Pakistan; the land of the guiltless!

  • Two things I notice in Pakistani society;

    1. No one ever admits guilt or culpability for their wrongs.

    2. Sorry seems to be the hardest word to say.

    I am not sure if I am right about this but when I look around I see everyone being "right" and even when they are wrong, they still cannot say the magic word.

    An ordinary example of this is that even the cold blooded murders of the Sialkot brothers (about a year and half ago) pleaded not guilty. I wonder, is this because we are complete cowards and lack all moral courage? Or is there a different reason for it? Why is "sorry" the hardest word to say for most, from a pauper to a president.

    Is there a fix, slow or quick?

  • stingingnettle

    Don't generalize things -- Every community has good people with bad people -- when you say,Pakistan; the land of the guiltless! -- It you include every ''Good" in your statement -- You've picked a special case to torch you reason -- Such case exist in every community -- You can't blame whole community for crimes of few people --

  • I do not wish to generalise but I see you point, they wording could have been better.

    I appreciate very much there are good people in every society and this thread is not about them. It's about our inability to accept blame and its consequences. The example I gave was to highlight the fact that in the presence of such overwhelming video evidence against a group of sadistic murderers, they still chose to enter a plea of not guilty.

    In Pakistan, there are too many claiming to be without guilt even if there is staggering evidence against them. This is particularly pertinent for the rich and infamous. Integrity has or is fast becoming extinct in Pakistan.

    The trouble with us, especially those in any position of authority or power, is that we no longer have the mind-set to accept wrongdoing. It's mukh-mukaa on a national scale. It's a culture of national 'maafi nama'. No consequence for any action. Either there is no guilt and culpability in Pakistan or there is something very wrong with our society.

    The good people of Pakistan never make the news, but that is the subject of a different thread.

  • stingingnettle

    What are you doing for them?

    I mean what you are doing for them, practically -- Rather creating threads -- If you r sincere with them, you need not to include every "good" in your statement -- See, that's problem with majority of Pakistanis, they are orally sincere to everything but when it comes to sacrifice -- They will be at run like you

    ;) --- I am sure if that incident had happened before your eyes, you would come on Pk politics to create another thread,rather stopping those who were doing that injustice -- I've got one question to you

    What would you do, if such incident happens before your eyes -- How would you like to stop it?

    The answer in mind is, that you would create a thread on pk politics ;)

  • @stingingnettle

    I wonder, is this because we are complete cowards and lack all moral courage? Or is there a different reason for it? Why is "sorry" the hardest word to say for most, from a pauper to a president.

    Actually these are not wrong doings to feel quilt. It is our right. God knows why we are doing it he will surely forgive us.

    Everyone around is a bad guy and we must do what we are doing to survive. Everything is justified.

    Don't tell us what is right, show the right path to those big bastards first. Keep doing it correctly, feel guilty etc etc and you will die soon.

    Above is the usual argument given against what you are worried about, they call it 'system'. I think it is all coming from our basic education of home, school and religion. We need to correct them all.

  • Brother we have Ego problem.... Sorry and feeling guilty are not part of our training at home/school or part of society.

    Her is example,

    School main bachey ko maar parti hey or us ko bola jata hey pher esa kaam nhi kerna....

    but hardly bachey se accept kerwaya jata hey ke us ney ghalti ke or woh es baat per sharminda hey.

  • As a nation we have a very bad habit of putting the responsibility of our bad deeds on the shoulders of others. That is why; there stands no reason for feeling any guilt. The surrender of 1971 is the most tragic chapter of our 64 years history. The politicians hurl the blames to army generals and the latter hurl the blames to politicians. Neither feel any guilt. We don't carry any feeling of guilt and simply put the responsibility of tragedy on others.

  • Expakistani;

    "we have Ego problem.."

    This is an interesting observation. In your example of children being given mindless corporal punishment in school, you also make a very important point about making children understand what is it that they have done wrong. I must say, I am completely and totally against any corporal punished for children both at home and (especially) in schools. In my opinion, if children are spoken to calmly and their point of view is heard, you will be surprised by their intelligence and rationality. The culture of hit-and-ask-no-questions is, as you rightly say, responsible for creating a society where making a mistake is an admission of Kufr. Making a mistake is a natural part of human existence and learning from your mistakes is something we need to learn.

    Hussain Farooqui

    Thank you for your comments; I wonder if there is way to break the stranglehold of this vicious blame-others culture?

    One thing is for sure, we can't carry on like this.


    "What are you doing for them?"

    I am trying to do my bit to bring about change. ONE of things I do is to write a blog whenever I have the time but that is not all I do. You are making a valid reference to the need for proper action and I am not sitting on my backside in my free time.

    I am hugely interested in institutional reform; I, like most of you, want institutions to work properly and do the job they are meant to do. Pakistanis need all of its state authorities to work efficiently and correctly for people to have some solace in their lives.

    The fact that the, President, PM, various ministers, CJ and other important people have to intervene often to to order an FIR to be written or someone to be arrested or charitable help be provided (and surprisingly when the media is present in force to report it!) is a clear indication that institutions are not working properly. Oppressors and wrong-doers should not get arrested, after media hoo-haa, at the orders of someone important, but this should happen as per a correct application of lawful processes. People cannot seem to get anything done because you always need a sifarish to get things done.

    So my objective is; lets make sifarish redundant and irrelevant. This will only happen through our education system and through the election by the people of the right people. The death of the sifarishi culture is my dream (soon to be reality I hope, with the help of a huge majority of Pakistanis).

  • We have already run out of time to reform ourselves. However, a narrow margin of time to save ourselves from utter collapse is still available.

  • Hussain Farooqui;

    How might that be?