12th may 2007 massacre: Culprit terror gang MQM Altaf still roaming scot free

  • 4 years on, Culprits of 12th may 2007 bloodbath in Karachi criminal terror gang muttahida qaumi movement (MQM Altaf) still roaming scot-free and operating their terror network in Karachi with complete impunity,in fact this gang of blackmailers was just awarded a 12th may anniversary gift yesterday when they were inducted into federal cabinet for record 7th time ever since their inception..

    These criminals continue to wreck and tear apart Karachi to this day .. Unless these criminals face the music for their crimes there is little hope Karachi would ever progress or improve..


    12th may recap:**


    On 12th May 2007, innocent unarmed people of karachi were ambushed and brutally murdered on streets by then dictator Musharraf's Rent-A-Thugs(MQM Altaf) who were hired with specific instructions to block and disrupt Cheif Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudry 's procession which was scheduled to peacefully proceed to Quaid Mazar and then High Court Bar but dictator assigned rent-a-terrorists(MQM Altaf) disrupted and attacked this peaceful event.


    **Whole massacre was planned orchestrated by absconding British grand terrorist Altaf in London and executed by his MQMized foot soldiers on the orders of dictator sitting in Islamabad.



    http://www.metacafe.com/fplayer/6235136/karachi_12th_may_2007_carnage_by_mqm_altaf.swf" width="440" height="272" wmode="transparent" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" name="Metacafe_6235136" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed></div><div style="font-size:12px;">Karachi 12th May 2007 Carnage by MQM Altaf - For more funny videos, click here</div></div>










  • Why don't you go and cry before your corrupt CJ; Oh darn, he is busy saving his own ar$$e:)

  • He can not act in this case .

    According to law he can not be a judge in that case because he was himself a victim of the day.

    سب حساب یھاں نہیں ہو جاتے کچھ قیامت کے دن بھی ہونے ہیں -

  • Anwer Kamal

    If he is a victim , he won't sit in the bench but can constitute a bench anyways.

    There is example of Justice Retd. Ajmal Mian who refused to constitue the bench in Sajaad Ali Shah Case and then the next senior judge , Justice Saeeduzzaman Siddique ,constituted the bench.


    For people like u , argument is just wasste of time. But for 'Atmaam e Hujaat', i would request u the court verdict which declared MQM guilty for May 12 events ??

    Poeple like u wont' answer a simple question.

    Wasnt' the same karachi city where __PAK ARMY on 12th October,1999 took over within minutes. What was it doing on may 12, 2007 . Killing the poepole ? Have some courage and answer it .

  • There is no case about 12th May before him. I was replying the other post.

  • I looked at the post title and i knew it was doctor.

    It is a shame how such incidents happen without bringing justice to the culprits.

  • Anwar Kamal,

    totally agree but if there is no case proved against anybody , we should refrain from levelling allegations.

  • @AK

    You are right! Exactly that is what I meant in the second sentence, it was rhetorical, but thanks.

  • It was perhaps a lesson for ANP and PPP that Karachi does not accept their culture.

    There was a reason people of Karachi did not stand with CJ. They knew it was a staged drama by corrupt political parties, just to gain popularity and power. Unlike MQM they need chaos to win seats, this became evident right after the election when both PPP and ANP distanced themselves from CJ.

  • killing of innoscent prople ....not acceptable

    but dont use word of massacre...massacre was done by nawaz sharif who was responsible of killing 15000 fifteen thosand people in karachi and hyderabad media was not free that time because of nawaz other wise every human being would see true face of nawaaz sharif massacre done to innoscent people....go visit hyderabad pakka qila and ask those rwmaing persons alive and then think of noon league...

    NAWAZ SHARIF WAS A SITTING PRIME MINIESTER THAT TIME...dont blame on pak army ...if that was the case then he should have resign...but he didnt...THAT WAS NAWAZ SHARIF MASSACRE.

  • miansahib

    Also we can't forget the massacre done by Gen.Babar and the pakka qila operation in second and first terms of BB.

  • it is very unfortunate that some of pro punjab media is only critising against only one party, which totally unfair, u may vist to youtube and may see real face of every person inclusive shireen Rehman/naveed qamar/ANP'S MEN WITH FULL AUTOMATIC WEAPSON, infact this conspiry was sponsored by pml(N) and invest huge financially only to discard pervaiz musharaf, if you go into the detail of the aspect u may easily sort out every thing is planned and do the act as per plan, in fact pro pml(N) media and ankers or any body needs, this issue to be investigate i m inopenion in whole story, finally ppp Pml(N) and AN) shall be main responsible for such incident alongwith MQM

  • Denial! This is what the so called educated people of Karachi do all the time. There is a lesson to be learned here for Imran Khan. If he is installed as the next PM, he would have to deal with terrorists like MQM. People in Karachi would continue voting/would be forced to vote in favor of the terrorists.

    There is video evidence of the 12th May massacre by MQM terrorists. The MQM president at the time, Musharraf, even hailed the performance of his goons on live tv on 12th May 2007.

  • culprits are enjoying power as they were 4 years back in Musharraf govt.

    Har govt ko Gunda party ki zarorat hote he bhai, inquiry ,investigation and justice kon kare ga?

  • "culprits are enjoying power "

    I think at the momnet only IK and JI are not enjoying the power.

    Beside MQM, ANP and PPP also share the resposibility of brutal killing of 12 May.

    So it cannot be investigated till these parties are in power.

  • All who are committing crimes in Karrachi should be nabbed!

  • MQM is always and will stay in power..dont worry

    12 may will not investigate

    only Nature can do justice

  • wait for an other 12 may when nature will do justice with the culprits

  • All who are committing crimes in Karrachi should be nabbed


    u r innocent

    Bhai they r rulling, how can they be nabbed

  • It doesnt take a ROCKET SCIENCE to understand the real Culprits behind all this......Just take a good look at MQM's Rally and its Gathering and Gathering of people at the Airport to receive CJ.....

    If MQM would have any intention to stage such event then they wont have brought so many supporters including Women and Old people to the street that day and neither they required to organized their rally that day at Tibet Center......Everything is very clear now by looking at who has been getting to much LEVERAGE from all that.....

    Might be that our friend from North half of country wont Agree but that was Actually event which has PROTECTED CJ movement from the very first blow they could have got.....That blow was No response from Karachiite.....As we say that karachi is the City where all the Nationalities of Pakistan exist so having Approval/Support of Karachiite is a key to consider any struggle as NATIONAL STRUGGLE and by looking at MQM's Gathering that day and CJ supporter's gathering BEFORE the start start of Violence its laud and Clear proof that Karachiite were either not interested that much or they were on the other side....That was Something that doesnt SUITS this movement cause their whole Moral would have been demoralized and the whole struggle might have became questionable cause they wont able to retain their strength in the BIGGEST CITY OF PAKISTAN.....

    Another aspect is who is getting MOST Attention from all that Violence and who got the LEVERAGE from all this.....Its beyond any iota of doubt it was indeed CJ and their Supporters who got Most LEVERAGE and got most ADVANTAGE from all that cause if such event doesnt occurred then they wont be left with any Clue to answer the question that why they FAILED to gather support in Karachi.....

    Another aspect is INCREASE of Violence after this event as after this mayhem ANP and Liyari based People's Amn Committee which was almost NON EXISTENT in Karachi came to the Picture and new streak of Violence started as events like 27 Dec2007, Ashura Blast and its so called Reaction on Boulton Market(Noted that Boulton Market is right next to PPP and Peoples Amn Committee's Stronghold Liyari)....12May 2007 Violence was the BEGINNING of all those event that took place as before that Karachi had been peaceful Most of the period of Musharraf's Regime.....

    May be its not easy for non Karachiite to understand cause most of their Info is based upon Media or some other THIRD PARTY SOURCE in the form of COMPRESSED and EDITED information but most Karachiite not only have First hand Info but also knows the Ground Reality of their Areas and other areas where they use to TRAVEL on Daily Basis......