N league. By the way in 2002 election he won as PPP provincial candidate under Shah Mehmood Quereshi. So it s not a big deal for him to make such a move.

  • probable candidates are PTI's Shah Mahmood Qureshi, PML-N's Abdul Ghaffar Dogar ( who lost to Musa Gilani ) and PPP's Musa Gilani ( MNA ).

    I think PPP will be at number 2.

    PML-N's victory is entirely out of question here.

    This seat will definitely go to Shah Mahmood Qureshi because of his personality vote, and not due to PTI vote

  • @eers: Why do you think that PPP will be at number 2. In by-election, Musa Gilani got more than 90k votes? Have not they done a lot of development work there and the seraiki sooba factor going to play any role here in favor of PPP?

  • Eeers, Shah Mahmood wins here because of PPP plus Gilani vote not the other way around. It will be a tough competition but PPP is poised to win this seat.

  • no, it's a rural constituency. Saraiki province factor may change/lower the turnout but not the outcome.

    Musa Gilani is already in trouble ( he may go to jail soon ). He won in bye-elections after massive govt. support, discreet support of Makhdoom Javed Hashmi and Shah Mahmood didn't participate at all.

    Gilani vote doesn't matter that much.

    Shah Mahmood ( PTI ) will win here

  • Jail gaya tou tou seat pakki samjho!

  • secularists

    Don't think so. Its qureshi's seat due to huge impact of gaddi.