Pakistan's Powerful Media and silence of Establishment

  • Powerful Media and silence of Establishment

    Pakistani Media successfully grabs new level of the power of freedom of expression after the death of Bin Laden that indicates the rising strength of this pillar of democracy in our country.

    Media had been blamed by the government officials for meddling in the affairs of state and criticizing for nothing and thus anchors were termed as “political actors”.

    The historic event of May 2 made the Pakistani Media so powerful .This time target of media criticism were not only the ruling politicians but also the sacred cow “establishment of Pakistan” which committed, apparently, strategic blunder during the Neptune Operation that led to the mysterious death of Bin Laden in the garrison city of Abbotabat.

    Both the print and electronic media were critical on the “strategic” silence opted by the establishment and political leadership when America violated sovereignty of Pakistan. Media boldly lashed out at the strategic silence and raised questions over the double standards of strategic institutions.

    Anchors of leading TV channels were seen using their right to bluntly criticize the silence of those who pledge to be true to salt as regards their obligation of defending the state and its people. The langue and choice of words in prime time programs, late night talk shows, and news reports being used to criticize the tight lips of leadership were so harsh and critical that it has never been observed earlier. The bold sequence of criticism on silence of establishment over the issue of killing Osama in the Pakistan territory is still in progress even after the policy statement by the foreign office.

    Pressure of media was so immense that spokesmen of the establishment were seen either baffled or their statements were appearing contradictory regarding the American operation in Pakistan.

    Now media has started to strike the head of the establishment. Questions over its doubtful role and loyalty are getting strength and becoming topic of the heated debates and discussions on media of Pakistan.

    Sofar it is the media that have enabled the nation to pass through its critical phases otherwise the amount of frustration & chaos created by terrorism, violence, massive corruption, load shedding and price hike is so immense that few nations could survive such circumstances.

    It is highly encouraging that Media in Pakistan has proved itself: as a super defender as regards the on going war on terror; a mobilizer as regards the worst devastating floods; motivator as regards coping with the severe crisis Pakistan faced in recent times.

    Pakistani media is playing pivotal role in grooming the nation. A nation which will shine in future and world will be proud of it. In Pakistan, Free and independent media’s life is only 10 years and it has got more maturity, responsibility than many developing countries. And to attain this significant position, media gave many sacrifices.

    It is free world therefore escapes from truth or falsifying the truth for longer period is not possible in this age of swift communication.

    Muhammad Arif

    Writer is Editor of Broadkast Pakistan, a media information portal of Pakistan.

  • پہلے تو کبھی کبھی غم تھا...مگر اب ہر پل تیری یاد ستاتی ہے...........پہلے تو امریکا صرف ایک فوجی امر یا نواز زرداری لیگ کو دالرز کے کچھ بنڈل دے کر پاکستان کو مٹھی میں پکڑ لیتا تھا لیکن اب پچاس سے زیادہ نیوز چینل نے امریکا کے سر میں درد کر دیا ہے

  • United States Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Friday said that Pakistani media simply exhausted him.

    Pakistan a challenging country for US diplomats: Munter

    Terming Pakistan a challenging country for American diplomats, the United States Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter on Friday said that Pakistani media simply exhausted him. Munter, who had earlier decided to quit his Pakistan assignment, returned Islamabad on Wednesday to join the US team in the ongoing negotiations on new terms of engagement.

    During a brief chat with reporters, Munter said that he intended to compete his three-year term, as the US envoy in Pakistan, but now he was exhausted and wanted to take rest. He said that he would be going back to the US in July. Complaining about the Pakistani media, the US envoy said that off-the-record interactions were also being published here, adding that the country's extremely fast-paced media had worn him out.

    Munter, a career diplomat, arrived in Pakistan in October 2010, replacing his predecessor Anne W Patterson, who served more than three years in the country. His departure in July would make his time on the assignment shorter than an ambassador's typical tenure.

  • What about those like Talat who are tasked to present GHQ's view point?

  • The biggest question was how bin Laden's presence went undetected. The media never took establishment to task for it. All focus remained on the fact how did American's come in unnoticed.

    A truly free media would have shamed generals to death for such a failure.

  • GHQ is fond of getting into every business; from bakeries to banking, from wedding hall rentals to real estate. Can someone tell me why the Jurnails are not after the media business?

  • The shameless military establishment will now be selling dates of Balochistan.

    ان سورماؤں سے جنگ تو جیتی نہیں جاتی البتہ بلوچستان کی کھجوریں بیچنے کا بزنس شروع ہونے والا ہے۔

  • میڈیا براے فروخت

  • ^^^

    اینکر پرسن جاوید چوہدری نے کہاکہ دنیا میں ہرشخص کو خریدا جاسکتا ہے اگر وہ بکنے کوتیار ہے، اگر کوئی بکنے کو تیار نہیں تو چاہے وہ کتنا بھی غریب ہو نہیں بکے گا۔ چوہدری نثار کے پاس ایک آڈیو ٹیپ ہے جس کے بارے میں انھوں نے ایکسپریس نیوز کے پروگرام میں بات بھی کی تھی، اس ٹیپ میں صدر، اس وقت کے وزیراعظم اور ملک ریاض کی آوازتھی جس میں وہ میڈیا اورعدلیہ کو ڈیل کرنے کی بات کررہے تھے۔ اس آڈیو ٹیپ میں دو صحافیوں اور چینل مالکان کا نام بھی ہے