Was Chd. Iftikhar Sleeping On Raymond Davis Case?

  • Many elements have been found blameworthy for the exit of Raymond Davis without any punishment. There are clear indications that even the money of Deeyat was not paid by the American Govt..

    Many of us don't note that CJ Chd. Iftikhar is also one of the culprits of the dirty play staged in the case of Raymond Davis. He is known for taking suo moto actions in so many cases. What was his problem in Raymond Davis's case?

  • Was sleeping!

    Is he awake now?

    Our judiciary is nothing but a Who re!

  • @HF

    Ch Iftikhar was trying to save Sharif brothers and Punjab Govt from any potential embarrassment that is why he remained silent. By the way, blood money law has been successfully used to resolve this matter so CJ cannot do or intervene in this case.

    Just wondering you are a wealthy person and if your close relative was involved in such a case as Raymond was. What would have you done to save your close relative?

  • Chaudhary Jee ka bhi bhanda phoot gaya! He is also exposed as one of the culprits of the nation.

  • @Hussain Farooqui and truthlover

    Assume you are a wealthy person and if one of your close relatives was facing same circumstances as Raymond was. What would have you done?

  • Sweettruth

    Legally nothing can be objectionable in the triple murder case, if it was settled through Deeyat. What about the other cases which also came to surface with the culprit Raymond Davis? Why was not there any Chd.'s suo moto action?

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    CJ was trying to remain silent and he sidelined himself for one reason and which was to save Sharif brothers from any potential embarrassment.

  • @Hussain Farooqui

    May be Chouddhry has also been promised by Shobaz Sharif to give him a house after retirement in Lahore.

  • sweettruth,

    Why do you ask this question, is it obvious that we have to kill the justice in order to save our dear ones, even if they are murderers?

    Now come to the point and answer few of my questions.

    R.D was a murderer of two persons and indirectly even cause of a third mortality. He was a spy and apparently involved in subversive activities against our state.

    Why the government let him off the hook, even if he was pardoned by the victims families?

    Did he ever confess his crime?

    What about the families that supposedely pardoned him, where are they? Are you sure that they are not now among thousands of other missing people?

    Who paid the Deet money, as Americans catagorically denied of paying it?

    Have you any idea how our justice system works?

    In this God damned country it takes years to get justice in simple civil cases, what to speak of criminal cases.

    Why couldn't CJP take a suo motto thsi time, just to ensure that justice has been done?

    Why the SOB don't utter a word in this regard and appoint some investigation commission in order to clean his own position?

    I can go on with this issue but I know that you have made up your mind and aren't open for argumentation but seek only engagements, meaningless ones, right?

  • @Truthlover

    So you too admit as most Bloggers will do which is to kill justice to save our dear ones. Raymond was dear one of CIA and US Govt so they used this Deeyat Law to get their dear one free legally.

    Now come to your other point; our ISI/Police and Govt were satisfied Raymond was not involved in subversive activities so they decided to let him go.

    I do not know where the victims families are now? They have got lots of money and may be they have decided to protect their privacy from media's prying eyes. I think we should respect their privacy.

    Well, someone did pay money to victim’s families whether it was US Govt or Pakistani Govt. Does it matter who paid blood money?

    I do have terrible experience of dealing with our defective justice system and that is why victim's families decided to resolve this case through Deeyat law instead of wasting several years fighting this case in our defective justice system.

    Now come to CJ Choudhry’s silence over this Raymond issue. He did not intentionally take any action as he wanted to protect Sharif brothers and Punjab Govt because he owes his own job restoration to Nawaz Sharif.

    I hope my explanation satisfies your queries.

  • Those who worshiped CJ should have seen only time he opposed GHQ was when he was fired. All his opposition was blown up by media on the numbers provided by PMLN and PPP. Prior to that and since he makes remarks for public consumption but in essence he has decided not to challenge GHQ. He knows had Saudi Arab not interrupted Nawaz Sharif would have been history. BB had to compromise overlooking killers of her father. Javed Hashmi paid the price for calling spade a spade with out becoming a Nelson Mandela.

    Since his restoration he had aligned himself with GHQ like he had before he was let go. His patent missing persons issue hasn't moved an inch in last few years.

    I am surprised for gharut brigade Raymond Davis was needed to unearth Iftikhar Chaudhry's relationship with GHQ.

  • No sweettruth, read again that what I wrote!

  • Dragging CJ in Raymond saga is unjustified and uncalled for. Justice has been served in this case using a Shariat Law and all concerned parties are happy with the final outcome.

  • sweettruth,

    What, is he now a holy cow, some untouchable highness?

  • we aspect over from anyone

  • One idiot leaves, thousands come to replace, so is our beloved homeland!

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  • Cheef Tairay jaan nisaar Bay Shumaar bayShumaar


  • ہزاروں سال نرگس اپنی بےنوری پہ روتی ہے

  • Thanks to Raymond Davis that he exposed all the culprits of our society including our Chief Justice! That is something Raymond Davis has done good!