Khilafat: Lust For Power to Subjugate and Dominate Others in the Name of Islam

  • Islam is THE Deen

    not A Deen

    There are no Gods except Allah

    and there is no Deen except Islam

    Man is a creature of desires, as he has free will

    Shaitan plays with Mans free will,

    Creates illegitimate desires,


    Islam is the control

    it is the code of conduct and "rabt" (contact) with Allah that enables man to overcome illegitimate desires,

    These desires are Lusts

    Lust for wealth

    Lust for women

    Lust for all things material

    However the greatest Lust is the Lust for Power

    because Lust for Power encapsulates all these lusts

    and whereas all lusts may have a limit beyond which the need ends

    the lust for power is endless, its instable it is infinite

    Islam is the cure from material lusts of the world

    all lusts

    however the Political form of rulership that is the Kingship, Dictatorship and "Malokiat"

    aka Khilafat is

    ABUSE of Islam for the acquisition of power, wherein Islam becomes a mean for satisfying or attaining the lust for power

    What Islam was the cure for

    becomes the disease of

    as Islam is itself exploited to attain that which Islam itself prohibits for ones own ends, for ones own viewpoint and ones own will

    Islam is submitting to the will of Allah

    Khilafat is submitting Ones will on others as a substitute for Allahs will

    Submission to will of Allah is by free will

    Submission to Khilafat is compulsary, it is coerced, it is by force

    thus Khilafat

    is Islams exploitation to attain power and satisfy a lust to dominate, subjugate, suppress, oppress, kill and maime others


    Islam was meant to do exactly the opposite i.e. prevent injustice and oppression,

    as injustice and oppression is a mans 'vice' due to lusts and desires created by shitan in men

    Hence Islam itself become the means of deviance, the tool of the devil

    Those who exploits Islam i.e.deen for attaining power are the worst of all men and theirs is the worst of evils to abuse deen of Allahs itself, to abuse the "amanat" of Allah

    Thus the Mullah is the greatest evil amongst us with its terror proxies the so called jihadis but in truth they are "tataris" or barbarians,

    the fact that they exploit religions name doesn’t make them jihadis, doesn’t change the fact what they really are savages barbarians, exploiters and cheats



    and Islam abhors Jahalt

  • sigh

  • BO

    the legacy of Abu Suifayn

    Who hated Islam and its Rasool(SAW) for it deprived them of their power aka deprived them of their "khalifa gerri"

    thus he said

    There was no "Paigham" i.e. No Message, No Rasool, No Prophet, No Book, Muhammad (SAW) was no Rasool of Allah and hence since there is no message and no messanger there is no Allah

    they used idols/gods as manifistation for their power, they began to do the same with the name of Allah

    they the remanats of Abu Sufiyan

    i.e. the Wahabis, who go by other names the Takfiris, Nasibis, Salafi

    still maintian that

    there was no message, no book, no Prophet and hence no Allah

    they hate Islam

    as it deprived them of 'their' Power their "khalifa geeriy" and their endless lust for power

    so they hated Islam,

    but clever and manipulative that they were

    they wore the "libada" of Islam

    to exploit Islam

    to destroy Islam from within

    to alter Islams true concepts, to abuse and change Islam

    to make Islam conform to their "khalifa geeri"

    Ths is the real role of the Wahabi/Salafi/Takfiri/Nasibi

    they are haters and manipulators of Islam for their devious ends and lusts for power

    they are the "fitna" amongst us the ways of the Wahabi/Nasibi/Takfiri/Salaf

    they are the real "FITNA"

    they are destroying Islam from within

  • If any one of "ghairat"

    and free will is here they will know all of what I say is right

    The legacy of of Abu Sufiyan started avenging for theirs and their ways after "Badar"

    and their revenge with Islam is destroying Islam from within

    by creating "fitna" and "fasad"

  • So what's the solution you have?

  • BO, what an emotive response that was! I find NP has written with a lot of verve. Where to go with his arguments, I do not know. But what he says does make one sit up and take notice.

    NP, do go and have a look at the SAR posting: Spirituality and the 21st century. You might come away feeling comforted.

    BO, your second response contained a good question.

  • Submit to the will of Allah

    that is Islam

    Overcome your desires

    be selfless, work for others

    work to improve the status of humanity and all those you can help

    if you do that Allah will come to your help in ways and means you never imagined and perceived

    You Submit to Allah, and Allah will ensure your success in the ways and means he deems fit and you do not know of and cannot perceive

    hence the diffrence between

    Sulhay Hudaibya being perceived as humiliation by "certain" Sahaba

    but being congratulated for by Allah as "Fateh Mubeen", not of a battle but to a "sulah"

    then in return for patience, endurance and consolidation Allah gifted Fateh Makkah

    Islams sucess is not by winning battles, but in the sacrifice

    "Allah ko pyari hai Qurbani"

    there are no "short cuts",

    all you can do is sacrfice as Allah loves sacrfice in his name whether its by material or by life but it is by free will

    Hazrat Ibrahim wasnt forced into Qurbani, He wanted to do it for the will of Allah, Hazrat Essa submitted to his fate as the will of Allah, but their Qurbanis were averted

    and converted into "Zubhay Azeem" the ultimate scrifice the ultimate Qurbani of all material possesions, life and loved ones by Imam Hussein (A.S) in Qrabal when the entire "qunba" the entire family of Rasool Allah (SAW) was sacrificed for the sake of ISlam and for the will of Allah

    and despite apparent loss in battle against insurmountable odds, the ultimate victory was of Imam Hussein, of Islam and of the will of Allah

    When we sacrfice our desires and needs and lusts for the will of Allah then we submit to Allahs will and then we become true Muslims or Moemenin

    Islam is not to win but to Sacrifice

    it is not a short cut for power, its is a method of endurance and sacrifice to overcome lusts and by overcoming lusts we get closer to Allah

    Victory and Success will come (and it will) when Allah deems the patience and sacrifice worhty enough

    and it will come in ways and means you do not even perceive

    so botton line solution

    submit to the will of Allah

    become a Muslim in Deed not in Name

    work to an end,

    to improve yourself,

    the rewards will come

    for that is what is called "Eman", that is faith, that is trust, that is belief in Allah,

    you work to improve yourself and others keep with selflessness and free of illegitmate desires, Allah will gift you sucess and reap rewards upon you

    that is "Eman" that is ISLAM

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible:

    (1) You'r preaching secularism, not Islam

    (2) Your miss-representing Islam as well as Muslims

    I implore you to stop putting up wrong information in the name of Islam, in the name of Muslims.

  • If you understand Huadaibya and Karbala you will understand true Islam

  • HK

    secularisim is a distorted subset of a mere facet of Islam

    secularism is a limited worldly concept created and altered by humans

    Islam is all comprhensive, it is free of world codes as it is the code of Allah, it may overlap wit certain of mans codes but it is not limited to such usless and limited notions

    Islam is Submission to will of Allah the Eman

    it is not submitting your will onto others by force and coercion, it is the exact opposite as it is the flag bearer of choice and free will which makes humans ashraful makhloqat

    all those who alter Islam, it is they who misreprsent Islam and Muslims

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: It is because of your treason with;


    (2) Islam

    (3) Muslims

    that non-Muslims have gathered the strength, they have reached a point of power in this world which enables them to openly mock Muhammad (SAW);

    Video: Thousands of Israeli youth chant "Mohammad is Dead"


    Source: Youtube Channel: TheRealNews


    They are no longer afraid of the consequences of mocking Muhammad (SAW) (i.e., the last Messenger of ALLAH ALMIGHTY) as they once used to be.


    (a) The Real News in the Middle East

    (1) Israel's shock doctrine

    (2) Palestinian village inspires popular movement

    (3) Speaking to Israelis on the Nakba


    (5) Canadian Military Sales to Israel


    (7) On Reporting from Palestine and Israel

    (8) On Reporting from Palestine and Israel, Pt.2

    (9) Consequences of Gaza Activist's Killing

    (10) Israelis Defy Nakba Law on Independence Day

    (11) Palestinians Break Syrian Border on Day of Protests

    (12) Israelis, Palestinians on Obama and Netanyahu

    (13) Historic Protest in Ras al-Amud, Jerusalem

    (14) Thousands of Israeli Youth Chant "Mohammad is Dead"

    (15) What Does Zionism Mean to You?

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: Force ? Coercion ?

    What do you know about force ? about coercion ?

    Tell me about it.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,


    (1) You'r preaching mullah-geeri, not Islam

    (2) Your miss-representing Islam as well as Muslims

    I implore you to stop putting up wrong information in the name of Islam, in the name of Muslims.

    please go through the thread 21st century and spirituality, as recommended by Mirza Ghalib sahab above

  • HK

    it is your treason to the will of Allah

    your "laibada" or "facade" of Islam

    it is your lust for power

    it is your illegitmate desires

    and it is you and your

    ways and means for "SHORT CUTS"

    which have bought us to this state of affairs

    Success will come when ALLAH(SWT) (not you!!!) deems your sacrfice as pure and sufficent, success will come with endurance with patience,

    it cannot come by forced or coerced means and shortcuts

    your legacy is the legacy of the one'(s)

    who questioned Rasool Allah(SAW) status as Prophet of Allah by terming Sulahy Hudaybya as 'treason'

    versus you and your legacy Allah deemed it

    "Fateh Mubeen"

    Our legacy is the legacy of Rasool Allah (SAW) the legacy by means of Ahle-e-Bait of Rasool Allah (SAW)and ""faithful"" Ahsab-e-Rasool

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    @Not Possible: Nice speech. One "full" of "unsubstantiated" "statements". We Muslims have been hearing the same words over the course of centuries. The content always remains the same. Only faces change over time.

    I don't;

    (a) adhere to concept of "shortcuts"

    (b) force my views upon others

    (1) Who then are you talking about ?

    (2) Why are you then attributing these characteristics with me ?

    (3) What do you know about me ?

  • HK

    its good that you understand the 'word' and 'premise' or 'the lack therof' of something being 'unsubstantiated' or not because

    that is the very basis of my doubt upon you; is that you make open ended unsubsnatiated claims

    I have substantiated all of what I have said in this and so many other threads

    besides what (part) is it that you think is unsubstantiated? just the (mere) generic refrence to you as YOU

  • Do you have Eman in Allah?

    Do you belive sucess wil come as "Allah" wills it

    not your will

    Do you belive it will come when Allah desires it to be so

    Do you have that beleif?

    That Sucess will come

    When Allah desires it to be so.

  • One thing about what NP said in his original post and thereafter has stuck in my brain. He has written a diatribe against a concept which I, too, detest with all my heart and soul as well: materialism. Materialism is abhorent to the Almighty. Amd materialism leads inevitably to the bane of the lives of Muslims and humanity in general: corruption.

    By which I do not in any way mean we should despise the joys of this earth so generously provided by Allah Talha. Not at all. But the "lusts" decribed by NP above should be firmly held at arm's length from any person who wishes to preserve his integrity in the eyes of God.

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum-Warahmat-ULLAH ALL,

    I am not impressed, not even one bit with your fancy English speaking/writing skills. At most, what you'v done is get into a "your word against mine" scenario. This situation can easily be resolved by the Muslim collective, at a time when Muslims are aware of Islam, its teachings, standards, ways, principles, code of conduct, set of laws.

    Let's return to the topic at hand, rather than delving into word-brawl on personality.

    I said you are miss-representing Islam. Why ? With good reason. For you are miss-representing the concept of Khilafat in Islam.

    (a) Human beings will not be forced to "believe in" or "adhere to" Islam

    Having said that Khilafat is the political system of Islam;

    (b) It is to be "forced" throughout this universe/multiverse as part of "spreading" ALLAH ALMIGHTY's system all throughout this universe/multiverse

    (c) Those who accept to believe in Islam, willingly adhere to it, as part of adhering to Islam, Islam's standards, its teachings, its ways, its guidelines, its principles, its code of conduct, its set of laws, etc etc

    There is nothing "forced" or "coercive" about Khilafat, as "you" "claim".

  • Thanks MG another concept well elaborated, the usage of 'at arms length' was most apporpiate

    what Allah gives he can take, it is not be horded or treasured with contempt

    we thank for our blessing and endure for the ommisons and trials

    including life when he takes it away