Pakistan vs. India - Semi Final for WC 2011

  • So it all comes down to this:

    Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival


    There is an old Hindu saying

    "May God deliver us from the venom of a cobra, the teeth of a tiger and the vengeance of the Pushtun".

    Wouldn't it be epic to see Pakistan lead by Afridi extracting a brutal revenge for 1996 QF.

    Inshallah, these players will play for the honor of the nation not for $$.

    What are our weaknesses/strengths in this game? What should be the Batting order, bowling strategy? Fielding has improved? Wicket keeping?

  • We'll win Inshallah

  • Pakistan have nothing to lose, they already exceeded expectations by reaching semis.

    Go for broke guys! Inshallah it'll pay off!

    Best of luck!

  • بھارتیوں کی دعائیں رنگ لائیں اور انڈیا سیمی فائنل میں آگیا

  • پاکستان کو انڈیا سے میچ جیتنے کے لئے شعیب اختر کو وہاب کی جگہ چانس دینے کا جوا کھل لینا چاہئے کیونکہ انڈیا کے سامنے سپنرز سے اوپننگ کروانا بے وقوفی ہو گی اور اگر شعیب پہلے اورز میں سہواگ یا ٹنڈولکر کو آوٹ کر گیا تو بعد میں انڈیا پر کافی پریشر ہو جائے گا.

    ہماری دعائیں ٹیم کے ساتھ ہیں انشا الله جیت ہماری ہو گی

  • Best of Luck ,,, go for it

    manzil qareeb hay ,,, humari duain tumahray saath hain

    dushman makaar/chaalaq aur hoshiaar hay ,,,

    Play this game ,, with full command, control, and best planning, bowling, batting and fielding ,,, good Determination

    be cool !!!!!!

  • If Akmal takes all the catches then we will win!!

    Spinners will play big role; both Abdur Rehaman and Ajmal should play.

    Send Razzaq as opener and see if he can score a quick fifty.

    300 plus will be winning score.

    Side batting first will have more chances of winning.

  • urrriii babbaaaa......

    Pak vs India

    Inshallah 1996 QF will not be repeated this time.

  • india ,, welcome to semi final

  • This jazba, jeet, hum jeetain gay is non sense. Pakistan's biggest weakness is panic. Panicstan. thats the only reason why I never wanted India to win against Australia. And for Australians, they should all be hired as a cleaning crew in some dingy old place in australia.

  • bhai logoo, match kee kunjee Akmal kay pass hai.

    Ab tukk rate barh gaey hein. ab lagay gaa top satta aur akmal dikhaey gaa apnay rangg.

  • looking forward to a cracking game .. history against us .. there would be alot of pressure since it would bring back the memories of 96 .. BUT this is not 96 .. inshallah we will win (if Allah has written so) .. either way we have exceeded our expectations for this world cup so nothing to lose .. i also favor playing shoaib for this match as he could prove a trump card (and very well go the other way) .. but i would take the chance .. i would definately play ajmal as defence (abdur rehman) would not be a good option .. in short .. cant wait for 30th ..

    P.S:- if afridi does wot he said he would do after the QF (i.e. concentrate on his batting) we have a very good chance of winning

    BRING IT ON .................

  • meri dua hai srilanka aur south africa semi mein aajaein.

  • کرکٹ سے آسٹرلیا کی بادشاہت ختم ہوئی . برصغیر کی دو ٹیمز نے گوروں کے چھکے چھڑا دیے. ایک گورا صاحب کا تو ٹکٹ کٹا... اب دوسرے کا بھی ٹکٹ بن جائے تو مزہ آ جائے گا. ویسے دھونی کو جلاب تو لگ ہی گیا ہو گا .. اب بس پاکستان اپنی کمر کس لے اور انڈیا کو انڈیا مے ہرا دے تو مے زرداری کو ایک اور سال برداشت کرنے کے لیے تیار ہوں. زرداری کو چا ہیے کہ وہ پاکستان پے سٹا لگا دے .. قوم شاید خوش ہو کر ایک سال رعایت دے دے.... بھاگ دھونی .... آفریدی آیا ... جیتے گا بہی جیتے گا .. پاکستان جیتے گا ..

  • bhaiyoo, match semi kiss din hai?

  • Obaid,

    I bet now ppl bet on how many catches will Akmal drop in a game! LOL

  • خیر ہماری ٹیم مینیجمنٹ کو شعیب کو

    کھلانے کا فیصلہ جذبات کے بجائے

    حقیقی صورتحال کو مدِنظر رکھتے ہوئے

    کرنا چاہئے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

    جذبات نے پہلے ہی ہمارا خانہ خراب

    کیا ہوا ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • mein tou kehtaa hoon agar india ne semi mein ziyada dramay baazi kee tou india kee chiknay walay players (hard to find) pay umar gul or yunis khan ko chor daynaa.

  • Pakistan must get back to some new planning. Most of the teams we have been playing against have had a weakness against spin bowling. That is not the case with the Indians. They are considered to play spin quite well and the spin department has been carrying us through.

    What we need is to strengthen is the pace attack. Gul is already doing a wonderful job, Razzaq is a fine part timer. Wahab hasn't performed. In fact he has been wayward. I think Shoaib must be included. In his twilight part of the career he has finally matured. He has mostly been bowling quite well and deserves to be in the team.

    I don't know much about the new fast bowler Junaid, so I cannot say whether he could be suitable or not, but if Shoaib is not playing then they should maybe try him since Wahab has been for no good.

    Batting order:

    1. Kamran Akmal†,

    2. Asad Shafiq,

    3. Younis Khan,

    4. Misbah-ul-Haq,

    5. Mohammad Hafeez,

    6. Umar Akmal,

    7. Abdul Razzaq,

    8. Shahid Afridi*,

    9. Umar Gul,

    10. Shoaib/Junaid,

    11. Saeed Ajmal

  • game's on wed morning in US