Khilafat: Lust For Power to Subjugate and Dominate Others in the Name of Islam

  • HF

    Maula Ali kay chanay walay zinda haain sunni aur shia both

    Maula Ali kay dushma kharji ki nasal NNL be zinda hay

    yeh to Rasool(SAW) ki izzat najin kertay aur kiss ki kiya kerain gay

  • Maula Ali kay chanay walay zinda haain sunni aur shia both

    Wrong statement. Those who are chahney wale are zinda and will be never die but zinda in heaven if they are shaheed. They are the ones fighting Jihad against Kuffar and Munafiqs. The rest are living but worse than dead.

  • Nothing but personal attacks.

    Its ok acutally they have killed 50% of family of Messenger by falsely giving them allegence and then running away when the time came to defend the honor.

    Did the same with Umar, Uthman, Ali and Hassan and Hussain.

    Its norm of the Khawarij to kill and plunder in the name of Justice of Allaah Azza wa Jal. Their forefathers have done it and they keep on doing it.

  • NNL

    speaking of personal attacks :)

    what an apt word munafiq is

    Salafi cannot but avoid fitna of lies and trickery

    poeple know who kharjis were and what their acts were and are till today.

    May Allah(SWT) curse the liers and expose them. Ameen

  • Sure the curse on "liers" will boomerang if you cannot even spell.

    Lier: to be or to stay at rest in a horizontal position : be prostrate : rest, recline <lie motionless> <lie asleep>

    Allah ke bajaye kis ko sajda kar te ho dadu?

  • AR

    you yourself admitted that your so called mujahideen are liers

    I never cursed mujahideen I cursed the liers and you suddenly became defensive why?

    becuase you know who the cheats are in the name os Islam.

    Sajda is to Allah alone and no one else, hence It is my Eman that Allah will soon surely expose the fitna of the salafi

  • I attended the lecture of a Shia Aalim during the time of Iran-Iraq war. According to the forecast of that Shia Aalim, the Iranis would defeat and occupy Iraq and the Arab world. At the second state they would attack and occupy Europe and then they would attack America to occupy it.

    The forecast of that Shia Aalim did not turn up to be true, as the Iran-Iraq war ended up later without any victory on either side.

    Rhetoric claims about wars and victories are the common practice of both Shia and Sunni Ulemas.

  • there are many so called ulema on both sides, I referred to one of ours sometime back

  • The Mullahs of these days suppress the true information which of not their interests and express the distorted information which can benefit them in their materialistic goals.

  • agreed HF