A Marvelous Pakistani Revolution

  • It was first ever in Pakistan when all the corners of the country and classes , provinces , tribes, clans, Peoples were found united,



    Thanx, Shahid Afridi, Team Pakistan, WC 2011.

    It was a trailer of ”REVOLUTION” UNITY AND LOVE ,

    THE NATION WAS united and enjoying and forget their all differences.

    There ware no differences among them, WOW. ZINDABAD PAKISTAN.

    Its time to keep,maintain and improve Pakistan through this movement.

    BECAUSE people of Pakistan wants to get rid if corruption, Bhatta Mafia, black marketing,Demerits, lawlessness, all types of prejudices, religious and territorial fetal differences and they want a peace full Country to live.


  • Count me in, AQR. I shall do my bit for whatever it's worth. Splendid flight of fancy you showed above and your conclusion was exactly what we needed to hear. Let's do it. Put our differences aside and fight the darkness as one nation.

  • Let's not insult the idea of 'revolution' :)

  • My Gosh, when shall we grow up and leave the fool's paradise behind!

  • Which fool's paradise would that be, Truthlover? Shall we give up our country without at least putting up as good a fight as we possible can? Hasn't the time come for a bit of power play at long last?

    nota, OK to your reservations. But if this is the best we can do in the way of "revolution", then why not? I'm even willing to join in this pale version of events.

  • "if this is the best we can do ... then why not?"

    'Cause it's meaningless! What was that @Truthlover said? Ah, yes, a "fool's paradise" :)

  • MG,

    Sorry, I mean no insult, just am sarcastic at times.

    At times I'm optimistic but then back to realism.

    BTW, which unity are we talking about here, the one shown each and every day in Karachi, or that exhibited in Punjab assebly, or the one demonstrated every now and then by our Sindhi brothers, who threat with some Sindh card?

    Power play, what power play? Is it the one Afridi forgot to take? :)

    Don't read me wrong my friend, I'm all for Pakistan and for real Change but don't believe that this sweeping change will come by our cricket crazy youngsters, who aren't even trained to think big.

    My vision of change in Pakistan is more horrifying than anyone can imagine. It would be a complete make over, God prohibit the day would be horrible. Blessed would be those, who survive the day and get transformed by this acid test.

  • well believe it not people were seemed united and patriotic...now whether or not this platform was an appropriate one to unite the nation is another question...but it certainly shows that pakistanies in general want to co exist and live peacefully with each other irrespective of their ethnic,religious,racial background...its just the political leaders that infuse hatred in them against each other and use the common ppl for their personal interests!

  • دیکھیں .... کیا اگلے ڈرون حملے اور اگلے بم بلاسٹ یا اگلے ٹارگٹ کلنگ پے ہماری قوم پھر سے اتحاد کہ مظاہرہ کرتی ہے یا پھر یہ ایک خود غرض اتحاد تھا (قومی اتحاد کی طرح جو بھٹو کو ہٹانے کے لیے تھا ، کوئی پاکستان کی بقا کے لیے نہیں)

  • this nation wants to forget their SHIT by uniting at such situation..

    But Kabooter if closes the eyes situation around will never change.

    Such unity is the sign of the buzdili and message that we will be united at such non-issues only.

    Shahid afridi has said that why people hate india when they are busy in star plus,zee tv..why this hypocracy.????but every one knows history of this nation.....

  • Revolution in Progress please wait....


  • Hi,evbody. I m surprised to see the simplicity of some people who believe Mr S Afridi and his pre-pared speech after the match. it brought back memories of a similar pre-pared speech by Wasim Akram after our finals loss against Australia.

    Why media wants accountability of POLITICIANS ONLY? Like int minister for his statement only, and tell everybody to welcome cricket team despite the rudderless performance by the gang.

  • I think I found in the above RhyMe's comment the soundest so far. Nota, meaningless or not, if we are not going to get that revolution we'd been expecting so far, well then we may as well look for other ways of achieving some form of unity. We got a foretaste of it on the basis of cricket. Now that the WC is over, we must work towards finding it in other things of common interest.

    Truthlover, I was not chiding you for your views. Simply interested in definitions. Please not to believe I'm some kind of a professional optimist, smiling and smiling while Rome is burning sort of person. But I also have problems with definitions of "reality". I do see changes around one.

    For instance, ever since IK held his Islamabad rally after the release of Raymond Davis and made his brave speech, seems to me the drone attacks have stopped or lessened considerably for the moment. In coming days, we are told, the mercantile class will be out on the streets of Karachi to ask for an end to the unending assaults made on them by the gangsters who seem to have made my home town their home as well. Etc, etc. And on, and on... The astoundingly good performance of our Cricket Eleven was only part of it.

    The elephants in the room are still the invaders in Afghanistan and our own present government and ruling class. These two gone, Truthlover, perhaps, just perhaps, we might not need your drastic makeover after all, the dimensions of which have already haunted all our dreams for many a year past.

  • i guess ... kuch log kisi halat mein bhi kush nahi hotey ..

    i agree with rhyme and MG though .. may Allah keep this unity amongst us through 'thick and thin'

  • may Allah keep this unity amongst us through 'thick and thin'


    but nation want this unity through cricket only.as no sacrifices required but even more food is prepared on the day of match........

  • @but nation want this unity through cricket only.as no sacrifices required but even more food is prepared on the day of match........

    are you in your 2 and a half senses?...how can you speak on behalf of whole nation?...mind you Pakistanies are in the list of those nations who give immense charity every year...so nothing wrong if they celebrate or cook/eat more food on special days ok!

  • Thats it.


    Thanks every body for their valuable comments.

    Every Pakistani is feeling that all is going wrong around us. We have nothing to do with what Afridi has said, we must see what the nation has shown in these days. Wasn't that a ''MARVELOUS'' activity. At present We need that boost up. so far as our national problems are concerned, they are countless. All these problems will be solved and achieved after a ''Huge unity''among majority of people. Let a few remain aside with there differences, a time will come when they will drown with their poor and damaged boats of prejudices in the Sea of unity. They will not be able to hide in different countries for negative activities against PAKISTAN

  • Dear 'nota'

    we are not insulting ' Revolution '

    just make the way

  • Cricket alone can not be a factor which can give us long lasting unity or even any sort of strength.Cricket has united many times earlier but such unity turned out to be useless.This is the politics,injustice,and ruling elite which has divided us.We need to find long lasting solutions to the issues related to unity

  • Dear 'wantinsaf'

    Cricket is not a complete factor for strength, it was a trailer only. We must learn and evaluate what we can do when we are united, At present We need that boost up. We have to struggle.

    Looted Nations once unite when they are really looted. The time is now. We Are a beggar Nation. there is no body, who provide relief to them, so at last we have to stand up...................... against evil and injustice ............. etc