Karachi Violence: Edhi calls for the army to take over

  • Karachi violence: Edhi calls for the army to take over

    Published: July 10, 2011

    Pakistan's top philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi, called for Chief of the Armed Staff Ashfaque Pervaiz Kayani to take over reigns of the country for a "limited period of time."

    KARACHI: Renowned Philanthropist and Social activist Abdul Sattar Edhi has said that the army chief Ashfaq Pervez Kayani should take charge of the country for a limited period of time. The army can the hand back the government to the people after things settle down. Edhi was addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, regarding the law and order situation of the city, on Saturday.

    “The army needs to bring a revolution and end the violence because a revolution brought by the people will cause much bloodshed,” said the philanthropist.

    He added that he has started a relief centre in Qasba Colony, through which everyone will be provided with food. “The people in Orangi town are facing starvation, our religious and political parties have not visited them,” said Edhi.

    “After the creation of Pakistan the ruling class took hold of the country, which is indifferent to the problems of the poor people. The opposition and the government are two sides of the same coin and there is no difference between them.

    The government itself announced that 1.7 million capitalists are not paying their taxes and this is why the country has been economically and socially ruin.


    (Pakistan Today has an even more startling take on the subject.)

  • The next army dictator must abolish the feudal system to give way to a perfect democracy. With abolition of feudalism, our country can never become a truly democratic one.

  • He he he

    halaat itnay kharab hain

    kay Kiyani bhi soch raha hay

    agar mein aa gaya tou bhi kiya kar loon ga?

    honay do inhi 2 numbriyun ko badnaam.

    he he he

  • @ Choosy, i would rather love the notion that Bangladesh model ( not 100%) should be implemented in Pakistan for atleast next 3 years, the govt shall be formed by the technocrats which could be led by the people likes Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif and have Sherry Rehman, Aitzaz Ahsan, Mushahid Hussain, Shoukat Tareen in the team ( i can be wrong in making team but that is an idea on the table) and there should be accountability through out the country, along with formation of 25 year MUST-FOLLOW plan and implementation and expansion of tax net, where tax-burden should be lowered from all categories and spread across the table.

    This Tech-Govt should have mandate to deal violence with iron-fist and should have objective to sooth the wounds we have got during the last 10 years, including healing Balochistan Issue...

  • @ khanamer,

    This idea was presented long before and even then I thought it was a good idea. Your list has Shehbaz Sharif who is mostly admired in Punjab. But dont you think he has lost a lot of his repo due to the constant corrupt practices of his brother plus the Raymond Davis case? Would you still trust him?

  • @sasherwani, everybody have skeletons in their closet, no man is perfect, for SS, all i would say, he has passion for the development and the guy do really make civil service work, we want these kind of guys who want to deliver and should deliver and at the same time, we need to have representatives of all the parties in that particular govt.

    but again it is not me who is making or breaking such govt. like i said, it is just an Idea..

    PS: Raymond Davis, had he been in Federal territory, he might have not been arrested for that matter, the whole world knew that Pakistan ( or any country for that matter) cannot hold Chief-kind-of-spy of USA in their custody, but somehow Pakistan managed to keep him for 2 months or so.. that was great,

  • sasherwani,

    aap ne durust kaha.

    iss dour e hukumat mein shahbaz ka naam kafi doboya hay.

    raha Eidhi ka mutalba.

    tou Kiyani aik hosiyaar hay.

    wohh nahi kabhi aye ga.

    ussko pata hay haalat bigar itnay chukay hain kay koi teer tou wohh bhi nahi marr sakta.

    phir kion gunda banaye ga coup kark? Zia aur Mushy ki tarha?

  • Eidhi ko apnay kam se kam rakhna chaye. yeh us ka kaam nain keh faisala karay keh Pakistan mein kon government mein aay ya jaay. (Allah talah ne izat dee ho tao usay hazam karna chaye)

  • @msyedh, you should be careful while commenting!

    Edhi is nothing less then a saint. Wo banda khuda ka apnay kam say kam rakhtay hoey baat kar raha hai. Koun hai jo us say zaida lashaiN Karachi say uthata hai?

    He is sensible enough to figure out who are the victims and why. Don't you get it?

  • I have no issue with army taking over, as long as the leader is sincere, honest, and has vision.

    General Musharraf?

    General Kiyani?

    No thanks!

  • @khanemar

    I agree with u that everyone has skeletons in the closet, but with SS the closet is almost full. The only development that SS has is corruption, please do not portray him as some economic genius. If u had said he was a corruption genius, than I would agree.

    The point that u made is that Raymond davis was kept in punjab for 2 months, and mentioning that is great is ridiculous.

    For some odd reason u give credit to punjab holding him for 2 months, but u do not condemn the fact that Raymond killed innocent people in Lahore, and as a result one of the shaheed's wife commited suicide, because she knew she would not get justice. And yes sharif brothers (or so called economic masters) played a big part in release.

    He was a murderer Raymond davis, by making an excuse that he was a cia spy makes no difference to the deceased.

    If Raymond Davis put a bullet in someone u know or close to u (god forbid). What u gonna say that Sharif brothers had no choice butt lick the backsides of US.

    Concerning tax payment your so called economic masters only paid around 5000 rupees. Over half of the muslim noon party do not pay tax. And u are talking about a tax implementation.

    As a result of the so called Punjab hukumat, americans are laughing at us.

    BTW what kind of civil service has been implemented in Punjab in the last 3 years. Have u seen the state of Punjab?

    Go and ask 100 random people in Punjab what they think of your economic master.

  • @msyedh

    Kyun bhai-Pakistan mein kon government mein aaye ya jaay iss per tabsirah karnay ka haq sirf pkpolitics ka hai?

  • Shehbaz Sharif?? but he cant even contest the next election as all his foreign assets only amount to 3crore!

  • Edhi is a senile old man.