[Imran Khan- Sita White] PML(N) Brings Up SITA White Again

  • sita white as seen in pictures ws so ugly and manly . i wonder wht Ik saw in her tht he even missed out protection b4 shooting lolz . he cud ave got much better n finer fishes.

    his choice of women is not impressive at all even jemima is so ordinary looking. God knws wht abt her lured him into her.

  • @skysurfer,

    They don't call Immiy boy "The Shooter" for no reason! Not just women, his choice of candidates contesting in by-election also present the same sorry picture; lotas, rejects and gund of other parties

  • Who will be the successor of IK ?

    Very important in Pakistani politics.

  • @AK

    What IK has achieved in politics? Why do we need his successor? What political empire has he established that his successor has to take care of? BTW Salman and Qasim Khan are in pipeline to keep fan club excited -:)

  • @shirazi

    What has NS achieved in politics



    Lota pan

    RD release

    His party has been involved in vote fixing ( wonder what kind off democracy this is)

    His party members have been involved in degree scandals and even members of his family (correct me if I am wrong)

    As for IK he has achieved more even by not being in parliament or leader of Pakistan.

    He has given happiness to people by leading the team to world cup. (nawaz sharif has only given misery)

    He has built a cancer hospital, by charitable means.

    (NS has built 2 hospitals I think but by wrong means of money)

    IK has been a leading advocate in collecting charity for sailaab. ( no-one bothered giving Nawaz anything has we believe that he has over 4 billion dollars worth of assets abroad. Also no-one trusted him as they believed he would keep the money for himself.

    Be honest would u give money to NS if he asked for sailaab or any other disaster?

  • @all

    Can't u people put the SITA White affair to rest. let her soul RIP.

    We should be more concerned about the surroundings around us, then bringing up SITA WHite all the time.

    I believe enough has been said about her and her child.

    This is a personal affair and should be left as that. When u go into family affairs do u actually realise what other politicians have been up to and there family members.

    Please refrain from this slander, and let this facination of Sita White end.

    But if you obsessed with SITA, carry on whatever makes u happy.


    I can't remember how Sita white looks. However Jemima is very good looking, (maybe u forgot to put on your glasses).

  • saladin89

    I agree with your viewpoint that national issues are more important to be discussed. Discussions on political personalities are futile jobs. Except a few ones, all our politicians are filthy people and thus they are not worthy of any healthy discussion.